Rage, Rage, Against the Dying of the GUIDING LIGHT (Not a Joke)


This news has been around for a while, so though the announcement was made official today, it’s real: Guiding Light is coming to an end.

CBS is canceling the longest-running drama on TV, the daytime soap “Guiding Light.”

The network is ending the show after 72 years and more than 15,700 episodes on television and radio. The series will broadcast its final episode Friday, Sept. 18.

” ‘Guiding Light’ has achieved a piece of television history that will never be matched; it has crossed mediums, adapted its stories to decades of social change and woven its way through generations of audiences like no other,” said Nancy Tellem, president of CBS Paramount Network Television Entertainment Group. “This daytime icon will always be an indelible part of CBS’ history, with a legacy of innovation and reputation for quality and excellence at every step of the way. While its presence will be missed, its contributions will always be celebrated and never be forgotten.”

Because Guiding Light was such an old show and had its origins in radio, it was a little tamer than some of the soaps that came later, but nevertheless, like all soap operas, it was ahead of prime-time shows in terms of the kinds of stories it did. Most famously, it was one of the first shows to address the issue of marital rape as a serious crime (as opposed to the traditional, now-infamous Gone With the Wind approach to the same thing).

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Rage, Rage, Against the Dying of the GUIDING LIGHT (Not a Joke)

  1. Boy, I really loved Season 52.

    • Meh. They jumped the sharked back at Season 32.

  2. It’s. About. Damn. Time.

    Remember my mother watching her soaps every day when I came home from school. Had her eyes glued to the set and she sent not a word of greeting to her kid returned from the trenches.

    No, “How was school today?” Instead, before I’d shut the door, I’d receive an order for a cup of tea to be delivered to the queen on her couch.

    Gawd, how I hated those soaps!

  3. 15,700 episodes and I’ve never even watched one of them. My loss.

  4. I’m a little late to be commenting on this one, but thanks for mentioning Guiding Light, and doing it seriously. Soaps get a lot of crap, and I just get the feeling the majority of people who crap on them have never really sat down and watched them. (Kinda like people who crap on the south without ever having actually been there….because it’s the cool thing to do.) But what you said is right: daytime TV has always been pioneering. There’s a whole host of issues out there the soaps dealt with before the primetime shows did. (For example, while everyone talks about Maude’s abortion, the fact is Erica Kane on All My Children beat her to the punch, having had an abortion in 1972.) And when you factor in that the average soap delivers over 200 episodes per year….well, the genre really doesn’t get the respect it deserves.

    Guiding Light isn’t my soap (I watch All My Children), but it was still a sad day when it got canceled.

  5. Proctor and Gamble you suck. You want even let someone else buy the guilding light. You just suck, big time.

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