Quick, someone call a Canadian Human Rights Commission


…and demand an apology from The New Yorker for insulting Obama… no, wait, for insulting Muslims and people who wear Afros and burn flags, or wait again… should that be, for insulting people who believe that the Obamas are Muslims who wear Afros and burn flags… Gosh, satire is so confusing!


Quick, someone call a Canadian Human Rights Commission

  1. Wow, Nick Anderson (who comments in the Politico piece you link to last) is a humourless fellow, isn’t he?

  2. Especially for a cartoonist, no?

  3. It’s not Michelle Obama it’s Laureen Hobbs

  4. Humourless or not Mr. Anderson’s advice about improving the image was sound. it would have worked much better if it made clear the image was being presented for political gain by Republicans.

  5. And it would have been so much funnier too! I’m picturing a classic fat-cat type, smoking a cigar with the words BAD REPUBLICAN written in six-inch letters across his suit, leaning across an easel, drawing the Barry Blitt cover and saying, “This will win us votes in several swing states because I, as a Republican, have no faith in the inherent goodness of the American voter.”


  6. I thought this was in reference to Chris Rock’s upcoming performance in Ottawa.

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