Readier than thou


More from Michael Ignatieff’s incredibly anticipated appearance in public this afternoon.

Bipartisan negotiations on employment insurance reform got off to a rocky start Thursday, with the Liberal leader slamming what he called the Conservative government’s indifference to the plight of Canada’s jobless. Michael Ignatieff issued the criticism just as three Liberals and three Conservatives – members of an EI reform panel struck last month in an 11th-hour deal to avert a summer election – were sitting down for their first meeting.

“We note that the government has taken five weeks to get its act together on this. We were ready to go at the end of June with this committee,” Ignatieff said. “It’s a sign I’m not sure that they give any real importance to employment insurance reform but we certainly do.”

Plus comment on Nortel and Abdelrazik.


Readier than thou

  1. I found it interesting that Ignatieff (a) reiterated his flexibility on the 360 hour standard for EI eligibility and (b) stressed that expanding EI for the self-employed can't just apply to parental leave.

    References to his campaign promise on aside parental, it seemed to me that back in June Harper implied pretty clearly that his government would bring in an EI program for the self-employed, full-stop.

    If Iggy winds up abandoning his 360 hour demand and trying to claim EI for the self-employed as a victory for himself and the Liberals that will be a total sham.

  2. Sorry, that should read…

    "References to his campaign promise on parental leave aside, "

  3. I would love a deeper look into this RIM/Nortel thing. Why on earth would any company selling assets require the company buying the assets to not buy other assets? Presumably, selling off these divisions means Nortel doesn't intend to be in that line of work anymore. So what do they care if a new competitior emerges, even if that competitor buys up every division and becomes basically Nortel under another name? I just can't figure that out. Is it only RIM that can't buy other assets, or are Ericsson, Nokia Siemens et al under the same constraints?

  4. We need a new standard for EI, this much is clear. My best friend's dad works at STELCO, and they keep stopping work
    -but not long enough for them to collect EI- and then laying of half of the workforce, bringing the other half in to work double shifts, which is really dangerous and then laying them off right at the point where they'd have to pay severence.
    So you end up with people and families being f****ed by the companies and by the government, because it used to be that South Western Ontario was an easy place to find jobs, so my friend's dad, and all the employees at STELCO are screwed because they don't have enough hours to qualify for EI, and with no severance families are literally living hand-to-mouth.

  5. Wasn't this the schedule they agreed to when he backed away from an election? If not, why wait until now to bring it up?

  6. Wasn't this the schedule to which they agreed when Ignatieff backed away from an election? If not, why did he wait until now to bring it up?