radio too


The new CBC Radio Two: Everywhere music takes you!

For instance, about a half hour ago music took me to hell. They played Coldplay. On the CBC. And I thought to myself – Finally! A radio station bold enough to play Coldplay!

The preceding sentence was brought to you by Sarcasm. Sarcasm: all the benefits of Cynicism, but without the frowning!


radio too

  1. Get yourself a Satellite radio! Then you can listen to Canadian Indie bands on CBC Radio 3, over and over and over…

  2. Hmmm I wonder if they’re bold enough to play Nickelback. But it could be so much worse – four words for you: turn around bright eyes…

  3. They also played Alex Cuba, Carolyn Mark, Michael Franti, Iron and Wine, Jason Collett, James Hunter, Mdid Onuwuklu, Kevin Fox and on and on. None of whom get any commercial radio play.

  4. every now and then I feel a little bit terrified

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