From Bruce Cheadle’s analysis of the scene.

Hillier managed to plug his recently released memoir and even autographed a couple of copies for star-struck MPs after his testimony.

And from the Twitter feed of CBC radio reporter Alison Crawford.

At cttee Paul Szabo snapped several pics of Hiller on his personal camera & then asked someone to snap one of him with Hillier.



  1. 'Disgraceful"
    A. Coyne…at issue.

  2. What's the big deal with Hillier? he was in the army who cares? He's not special. Soldiers aren't morally above any of us. get over it.

    • Pitiful?

      That would be the opposition for using smears to allege our Armed Forces are War Criminals.

      By Liberals restricitng the testimony/information to after they left office.

  3. I kept thinking – what does this remind me of? Ah, yes. Rumours, etc. about Bush/WMD and cover-ups including the military. People elected him on his lies anyway and when it was too late and no more terms left for Bush, the truth comes.

    Wake up Canada!

  4. Don Rumsfeld was very popular too.

  5. Welcome to our Bush years Canada! What! Did you really think you were imune!

    • Is that why Ignatieff was installed as Lib leader, Canada's entering the Bush years?

    • Democracy is a messy business and Americans voted for Bush 2x. Since 2000 the Liberals have dropped from 40% to 2008 26.3% (General Elections)

      Do you think LPOC 20% in 2010-11 is impossible?

      • Canadian nonsense, is this from the same stat base you used with your brusmit alias to show the tories vote increase from 2006 to 2008 when in fact total votes went down..

        • Terry you are free to check with Elections Canada or many sites regarding the Liberals decline from 40% in 2000. Are you a writing analysis expert? Clearly another clueless comment.

          Liberals won 172 seat with 40.8% in 2000
          Liberal won 77 seats with 26.3% in 2008

          A straight decline in every election since 2000 unlike the scientists who hid the decline, you can't.

          [youtube dul_hYde0nk&feature=player_embedded http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dul_hYde0nk&fe… youtube]

  6. Colby's post is approaching 300 comments. Quick, back to flogging this dead horse (how many posts on this topic is this blog at?), rather than cover the climategate scandal.

    I mean, who really cares about climategate….other than…well…almost everyone that is.

    You may want to take a look at CBC's Gore article BTW. The comments aren't even talking about Gore, but climategate, yet the MSM pretends what is right before their eyes doesn't exist.

    Fascinating to watch such blatant self-destruction.

    • Colby's post is approaching 300 comments.

      At this stage, the count is 232, a good portion of them Biff's.

      • lol

      • I love you, Dot.

    • If there are so many people commentung about it elsewhere, including on this same site, then you really don't need to keep interupting here do you?

  7. Well, the media created the myth of Hillier, so Really?! right back at them.

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