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Putting out the truth about Israel

A few scholars giving papers on terrorism don’t equal annual weeks of hate-in against Israel and its people

AP Photo/Sebastian Scheiner

AP Photo/Sebastian Scheiner

How on earth did I end up this Passover week reaching into the murky world of the many Canadian groups that have formed an anti-Israel coalition? The impetus came via the University of Ottawa’s obscene letter to Ann Coulter, which led me to remember, not unnaturally, the letter written by University of Toronto president David Naylor last May to Maclean’s. His was designed to put me in my place after I had described university presidents such as Naylor as “enablers” of anti-Semitism. The place he actually put me in was the belly of the beast where the elements that make up the common front of Canada’s anti-Israel coalition dwell.

I’ve seen the detritus of Israeli Apartheid Week in previous years on campuses, including Wanted for Murder captions on photos of prominent Israeli and American politicians. I missed the York University decor of barbed wire and photographs of Jewish students with derogatory remarks on them. “I will eat my hat,” I wrote to Naylor, “the day any of [these university presidents] allow an anti-Islamism Week…organized by Jewish students with models of suicide terrorists and photos of Muslim students with negative attachments.” President Naylor sent me a hat, but the reason for which I had offered to eat it was sadly lacking.

“Three years ago,” Naylor wrote, “a Zionist student group at U of T organized just such a series of sessions.” The event he was referring to was “Know Radical Islam Week,” which was a series of lectures on civil rights and human rights under radical Islamism as well as a look at “Terrorism at Our Doorstep” by David Harris, former chief of strategic planning for CSIS, and “Domestic and International Terrorism” by professor Salim Mansur. Hardly a campaign to delegitimize a nation-state.

Naylor’s prose was sprink­led with watchwords. “Universities,” he wrote, “have a unique responsibility to provide a safe venue for controversial discourse.” Ping! “Safe venue” or sometimes “safe environment”—take your choice. That means authorities will allow programs not likely to be violently protested, and discourage or cancel those that bring out the mob. (Vide Ann Coulter at the University of Ottawa, Benjamin Netanyahu at Concordia, briefly Daniel Pipes at York—reinstated by then-president Lorna Marsden.)

“We don’t like the polarizing advocacy,” continued a beetle-browed Naylor. Ping! “Polarizing.” This, you will discover, means that everything is done to make life easier for the most militant and oppressive types, while the meeker side is discouraged with onerous requirements that force cancellation, as happened this past February with the Christians United for Israel at York University, who were given a list of conditions for their meetings that included financing their own security (unlike Israeli Apartheid Week). Bravo boys. Brave stuff this.

What intrigued me was not whether Naylor actually believed what he wrote (how could he), but that he had to rest his case on so slim a reed. Why no organized efforts by students since 2006 supporting Israel to counter the lies and agitprop of Israeli Apartheid Week?

The answer lies in how Israeli Apartheid Week—now pretty much Israeli Apartheid Year—works. Dozens of groups that may not see eye to eye on any other issue (what on earth could the Toronto Women’s Bookstore have in common with CUPE Ontario and High Schools Against Israeli Apartheid apart from their left-wing inclinations and hatred of Israel) will come together to back Israeli Apartheid Week. The Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid (CAIA) doesn’t list all groups supporting it—in itself telling, though the entrails can be glimpsed by sifting through blogs and Facebook pages. Wherever the money comes from, there’s plenty to finance the sophisticated Web page, videos, media presentations and organization. Allegedly, some organizers enrol in just one university course to get that valuable student card to book sites and organize on the campus. One highly visible activist, Ahmed Habib, seems to have been connected to York U for seven years before going to al-Jazeera.

IAW began in 2005, concentrating on the vocabulary of hate: link Israel to “apartheid.” Israel as the new South Africa. Settlements equal aggression. These topics became the modern version of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes an accepted truth. Most students wouldn’t have a clue about the details of the various UN resolutions, don’t know what “right of return” really means, couldn’t tell you that there never existed a country called Palestine. Now the campaign has added BDS to “apartheid”: Boycott, Divest and Sanctions.

In contrast, those Jewish students who have ideas on how to counter IAW lack funding and organization. The mainstream Jewish organizations such as the United Jewish Appeal and B’Nai Brith allegedly won’t back a confrontational campaign. They finance campus efforts like Hillel House. What’s lacking is a united Jewish community that can sit down at the table like the CAIA with one goal: put out the truth about Israel. Given this lack, plus the legendary diversity of opinion among Jews, it’s easy to see how absolutely nothing gets done and the virus spreads.

What should university administrators do? Free speech is a right, but to effect it is a responsibility. The role of the university is not to organize opposition to any cause but to make it loud and clear that it will support and defend equally any group that wishes to counter a cause, whether it is Israeli Apartheid Week or global warming. Encourage dialogue, in other words, rather than protect the monologue of the intense and violent, under the pretext of providing “safe environment” or avoiding “polarizing.”

It won’t do to point to apples when critics say no oranges are being served. A few scholars giving papers on terrorism don’t equal annual weeks of hate-in against a country and its people. So far, I’m not eating any hat.


Putting out the truth about Israel

  1. I have to admit I do not know enough of the history and current situation in region. I wish I did. However, it is so difficult to find information that does seem be either pro-Israeli or pro-Palestinian.

    I find it frustrating that it seems impossible to find a source that impartially details the historical, legal, and current situation and presents the stance of all sides in an impartial manner.

    Suggestions would be welcome.

    • I took a Middle-Eastern politics course this year, and we used this textbook:http://www.amazon.ca/Palestine-Arab-Israeli-Confl

      It's relatively inexpensive and it is incredibly packed with information. It is honestly some of the densest reading I've had to do in my university career. I personally would recommend it, although a few people seem to think it's got Palestinian edge to it. If it does, it's not anywhere nearly as overt as the information sent out for Palestinian Apartheid Week.

      Personally, I've never been an avid supporter of either side of the conflict, and I found that this book stuck mostly to the facts, although I obviously do not have sufficient knowledge to figure out if they are deliberately excluding certain important facts or something of that sort.

      • Khaled Abu Toameh of the Jerusalem Post is probably the most articulate and balanced person you will find on the issues in Israel and the Palestinian West Bank. He points out the good, the bad and the ugly about both Israel and the Palestinians and their corrupt leaders like Abbas and Arafat. As an Israeli Arab, Toameh has a unique perspective as a journalist who is in the West Bank every week. His articles are on the Jerusalem Post's website every week. Check them out.

    • See: http://www.jewishvoiceforpeace.org/publish/bookli

      An excellent starting point for post-WWII history is Prof. Dr. Ilan Pappe's book, "The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine". He's an Israeli Jewish historian.

      • Ilan Peppe is a lousy historian. I wont even go into his finge politics. He has used forged documents in his research, and is it is largely discreditied by mainstream historians.

    • Although I am now Jewish, a cousin on my mother's side was Lord Balfour, who, in the Balfour Declaration, promised a whole lot of land to form a new Jewish State. This was right after WW1, when the Ottoman empire had been dissolved and British took over much of the eastern end of the Mediterranean. In the mid 20s, much of that land was given to the Hashemites to form Jordan. Syria and Lebanon were created at around the same time, from the French mandate. The Jewish state had to wait until after WWII. The French and British pulled out, turned the problem over to the new UN. They decided to split the remaining land and offered half of it to form Israel, the other half to form Palestine. Palestine itself has never existed as a country. The biblical reference is not to a country. And the Palestine Mandate that the British oversaw was just a name on paper, never a country. Anyway, Israel accepted the compromise, the Arabs did not. War ensued, in fact numerous wars, but that is another part of the history. Does this help? email me if you want more facts. I teach this stuff, and take pride in being able to maintain a balance.

    • A book from years ago entitled "O Jerusalem" by the same authors who wrote "Is Paris Burning" – excellent factual accounting by two very in-depth journalists by the names of Collins and Lapierre. From a book review:

      " This remarkable classic recounts, moment by moment, the spellbinding process that gave birth to the state of Israel. Collins and Lapierre weave a brilliant tapestry of shattered hopes, fierce pride, and breathtaking valor as the Arabs, Jews, and British collide in their fight for control of Jerusalem.O Jerusalem!meticulously re-creates this historic struggle.Collins and Lapierre penetrate the battle from the inside, exploring each party's interests, intentions, and concessions as the city of all of their dreams teeters on the brink of destruction. From the Jewish fighters and their heroic commanders to the charismatic Arab chieftain whose death in battle doomed his cause but inspired a generation of Palestinians,O Jerusalem!tells the three-dimensional story of this high-stakes, emotional conflict."

    • Whatever you do, never read anything that Barbar Amiel has written if you wish anything to be impartial.

  2. Here is a source that will be difficult to classify as anti-Israeli: the BBC. The History of Israel series of the BBC can be found athttp://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/events/israel_at_50/hi

    Not being either Jewish or Muslim, just by reading the history you can see so plainly what great injustice has been and is being committed against the Palestinians; first by the British and now by Israel. At least, it looks pretty clear to me.

    • Thomas L Friedman "From Beirut to Jerusalem" is a good place to start.

    • If you read history you will understand that the Jews were betrayed by the British who eventually took the side of the Arabs. The Jews had to fight the British to get what the British promised and the British were responsible for the deaths of many Jews whom they prevented from reaching Israel's shores and who they ganged up against alongside the Arabs when they realized that oil was more important than morals.

      The Palestine Mandate, a geographical area that included what is now referred to as Jordan, Israel, and the surrounding territories was supposed to be the homeland of the Jews after the breakup of the Ottoman empire. As it turned out, the area of Jordan was given to the Arab potentates and the remaining geographical area called "Palestine" (there were originally never people by that name only a name given to an area of land) was divided up between the Jews and Arabs with the Arabs getting more than the Jews.

      Unfortunately, and as always has been the case in this conflict, the Arabs wanted all of the land minus the Jews (whose historical and biblical and political claims go back almost 4000 years).

      The Arabs would be a lot better off today if they had stopped rejecting everything good for their people, and if they give their own refugees land (such as the Sinai) and let them have citizenship in their Arab countries that comprise about 99% of the Middle East. It would also help everyone in the world if they modernize and modify their religion, excising the Antisemitism and conquest of the infidels which is at the root of the conflict.

      If you take courses at universities in Canada, you will be offered a version of history that is steeped in liberation for the "starving" Palestinians and is filled with a blanket hatred of Israel – do not buy into this liberal revisionist garbage – the liberal extremists are in cahoots with the Islamists and they offer nothing but hate for Jews and ISrael in the name of Islam.

      • I am old enough to remember the slogan popular at the time of the creation of Israel: "For a people without a land, a land without a people." The problem is that there WAS a people living in that land. Who had the right to give their land away to another people from away? The question that should have been asked is: "Why should the inhabitants have had to pay with their land for the Holocaust when they had nothing to do with it?"

        Even if one accepts the Partition giving part to the Jews, the Israelis have moved far out of what was given to them by the United Nations. And the so-called settlers want it all and are being allowed continue with their expansions.

        I think Apartheid is an apt description. Given what the Israelis have done to the West Bank to protect the settlers, if the Palestinians ever get their own state, it will have been so segmented by "military roads" from which they are excluded that what they will have would be a clutch of Bantustans.

        So, unless you believe in colonialism gone berserk, put yourself in the position of a Palestinian whose people have lost and are continuing to lose their homes and land.

      • Oil? the British were interested in controlling the suez canal, and in Arab assistance in WW I. They also promised that Arab rights would not suffer from Jewish settlement. The Arabs might be better of had they 'modernized and modifies their religion'? Hell, it the Jews had 'modernized' and converted to Christianity during the Middle Ages, we wouldn't have this problem now, would we?

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  4. I respect Amiel's opposition to the anti-Israel groups and I don't think we ever hear these groups saying that both sides of the conflict are at fault. By stating that Isreal is 100% responsible for the problems, it greatly diminishes the whole argument. It would be nice though if Amiel could give us some background each group's position, for those of us who don't know a lot about the region.
    I recall chatting with a Lebanese lady a few years ago about Israel's bombing of her country. She was witness to truly terrifying moments in the life of her family and neighbours. I told her how sorry I was to hear that she had to endure this and I told her that none of us would want that for our family. I told her that I didn't know a lot about the history and asked her some questions so that I could better understand how such a terrible situation could possibly happen. I told her that I had heard on the news that a young Israel soldier had been kidnapped and that it may have contributed to the conflict; I asked her if he had ever been located dead or alive. She just waived my question away; literally, waived her hand in the air and said that he was probably being used as a negotiating pawn by the military. There was no interest whatsoever in the fate of a young person who was kidnapped; maybe tortured and killed and yet she had at length described the horrors her family had been subjected to.
    I have to say that I lost a lot of respect for her and her arguments. I hope that people on both sides of the debate don't become willfully blind to the plight of the "other side". It won't earn them any support or understanding.

    • That, I think, is precisely why the tide is turning against Israel: 'willfully blind to the plight of the other side'. Nobody can deny that Israel is a wealthy country and major military power. Look at the living conditions, the available weapons, and the number of casualties and magnitude of destruction on either side. Then decide who is the victim in need of international support. The tiresome accusations of 'Anti-Semitism' won't cut it anymore. Palestinians are Semites as well.

      • The fact that Israel is considered a wealthy country isn't a a good reason to attack it. Canada is relatively wealthy too; I don't think we'd tolerate missiles flying into our country.
        What are the university groups protesting? If longtime residents and workers in Israel are denied citizenship, I'm sympathetic. Canada also has temporary worker programs and it becomes unjust if the workers spend most of their lives here without the benefit of citizenship at some point. Most Canadians have immigrant backgrounds and we can understand that point.
        That doesn't mean that Israel should be taken off the map as the president of Iran commented a few years ago. Canadians would also become hyper defensive if we were in the same position as Israel, under constant attack.

        One of the posters here mentioned the machete attacks on two students in Ottawa this week. It seems like a bit of a metaphor, no? More than a dozen people attacking two unarmed men. Is that a fair fight? Does that, in any way, fit into our Canadian values? Canadians won't accept people who bring old conflicts to their new country.
        Some of the universities and unions may have good intentions but their actions seem to be having some terrible unintended consequences for our society.

        • Let's get this straight: I do not support terrorism or machete attacks anywhere or against anybody. The point was to address the roots of such violent reaction. As you point out, a dozen people attacking two unarmed men is not a fair fight. It is also the mirror image of what has happened in the Israel/Palastine conflict for decades. Israel would not be what it is, in wealth or military strength, if it wasn't for the billions of dollars and moral support it is still receiving from countries like Germany, Canada and the US. Stereotyping Palestinians/Arabs or their supporters as terrorists and apologists for violence is as idiotic as stereotyping all Jews as supporters of 'Israel' or oppressors of Palestinians. The right of Israel to exist does in no way diminish the right of Palestine to exist, just like your right to exist or talk does not diminish anybody else's. What is 'pro-Israel' anyway, when so many Israelis, Zionists, Anti-Zionists and Jews outside Israel are protesting against the illegal occupation and escalation of the conflict? Read Haaretz instead of the Globe & Mail, read "Breaking the Silence" by Israeli soldiers, read the open letter of Israeli left groups and human rights activists asking the German Left Party to please not hold any more 'Pro-Israel'- rallies. Go on you tube and watch Israeli and Palestinian parents working together against Hamas and Israeli state terrorism. Imagine the Canadian government and military would confine what is left of the indigenous population in open air prisons, humiliate them and deprive them of a viable economy and basic goods and services, denying them citiizenship and equal rights, and then call them 'terrorists' , and bomb their hospitals, schools, and places of worship if they shoot fiery arrows over the fence. I am sure you would have a problem with that. And please: Menachem Begin and Nelson Mandela were also terrorists. Google 'Irgun'. Why is there an international outcry against the Palestinians naming a street after one of their 'terrorists' assassinated by the Israelis, when Menachem Begin is a national hero and Nobel prize laureate? It's this double standard that drives people crazy.

          • I will try to find the information you mention and will start with "Breaking the Silence".
            It is indeed hopeful that people of all faiths want to stop the suffering in this never ending conflict. Those who are working for peaceful solutions are too few and often not heard above those waging war.

            While I respect Nelson Mandela's aims, I was never comfortable with the fact that he did not initially renounce violence. Ultimately, a peaceful international campaign to free him helped bring about change in his country.
            As for Begin, I don't know a lot about him other that he perhaps brought about peace between Israel and Egypt..? If so, this seems to me to be a pretty substantial accomplishment. It was also a tremendous accomplishment and sacrifice for the Egyptian president too. I think Sadat was assassinated, wasn't he?

            My point is that the actions of Israel are those of a country who probably sees itself under siege. As you said, this addresses the "roots of violent reaction". When neighbouring countries state that Israel should be wiped off the map, the country will rightly consider this to be a threat. Not just an implied or imaginary threat; but a stated, real and imminent threat. Pretty disgusting comments too from some people on this forum stating or implying that Israel should be dismantled as a country.

            It's heartening though to see that finally the US president is condemning illegal settlements in the middle east. This message should have been sent out loud and clear long ago. There is some promise there.

          • I agree with you, but the Iranian threat may not only be seen as the cause for Israel's claim to militant self-defense. It is also the justification for militant self-defense. What if nobody would oppose a Jewish state in the Middle East? There used to be small Jewish communities in China. Nobody opposed or persecuted them. They disappeared: intermarried, assimilated over time. In Israel, marrying an Arab is considered treason. Without opposition, provoked or unprovoked, Israel as a Jewish state would quickly disappear for demographic reasons, just as the WASPS will become a minority in Canada. Without enforcement of racist/religious superiority illusions via immigration/citizenship policies you can't stop this. Yes, Sadat was assassinated. So was Israeli PM Rabin, by a radical right-wing Israeli. The current Israel PM risks a bullet in his head if he does not bow to the illegal settler movement. Those people do not accept any perspective but their own. Obama is risking a bullet in his head, for perceived opposition to Israel , or health care reform etc, as well as a second term. Dismantling Israel may mean: physical elimination (which no sane person would advocate or find acceptable) or transformation into a non-Jewish democratic state (where people could live regardless of religion or ethnicity). Some Israelis/Palestinian prefer this one-state solution to endless military conflict, others prefer a two state solution, the radicals want all of Palestine for themselves, as a Jewish or Palestinian state. Here are some links you may find interesting: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N294FMDok98 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4mScWWtRfGQ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=37MFa7ZKQWo http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-66047758

  5. Having been the the West Bank and Israel numerous times, and having been at York University for a few years, one thing that's certain is that the so-called leaders of the Palestinian side on campus are often more extreme than the actual Palestinians I met in the West Bank. These radicalized university students, who often come from Arab countries like Lebanon, (Lebanon being an Arab state where Palestinians are officially banned from dozens of professions), really have nothing positive to contribute to the Israel-Palestinian debate. With funding and support from far-lest Marxist union executives, the anti-Israel movements on Canadian campuses spread hate and never demand any accountability from extremely corrupt Palestinian leaders like Yasser Arafat, who stole international aid money and sent his wife on shopping sprees in Paris, and who allowed a casino to be built across the street from a refugee camp in Jericho.

    The machete attack in Gatineau/Ottawa last weekend has now brought the anti-Israel hatred to a new and violent level.

    • The same thing can be said about pro-Israel groups in Canada versus activist groups in Israel. It's tough to call an Israelis Jew demonstrating against his or her own government, anti Semetic.

  6. Amiel supports Coultier as if she has something of value to contribute, she does not. Enough said. Is her criminal hubby still productively serving his sentence for obstruction and fraud or is he making friends with others inside who will contribute to his antisocial thinking? Crime school for the rich and dangerous is a very scary thing.

    • I have nothing but contempt for Ann Coultier. However I have even greater contempt for our kangaroo court known as the Human Rights Commission. Coultier is nothing but a right wing crack pot, but muzzling her does nothing but make her a martyr. As for you jade, making snide remarks about Amiel's spouse does nothing to advance your position. In fact I haven't a clue as to what your position is, other than what I suspect is a hatred of people richer than you are and that anyone who disagrees with you should be silenced.. By the by, I have often written in here, very critical of Amiel and shed no tears when Conrad landed in the crowbar hotel. Cheers

    • Thanks for the boorish input.

      • Reality bites. We are the company we keep and opines from Amiel are very difficult for me to even read when she includes support for crackpots and criminals serving sentences.

        • Twisted logic and lying to yourself LOL, that's ok with me, but I will call you on your lies each and every time when you try to convince me and mine.

          Awareness of the truth is happening despite the lies of the LSM and Paliwood. Truthful information about this is vital and getting out to the general public like never before, this effort is not just to protect the Jews again, but to protect the rest of the free world as well. To protect it from this mind rot of loving death more than life.

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  8. "“I will eat my hat,” I wrote to Naylor, “the day any of [these university presidents] allow an anti-Islamism Week…organized by Jewish students"

    Isn't being anti-Israel (place) different from being anti-Islam (religion)? Wouldn't a better comparison be Israel to Palestine or Jew to Muslim?

    • You're damn right it is. I am so tired of people using the term "racist" to describe those who oppose the brutal tactics of the Israeli government and IDF. Their actions have little to do with, and cannot be excused by, the fact that they are Jews.

      • So but because they are Jews they are not allowed to protect and defend themselvs against the cult of death?
        Nice logic you have there.

  9. Everyone is always condemning armed resistance by the Palestinians and asking for them to use non-violent means to resist their occupation, the left of their land, the murder of their people, the repression and discrimination, and the continued ethnic cleansing. Well, that's what BDS is all about. There have been no suicide bombings in many years, and the vast majority of Palestinian civil society has called for boycotts, divestment and sanctions to get Israel to comply with international law. Many groups around the world, including many Jewish groups, are heeding this call. Shouldn't we be celebrating the fact that there is now a large and growing non-violent movement?

    • Thank you! What a breath of fresh air are you. I couldn't agree with you more….the problem is people in the West are, for the most part, sadly lacking in knowledge of twhat's actually going on in Gaza and the West Bank. I was encouraged to read one writer here asking for sources of unbiased information on the subject. There are many reliable sources besides the BBC. Marc Ellis, a highly respected Jewish scholar wrote an excellent book, 'Judaism Does Not Equal Israel'. Another wonderful book written by Jeff Halper, an Israeli Jew who moved from New York some 30 years ago, 'An Israeli In Palestine – Resisting Dispossession, Redeeming Israel' also helped me gain a better understanding of this long standing conflict. I remain hopeful that, once people educate themselves about the true 'facts on the ground', they will join the ranks of all those in the world who decry the many ways in which Israel defies international law in its treatment of the Palestinian people.

      • They WHY do all the neighbours of Palestine have security walls to keep Palis out of their countries??

        • Don't you mean security fences? Or is it only a security fence on the Israeli side? and a security wall everywhere else?

  10. "[T]he vocabulary of hate: link Israel to “apartheid.”

    This is not "hate vocabulary". This is a description of the unfortunate political system that Israel chooses to pursue. There are important differences between apartheid South Africa and Israel, but apartheid is not one of them.

    You imply that settlements don't equal agression. That implies that Israel has a right to build in the West Bank or in East Jerusalem. Which implies that Israel claims sovereignty over that land. We can see that they exercise this "sovereignty" by building checkpoints along the roads and conducting regular security patrols.

    Why don't all the people living under Israeli sovereignty have the right to vote? Sounds like apartheid to me.

    • Why doesn't a Palestine man have as much rights in Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt as those citizens do either?
      No one want them in their country.
      Jordan has refugee camps decades and decades old – how long are they going to sit there on welfare?
      As long as they can continue to get a free ride – welfare.

  11. "The mainstream Jewish organizations such as … B'Nai Brith allegedly won't back a confrontational campaign. "


    Ms Amiel, I would like to draw your attention to this ad copy…

    which appeared in the National Post (where else?) on or about Nov 9 of last year. Scroll to the bottom of the ad to find who sponsored this ad. Let's discuss funding.

    The Israeli siege on Gaza is now into it's fourth year. Perhaps we should be celebrating Israel's recent decision to allow shoes to be imported into Gaza? I could also mention the ugly "security wall" or the "Jews-only' road network through the West Bank. Maybe toss in the expulsion of Arabs from their multi-generational homes in East Jerusalem for good measure.

    Then there are those pesky (and ever expanding) "illegal settlements" that defy international laws. And of course, it would be entirely unfair (and off topic) to mention the UN Goldstone Report on last years War on Gaza, where 1400 Gazans were killed, 5000 injured, 30% of them children. War crimes and crimes against humanity have no place in a discussion about apartheid!

    Ms Ameil. before you begin to give us your take on the "modern" version of the "Protocols of Zion" conspiracy theory, perhaps you could give us your precise definition of "apartheid". I'm confused. The current state of Israel, to my way of thinking, represents the perfect paradigm of the apartheid state. How did I become so misinformed?


    – hold the lantern looking for an honest man (or woman)

    • Goldstone himself said that the report would not be admissible in a court of law, not to mention that the other members of the Goldstone Commission, including London School of Economics professor Christine Chinkin, publicly accused Israel of War Crimes before the investigation even began. Is that a fair and impartial investigation? I think not. Would you accept being on trial before a judge who had told the media that you were guilty of Crime X before the trial even began? No you wouldn't. Goldstone himself said his report was not based on evidence that would be admissible in a court of law.

      Why don't you address the billions of dollars in international aid given to the Palestinian Authority since 1994. Arafat's cronies stole a lot of it, and Arafat's wife went on shopping sprees around Paris. A casino was built across the street from a refugee camp in Jericho under Arafat's watch. The Palestinian leadership in Gaza under Hamas has brutalized the Fatah members, murdering them in cold blood, throwing them off of apartment buildings, gunning down children in cars, etc.

      Diogenes–are you aware that there is an Arab Judge on Israel's Supreme Court? His name is Salim Joubran. And FYI, the Israeli Supreme Court has overruled the Israeli government on a regular basis regarding the Palestinians.

      Are you aware that there are many Arab Members of the Israeli Knesset, elected by the Arab Israeli Citizens of Israel? Are you aware that Israel has had Arab Members of the Knesset who have acted as the Deputy Speaker of the Knesset?

      With the Arab judge on the Supreme Court, the Arabs in the Knesset, and the vibrant Arab press and media in Israel, it is NOT apartheid.

      Were there black judges in Apartheid south africa on a supreme court? Were there black cabinet ministers? black speakers of the parliament NO.

      Your ignorance of the state of Israel is appalling. I've been to Israel 3 times, including to the west bank, and it is one of the most amazing countries in the world.

      • True, but that does not solve the problem of illegal occupation of Gaza and the West Bank. Do those Arabs have the option of Israeli citizenship? If they did, Israel would no longer be a predominantly Jewish state, would it? There is also considerable controversy regarding the question whether Arab Israelis are truly equal citizens.

        • Palestinians are not Israelis. They don't have a right to be citizens in a state that they don't live in. They live under the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank and under Hamas is Gaza. They are not Israelis, they are Palestinians.

          I live in Canada. Do I have the option of American citizenship because I live near Buffalo? No.

          Gaza is ruled by Hamas. I don't know why you think it's occupied. Egypt and Israel share a border with Gaza, and Hamas allows thousands of rockets to be fired at Israel. Egypt is currently building a wall on its own Gaza border bc of security concerns. So let's look at what Arab Egypt is doing–the exact same thing as Israel, building a border to protect its security.

          Arab Israelis are equal under the law, attend the same universities as Jews, teach at the same universities as Jews, serve on the Supreme Court, work as judges, work as doctors, use Israeli license plates, can travel all over Israel, elect Arabs to the Knesset, operate their own free press with newspapers and TV networks. Sounds pretty equal to me. There may be some economic disparities, but the fact is that Israeli Arabs have a higher standard of living than they would have in any Arab regime. In which Arab regime would these Israeli Arabs enjoy greater economic opportunity or civil rights?Not one.

          • Great link!

          • Rabble? Leftist rants galore!
            Oh no wonder the Palis love you guys! LOL
            Awareness of the truth is happening despite the lies of the LSM and Paliwood. Truthful information about this is vital and getting out to the general public like never before, this effort is not just to protect the Jews again, but to protect the rest of the free world as well. To protect it from this mind rot of loving death more than life.
            I'm taking this on as a citizen of the world to get the truth out.

          • citizen of the world, ha. of course you are!

      • Hockeyfan 18, they never answer direct questions, never.
        Ask them why there is a wall on Jordan's border with Paliestine and Egypt as well.
        Never hear about that on the news even when Egyptian soldiers shoot and kill Paliestines trying to cross illegally.

        • Reader, you are a true moron. I suppose you are suggesting that all Palestinians are horrible, horrible people and deserve to be excluded from human rights protection. Nobody likes them, so there must be something wrong with them. You know, Hitler put all Leftists in concentration camps as well. I suppose you have no problem with that.

          • Awww are you calling me a nazi? ROFL yeah ….

        • Hey A_reader_, don't you mean SECURITY FENCE?

  12. A new generation of Brownshirts has been raised to oppress the Jews, and just as in 1930's Germany they have found their most fertile grounds in the university systems. Worse, then as now, the Jews have no idea how to respond to, how to confront, or how to defend themselves against these thugs. How did we ever come to this awful pass?

    • Is this sarcasm? I hope so. Antisemitism is ILLEGAL in many countries.

      • …and it has it's own distinct name, not just the generic term "racism".

    • Very true Ken very true.
      It's like the nazi fascist movement of the 30's except this time it's world wide and this time their evil name is "jihadist".

  13. I wouldn't have a clue how Isreal should respond to it's neighbours. Don't know if what they are doing is right or wrong. I do however have a very uneasy feeling about the selective moral outrage from certain groups. I find it puzzling that it's simply beyond the pale for Isreal to constuct a new subdivision on what some consider disputed land while most Arabs would be happy with the total destuction of Isreal. Iran seems to be hell bent on making that happen with nukes if they can build them. I also find it puzzling that these high minded people are mute when it comes to Arabs running planes into building, blowing up Olympic games, beheading people on the internet, I ask you, who would you rather have living next door, Isreal or this group of lunatics?

  14. Diogenes,
    If you had half a brain instead of none at all, you would still be a racist. Who the hell are you to judge the Israelis for doing what they have to do to protect their people and their land? Arabs have hated Jews long before 1948, before 1967, before the walls and checkpoints and blockade. Why do you call Israel apartheid? The Palestinians of the West Bank and Gaza are not Israeli citizens. They do not get the right of passage in and through Israel because they are self declared enemies of Israel and they kill Jews. But Saudi Arabia, where you can be beheaded for promoting Christianity, is apartheid. Anywhere in the Arab world where religions other than Islam are tolerated at best or eliminated completely, is apartheid. You speak of the regrettable deaths of 1400 Palestinians but not of the 20 million Muslims killed by other Muslims since 1948! Do you not realize that given the Israeli fire power, they could have killed 1000 times more than 1400 Palestinians if they were the uncivilized people you claim they are? The only truth here is that if the weaponry had been reversed, the Arabs would have killed every Jew they saw. Write again when you can speak the truth.

    • @Steve4Peace and HockeyFan18

      Do you know how many suicide bombings there have been in Israel in the last 5 years – zero – Hamas renounced suicide bombings years ago.

      Do you know how many Israelis were hurt or killed by rockets from Gaza in 2008 prior to the launch of Operation Cast Lead – zero.

      Do you know how many Israelis were killed in Operation Cast Lead – 13 – 3 civilians and 10 soldiers – and 4 of those soldiers were killed by "friendly fire". Compare that with how many Gazans were killed. Self-defense indeed.

      I could also mention how many Israeli are killed in traffic fatalities in a year. The point is you are at much greater risk being killed by an fellow Israeli than you are by a neighboring Arab.

      And Judge Goldstone is a Jew and a Zionist. The Goldstone report was never meant to be an judicial investigation, but it did recommend one if Israel and Hamas did not conduct their own open and impartial investigations. Some of the most fervent and passionate voices calling for sanction against Israel come from within Israel itself.

      But both of you ass-clowns trot out such lame rationalizations, suggesting that Israel could have killed many more given its nuclear arsenal, and this somehow makes it morally superior. Thank you both, for dropping leaflets before you bombed.

      • Awareness of the truth is happening despite the lies of the LSM and Paliwood. Truthful information about this is vital and getting out to the general public like never before, this effort is not just to protect the Jews again, but to protect the rest of the free world as well. To protect it from this mind rot of loving death more than life.

        I for one am taking this as a personal goal to get this truth out to the world.

      • And you hopefully notice that most of the replies for PRO- Israel don't contain insults, slurs and name calling, but the Pro- Palis do this constantly. AND you just provided the prefect example ONCE again…always the same.
        LIEberals are all the same.
        Just nasty.

  15. I am old enough to remember the slogan popular at the time of the creation of Israel: "For a people without a land, a land without a people." The problem is that there WAS a people living in that land. Who had the right to give their land away to another people from away? The question that should have been asked is: "Why should the inhabitants have had to pay with their land for the Holocaust when they had nothing to do with it?"

    Even if one accepts the Partition giving part to the Jews, the Israelis have moved far out of what was given to them by the United Nations. And the so-called settlers want it all and are being allowed continue with their expansions.

    I think Apartheid is an apt description. Given what the Israelis have done to the West Bank to protect the settlers, if the Palestinians ever get their own state, it will have been so segmented by "military roads" from which they are excluded that what they will have would be a clutch of Bantustans.

    So, unless you believe in colonialism gone berserk, put yourself in the position of a Palestinian whose people have lost and are continuing to lose their homes and land.

    • Jews have lived in the Middle East for thousands of years, as long as their Arab counterparts. If you ignore that fact, then you are in denial.

  16. Yes, Israel is 100% responsible for the problem. Israel is a settler colonial apartheid state; it is racist; it is occupying the West Bank and Gaza and Jersusalem, all against international law. Israel was founded by expelling hundreds of thousands of Palestinians. Israel then razed and paved over hundreds of Palestinian villages. Palestinian women were raped by the Haganah in 1947-48. Israel has dozens of discriminatory laws, which benefit jews over arabs, especially in matters of social services and land rights. For all of these reasons, Israel is doomed. It won't be around one hundred years from now, because it is completely unnatural in the region. Jews who want to live as citizens of a secular Palestinian state can stay. Those who want to be zionist colonizers can leave.

    • Oh, yeh? Jews have lived in the Middle East for thousands of years, like their Arab counterparts: this is a matter of FACT, not opinion. The Jewish people have never disappeared from that land, despite deportations and expulsions, neither will they ever go away. Israel is not going to go away, despite your wishful thinking — you might as well live with those facts — like it or lump it.

  17. By doing so, these organizations are creating an industry called " the Anti Semitism Industry. They are organization headed by executive who are paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in salaries. Emeil, are looking for a job. You may apply and you know the address. You have an excellent resume.

    • Awareness of the truth is happening despite the lies of the LSM and Paliwood. Truthful information about this is vital and getting out to the general public like never before, this effort is not just to protect the Jews again, but to protect the rest of the free world as well. To protect it from this mind rot of loving death more than life.

  18. What do yu mean my right wing government isn't being reasonable? You must be an racist!

  19. What can I say to Mr. Hockeyfan18 and why bother? However, I will try to be brief and then stop.

    Not only were the Jews were not the only people on that land for thousands of years but the bulk of them have been dispersed for thousands of years. Big whoop about Tel Aviv — had it not been built, Jaffa would have expanded.

    The Arabs living in Israel are treated as second class citizens. Their representation in parliament and on the supreme Court is tokenism.

    The Arabs who fled because of fears about the conduct of the Israeli army and the Jewish terrorist groups (Stern Gang and Irgun) had been living in their villages with title to their homes and land for generations. Their villages have been destroyed and they are not allowed to return.

    Mr. Hockeyfan18 might call Israel and the West Bank “amazing”, but it depends on one's perspective as to what definition to put to that word. Because the religious fanatics have the balance of power in the government Israel has become more or less an expansionist theocracy, much to the regret of a significant number of Israelis.

    What the Israelis are doing in Gaza is almost as bad as what the SS did in the Warsaw Ghetto. Richard Goldstone who headed the United Nations investigation into the recent Gaza conflict was called a traitor to his race because the investigation was highly critical of the disproportionate use of force and phosphorous by the Israelis. And now the inhabitants of Gaza are denied the means to rebuild.

    In the West Bank, the expansion of settlements that are even illegal under Israeli law, the constant harassment, humiliations and limitations of movement of the Palestinians, is reprehensible, to say the least.

    World-wide, people are beginning to see the action of the Israelis for what it is. If Obama and the Americans were not so afraid of the Jewish and the Christian religious right pressure groups, he would cut off the billions of dollars being poured into Israel until the withdraw their illegal settlements from the West Bank, clean up their act in Gaza, and behave like a civilised nation. The tragedy is that the Israelis, after being the victims of genocide are behaving almost similarly.

    • 1) Goldstone himself said his report would not be admissible in a court of law because it does not meet basic evidentiary standards. Sounds like a great document.

      2) What happened to the BILLIONS of dollars of international aid stolen by Arafat and his cronies? Oh ya, some of it went to that casino that was built across the street from a refugee camp in Jericho under Arafat's "leadership" in the 1990's. And of course, some of the money went to fund his wife's shopping sprees in Paris. (Shhhh But let's ignore that, and blame Israel).

      3) "The Arabs living in Israel are treated as second class citizens. Their representation in parliament and on the supreme Court is tokenism. " Really? So having hundreds of thousands of Arabs vote every election, and having dozens of Arabs sitting in the Israeli Knesset, elected by Arabs who vote in large numbers, is something to be ignored?
      Having an Arab on Israel's SUPREME COURT is "token"? Canada doesn't yet have a visible minority on our supreme court, Archie. Think about it.

      – In which Arab state do Arabs have more civil rights and more economic opportunity than in Israel? NONE.

      4) Egypt is building a wall beside Gaza right now bc Egypt has the same security problems from Gaza and Hamas as Israel. Why don't you mention that? You ignore it bc it gives credibility to Israel's security concerns.

    • Liar. What an outrageously stupid statement to make.
      Palis hid behind woman and babies to launch their weapons and missiles into Israel.
      Diapers and skirts yep, big brave men at war- the Palestinian way. Is this part of that Arab 'pride' they keep whining that westerners are not paying enough respect to?

      Palis kill their own if they leave Islam, they kill any woman/girl who wants to leave or not marry that stinky old man her father and/or brother brokered her off to. If a woman is raped she's killed outright or has to marry her rapist to have her family keep their family honor…how sick it that?
      Hamas ran over males, with trucks, from a wedding party because they were listening to music!! Oh what a crime! That took place in the last year or so.

      Awareness of the truth is happening despite the lies of the LSM and Paliwood. Truthful information about this is vital and getting out to the general public like never before, this effort is not just to protect the Jews again, but to protect the rest of the free world as well. To protect it from this mind rot of loving death more than life.

  20. Macleans, everytime I go into a store with your magazine in it, I can smell the racism without going near the racks. I dare Macleans to have the courage to publish an article from someone who isn't so blatantly racist and supportive of imperialism and Israel. No matter what Amiel thinks, these people are just students who are opposed to injustice. I know many of these students at york personally. Most are secular, and do not support Hamas or Fatah. This issue has been going on longer than that. The palestinian leadership that organizers of Israeli Apartheid Week support is that of the 170 civil society organizations who asked for a non-violent campaign of boycott, divestments and sanctions. People like Amiel are up in arms, because it simply exposes the ugly truth behind the state and corporations that Amiel loves so much.
    It's funny that people can be so 'progressive' when it comes to health care, poverty, anti-war or for the environment, but when it comes to Israel they throw their arms up in the air and say 'both sides have done wrong'. Yes, some Israelis died at the hands of Palestinian resistance. Yes, an Israeli soldier was kidnapped. It's unfortunate these things happen, but Palestinians are killed daily. Over half of all Palestinian males have been in an Israeli prison simply because they are Palestinian. There is no proportion in this situation. It is a matter of oppressor (Israel) and oppressed.
    Many of these activists who support Palestine support many causes because it is a matter of social justice. Yet, everyone has such a problem that we dare support these dirty, muslim arab people. Oh, and for the record, Iran is not an arab state.

    • You smell racism?

      From a magazine on a retail rack, really?

      Good grief, what are you smoking?
      Make sure you complain loudly and endlessly to anyone who will listen to you at these offending locations, ok?

      Any way:
      If the Pali's want a decent life then they should start living a decent life. Period.

      You get out of life what you put into it. Bad efforts bad results.
      That's life.
      Jordan has a wall up high against them, Egypt has a wall ( albeit always under repair) to keep them out.
      Gee wonder why that is?

    • Well said, Andrew! I could not possibly agree with you more.

      • Kelly nice you agree that the Palis need to stop Palis from killing each other as well – good!
        Since the only Pali's being "KILLED DAILY" are by the Pali's themselves.
        When Isreal defends herself it's headline news, when they slaughter each other – nada from the lame-stream-lying leftist media – just boys being boys over there, it's their culture you know… .

    • Nobody is saying Palestine was empty. Of course people lived there. Arabs, Christians, Jews, Armenians, Turks, and others lived there.

      But ignoring the centuries long Jewish presence in the land is something I see all the time and is very ignorant. You cannot deny these two facts: The first Ottoman census of Jerusalem in the 1800's listed Jews as the largest ethnic group. Tel Aviv was established and built by Jews.

      Palestine was largely a wasteland. Yes, people lived there. But it was largely a backwater area of the Ottoman empire.

      There's 1 million Arab Israelis today, who enjoy more rights than Arabs in any other Arab state.

  21. For all of you blaming Israel for the Palestinian suffering, be aware that Hamas has brutally murdered and tortured thousands of Fatah members in Gaza since 2007.

    In this video, you see Hamas gunmen attacking a wedding in Gaza, gunning down their fellow Palestinians in Beit Hanoun bc they are members of Fatah.

    Going to blame Israel for that?

    • They won't reply HF18, the truth they can't face.

  22. As a piece of free advise, why don't you publishers of MacLeans offer to your subscriber base the option of purchasing a subscription to some sort of magazine called Canada-Israeli Advocate? I promise to thoroughly review your complementary copy and to consider if it would be valuable for me to spend my money on it. That way, I can choose to have a magazine that focuses on Canadian national interests and to take or leave the pro-Israeli focus.

    PS: I am holding my breath.

    • Free advise eh?
      Obvious why it's free.
      And stupid.

      • Nice one, avoid commenting on the substance by picking on tiny details. It is clear from your response that you agree with my point.

  23. By what second hand reports I have read of Israel, there are a great variety of people from various ethinc groups (races, if you are inclined to use such a discusting term) that are living in the state of Israel and claiming to be Jewish. Therefore, to be a Jew is not a racial thing. To say that Jewish is a race would be supporting the infamous Mr. H's assessment.
    So, I have to ask myself, as a long time Canadian, what the heck are we doing tollerating any discussion or characterization of a current political situation where the primary determinant cause of the conflict are delussional concepts of race?
    I have to admitt to becoming increasingly impatient with the writings of Mrs. B. Ameil and Mr. M. Stein. I have no problem with anybody advancing their opinion. Having said that, I have seen preciously little contextualization of their commentary. Where is the other side? What reporters are chasing down or verifying the cases advanced in their opinion pieces? MacLeans proports to be a national magazine. Where is the perspective that is relevant to the vast majority of Canadians that really do not have a pony in this race (sic)?

  24. "Putting out the truth about Israel" prima facia would be read as"Let us widely disceminate the true facts about what is happing in Israel as opposed to the false propoganda generated by the Haters"
    Cognitive model: truth is a letter that needs to be sent to all and every where.

    The Freudian unconscious reading of it would be "The Burning Truth about Israel must be put out, least it further weaken our position."
    Cognitive model: Truth is a burning bush to be exstinguished least our precious straw house go up in flames.

    • Twisted logic and lying to yourself LOL, that's ok with me, but I will call you on your lies each and every time when you try to convince me and mine.

      • You are completely artless. I even put in a little old testament for you.
        Lying to myself, twisted logic… what truculence.
        Look, I know you're panicked and trying cover it with the whole "don't mess with the jews" schtick, but it isn't working for you. Your position is pushing away those that might be inclined to favour. Whatever. Make your bed, sleep in it etc.

        • I'm artless?
          Not true, I own several nice pieces.
          Any way.
          I don't follow the old testament nor the new. Or any so blow it out your ear.
          Protecting Jews is only natual instinct these days.
          I'm not Jewish, but I know they'll kill me as well, because I'll be standing up for the Jews.

  25. I see nothing but suppressed anger in your rant. any one who is reasonably educated and knows the history will never support Israel . Because Israel is nation based on religion, sustained by constant bloodshed , defended by American money and weaponry and of course American ignorance. Canada is not far behind, students are taught here to consider Israel a holy country and everything Israel does is right.(after all Hitler was not very nice to them) all human rights abuses must be accepted and condoned in the name of Holocaust . I see your frustration about Jews not being united . I think there is a great but silent majority of Jews who do not support Human rights abuse, they are better educated than fanatics like the writer of this rant who is a fan of Anne Coulter ,(it shows your level of intellect) I am sure you will jump on one leg calling me Anti semite but I have a lot of respect for the majority of Jews who are good, and do not support war crimes , no matter who commits those crime and who supports them. One of the reader commented about not knowing much about the issue.
    Please read Norman Finklestein" Holocaust industry" and also Robert Fisk . they are respectable names one of them is Jewish scholar himself . University students are better educated , that is why they do not support Israel. If people really educate themselves on the issue they will never support Israel.

  26. Finkelstein and Fisk? As sources of unbiased opinion?
    Just like Juan Cole is an 'expert' on the ME?

    Just more sources of "hate those joooos" propaganda ….What garbage and lies feeble minds will suck up, sad.

    IF the Pali's want a decent life,
    THEN they should live a decent life.

    They firggin brainwash their toddlers with hate the JEWS cartoons daily, it's taught in schools and have family picture with their baby boys wearing grenades as necklaces on them…or standing beside an AK16 or whatever automatic weapon.

    When the Palis love life and their children more than they hate the Jews then maybe there will be peace on this earth … but not holding my breath on that one…those palis sure love and live to hate the Jews and infidels/kafirs – been doing it for 60 years.

    Why won't Jordan or Egypt open their borders to Palis?
    Instead they have walls…very high walls.

    • Did it ever occur to you, in your hateful one-sidedness, that neighboring Arab countries keep the Palestinians out because if they didn't, it would solve the problem (who wants to live under the conditions offered to Palestinians under Israeli occupation?) by giving Israel what it wants: all of Palestine?

      • Did it ever occur to you that because Yasser Arafat and the PLO supported Saddam Hussein's invasion and occupation of Kuwait in 1990, that led to the 400,000 Palestinians in Kuwait being expelled by Kuwait's government after the war? Of course, when Arab states carry out atrocities against Palestinians, the anti-Israel crowd just shrugs and turns a blind eye. Not to mention what the Jordanian army did to the Palestinians in the 1970's during Black September, murdering them in Jordan in brutal attacks.

        But hey, when the Arabs treat the Palestinians poorly, let's just ignore it.

  27. So university education makes you smarter than the rest of the whole world and in order to hate the Jews like you do I only need to attend university?

    Nice snobbery there bud. What is this elitist university you hail from that teaches you that you are better and smarter than anybody else?

    • I think you're scoring pretty high on the hatred scale already. University would likely diminish this, and I'm sure you would never want that. Fight the good fight Rambo….

      • Aww don't you worry 'bout me dear, my univerisity days are over, but I at least received a great education not the propaganda that you lot swallow today.

  28. people just don't get it. it's as simple as that. ignorant of even their own ignorance, including this halfwit, Barbara Amiel.

    • Pot meet kettle.

      • You've met Barbara Amiel? What's she like? Did you ask her how her husband is doing?

        • WTF are you going on about now?

  29. and you, whoever you are A_READER. you have no idea what youre talking about.

    • ….you have no idea what youre[sic] talking about.

      Prove it.

  30. If Israel is an apartheid state, then it follows it must include Jewish analogues to Eugene Terre Blanche, i.e., not white but Jewish supremacists within its present and past leadership pantheon, given to venting gratuitous gusts of loathing toward the land's indigenous people. Certainly, its current foreign minister, one Avigdor Lieberman has mused of drowning bus loads of Arabs in the Dead Sea. Rafael Eytan, the former Israeli chief of staff, had described Palestinians as "cockroaches in a bottle". Israel Prime Minister Menachem Begin called the Palestinians "two-legged beasts". Rabbi Ovdia Yousef, the spiritual head of the Israel's Shas Party, called them "serpents". Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak called them "crocodiles". Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir referred to them as "grasshoppers." When the Israeli statesman Abba Eban reflected on the above, he was moved to deplore what he described as his co-religionists' "rhetoric of extermination."

  31. Look, they can't get rid of Amiel. She's knows where all the bodies are buried.

    Just nod and smile and say "It's nice that you're still so active at your age, dear."

    • ouch!

    • Zing!

      • Agist. Some people do get wiser as they get older.

    • Oh look!
      A digital circle jerk!

  32. More ugly truths about Israel – forced deportation is next move in effort to cleanse Israel and occupied territories of non-Jews:

    Meanwhile, Netanyahu pulls the H- and I-cards to deflect criticism, and some will no doubt fall for it and call it 'pro-Israel'

    How sad! How frightening! How utterly insane! Let's forget the pointless peace process and start WW III! Justify killing millions and dying by the millions for the racist Jewish state , or risk being defamed as anti-semitic

  33. To any sane person, it seems incredible that anyone would try to defend the Jews occupying Palestine. No one can defend the indefensible, or forgive the unforgivable. The Jew occupation of Palestine is a monstrous crime against humanity, and every rational person in the world knows it. Only a psychopath would try to deny the self-evident facts.

  34. MacLeans editors:
    As a subscriber, here is what I want:
    You went to bat for M. Steyn when he got into a pickle with the HRC to defend your press freedom. Now, I want you to put that freedom to the test and do an indepth expose of the deployment of parties, for and against, on the Israel/Palestine question as they exist here in Canada. Nobody's precious sensitivities should be spared. I also want editorials, more specifially guest editorialist as your usual cast have made their position well known, justifying or condemning Canada's current policies on the question.

  35. Agree. Could the editors of MacLean please inform us why 'undconditional support' for Israel is the official and carefully guarded Canadian position? Here are the latest top news stories from Israel:

    — Events for Holocaust Martyrs and Heroes Day will begin Sunday evening with an official ceremony in Yad Vashem, in the presence of Israeli President Shimon Peres, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

    — A new military order aimed at preventing infiltration will come into force this week, enabling the deportation of tens of thousands of Palestinians from the West Bank, or their indictment on charges carrying prison terms of up to seven years.

    — Former Israeli prime minister Ehud Olmert denied Saturday that he was connected in any way to the Holyland project scandal that was revealed last week by the police.

    — The Obama administration on Friday rejected media reports that the U.S. had implemented a new policy denying visas to Israeli scientists connected to the Dimona nuclear reactor.

    (Source: iStockAnalyst )

  36. The issue is that Islam will never accept creation of a non Muslim state in an area conquered by Islam.
    Notwithstanding that only the Jews have inhabited Israel (which existed as a nation in Biblical times until conquered by Rome) and Jerusalem (Israel's capital) for over 2500 years. Israel is the source of Jewish religious and ethnic identity. Israel has been occupied or ruled by others such as the Romans, the Arabs, the Turks and the British, but has always had a Jewish population, no matter how subjugated, throughout recorded history. Islam was imposed by war on the peoples of the area by the Arab Muslims just over 1200 years ago. There was never a Palestinian state or national identity. The conflict is about Islam not about "Palestine" or "Palestinians" who have never had a country or a distinct society.

    • The issue is that Zionism will never accept creation of a non-Jewish state in an area conquered by Zionism. The nation state is a relatively modern idea, Zionism an even more recent idea, and Judaism and Zionism are not identical at all. Explain Anti-Zionism among Jews if Israel 'is the source of Jewish religious and ethnic identity'? The nation state is an obsolete idea forged on the religion of 'blood and soil', in Israel and elsewhere. The Holy Land is holy to all three Abrahmic religions: Judaism, Christianity, Islam. It is completely irrelevant whether the Palestinians ever had a country or distinct society. They have lived in Palestine for centuries, and they cannot be expelled or treated like UNTERMENSCHEN.

      here is an excerpt from a letter to the NY Times (1948), signed by Einstein, Arendt and other prominent Jews:


      "Among the most disturbing political phenomena of our times is the emergence in the newly created state of Israel of the ""Freedom Party"" (Tnuat Haherut), a political party closely akin in its organization, methods, political philosophy and social appeal to the Nazi and Fascist parties. It was formed out of the membership and following of the former Irgun Zvai Leumi, a terrorist, right-wing, chauvinist organization in Palestine.

      The current visit of Menachem Begin, leader of this party, to the United States is obviously calculated to give the impression of American support for his party in the coming Israeli elections, and to cement political ties with conservative Zionist elements in the United States. Several Americans of national repute have lent their names to welcome his visit. It is inconceivable that those who oppose fascism throughout the world, if correctly informed as to Mr. Begin's political record and perspectives, could add their names and support to the movement he represents.

      Before irreparable damage is done by way of financial contributions, public manifestations in Begin''s behalf, and the creation in Palestine of the impression that a large segment of America supports Fascist elements in Israel, the American public must be informed as to the record and objectives of Mr. Begin and his movement."

  37. Ani-Semitism charges as 'pitiful affectation'?

    "Israeli authorities and the Jewish Agency have been misinforming world Jewry by stating that in the State of Israel Jews can find refuge from anti-Semitism. Reports of anti-Semitic acts have turned into a regular feature in Israeli newspapers, mainly Russian-language ones. The movement “Dmir – Assistance in Absorption” has carried out an investigation of the problem and found that the scourge of anti-Semitism had penetrated the society fabric much deeper than predicted in most grim estimates. Many new immigrants have found to their horror that they encounter here in Israel the same abuses and humiliation of anti-Semitic nature on the part of non-Jews who had come together with them from the former USSR, which they hoped to be protected from in Israel. The stories related by the victims and eye-witnesses, as well as in newspaper reports, have been presented in a report on the situation in that sphere. We have repeatedly appealed to various government leaders and MKs, but received no reply. The official Israel does not dare to react to the problem. Against that background, all statements of Israeli leaders condemning anti-Semitic acts in other countries appear as pitiful affectation.

    Meanwhile, the phantasmagoria is continuing, and the number of victims of anti-Semitic acts is growing continuously. While the Israeli establishment and our politicians are hushing up the facts of anti-Semitism in Israel, a group of victims and activists has decided to create a center to support the victims of anti-Semitism in Israel."

  38. Look everyone is getting tired of this debate but it seems to me that to have any semblance of peace two big things must happen 1. Israel withdraws to its 1967 borders 2 The Palestinians must recognize Israel which presuppose that they would have their one state.

  39. People who question the miltary policies of Isreal are not anti-semetic. The who world is horrified to see the excessive human rights abuses perpetrated by elements of the Isreali and Palisinian governements. The secret is, our governments don't want peace. The military-inductrial complex benifits from a fearful apathetic poorly informed electorate. I am afraid once the Isreali government with help from the international community exterminates the Palistinians, they will begin to divide and enslave the ireali people themselves. God help us all. Please inform yourselves. Please stop participating in hateful fearful talk. Just talk, fear and let it happen. People like Anne Coultier, make up and twist all facts. She calls secular or non-religious people baby killers. As if people who love nature, practice there own spirituallity are baby killers.

    • You can't even spell Israel correctly and you lecture on whom we are to listen to?

  40. The details of these disagreements are not really important. What is important is that the anger and hatred stop. Those are the only things that keep the middle east in turmoil. If all of those negative destructive emotions would go away, the rest would be easy to resolve. It's difficult to disolve the hatred when so many people insist on being in a war. Fighting can continue forever. There has to come a point where enough people realize that no one is winning; the only result is more of the same. Horror and bloodshed and children and families forever damaged … and what was it way back when that started this?

    • Duh, the same thing it is today as it was 60 some odd years ago, or are you not paying attention because the details are not important to you?
      Some surrounding Arab countries( and some from further afar) want to see Israelis dead and Israel wants to stop that – simple see?

      • Somehow I think you missed my point.

  41. You can take Barbara out of Hamilton but not Hamilton out of Barbara. Read HAARETZ once in a while Frau Goebbels.

  42. Too much attention and power is given to a small settlement in the middle east called "Is Ra El" All these comments on the article proves it. What is so darn "special" about these people? I see nothing. They have been warring since the creation of this Zionist nation. All wars set the premise for changes in laws that would otherwise never be passed. We should be tired of all of this or fed up.

  43. during world war 2, people chose a side. i actually empathize with imperial era germany , whose mistreatment by france and england, led to the deathcult of fascism(including japan). the allies did some bad things (tho the soviets went to horrific extremes). i don't see the leftard unions complaining that we shouldn't have stood against fascism because the west didn't play by every rule. regardless of isreali/palestinian conflicts, a glance back in middle eastern history shows christianity and judaism being there over 7 centuries before islam even existed.the only valid choice is between jews or christian arabs on who should be governing the area. muslims should all go back to where their death cult was spread from; saudi arabia