Puck-droppin’ good tunes


John Estacio — former composer-in-residence at the Calgary Philharmonic, Edmonton Symphony Orchestra, Calgary Opera, composer of the operas Filumena and Frobisher, one of the country’s most-frequently-performed symphonic composers — humbly submits his proposed theme song for Hockey Night in Canada.

I’m not sure it’s the highlight of his œuvre, but I’m tickled that a composer with serious credentials would want to play. I bet he’s not the only one. Has anyone found other cases of classical or jazz composers, pop or rock acts, who already enjoy a certain national reputation, who’ve entered the Hockey Night Anthem Challenge? Send me the links or post them below.


Puck-droppin’ good tunes

  1. I heard one of Randy Bachman’s entries on CBC Radio and unfortunately — because in all honesty the similarities are few — the first thing that came to mind was Hank Williams Jr.’s Monday Night Football song.


  2. I quite like it, it’s trippy; but maybe not martial enough?

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