Put another quarter in the swear jar


Shortly before Question Period, the NDP’s David Christopherson stood to note that the Conservatives had not yet come forward with legislation to enhance the chief electoral officer’s investigative powers, as unanimously suggested by the House. Mr. Christopherson then lamented for the chief electoral officer’s committee appearance tomorrow.

To make matters worse, Conservatives are now playing games with the Chief Electoral Officer. Mr. Mayrand asked to come before Parliament and report on his investigation into allegations of coordinated voter suppression by Conservative operatives, but the Conservatives used their majority to force Mr. Mayrand to testify tomorrow on budget day when almost every journalist on the Hill will be locked up in a room without even their Blackberries.

At some point around the time Mr. Christopherson was suggesting the Conservatives had used their majority on the procedure and house affairs committee in this way, Conservative MP Joe Preston, the chair of the committee, loudly voiced his objection.

That’s bullshit!

Mr. Preston stood after QP and apologized “unreservedly” for his “very inappropriate” comments.


Put another quarter in the swear jar

  1. Justin Trudeau’s ‘inappropriate’ comment received much attention.

    Will Joe Preston’s?

  2. And so, will Macleans and other media outlets keep a reporter or two available to cover Mayrand’s committee appearance?  Does every reporter in Canada HAVE to attend pre-budget lock-up?

    Surely Kady O’Malley will attend the committee meeting — scoop for Kady!

    • I’m betting Stephen Maher will be there. 

      • Oh come on, this will be in camera !  What’s the point of reporting to committee when Canadians are denied access to them and their representative denied their freedom to talk about their proceedings? 

        Most meetings of the Procedure and House Affairs committees are now held in camera.

        • Of course, you’re right, I must have been having a momentary lapse.  This morning,  the Transportation committee, which was meeting after the Minister punted to them re the Air Canada maintenance problem. decided not to report back to him.  The committees might as well be shut down.

  3. Mr. Preston, the BS was not in what Mr. Christopherson said, but in the machinations of your committee to try to bury Mr. Mayrand’s testimony.