Recalibration reconsidered -

Recalibration reconsidered


Two days after an unnamed government official told reporters there would be no new spending in the upcoming budget, an unnamed government official (the same unnamed government official? a different unnamed government official?) says the upcoming budget will include new spending, just nothing “extravagant.”


Recalibration reconsidered

  1. And they are going to twitter the budget! Making your thinking easier for you!!

    Just in case any of you meddlesome opposition politicians, adversarial journalists or "elite" "chattering class" voters think you have any input or thought or opinion in deciding what the message of this budget is and what is important in it.

  2. Well.. I suppose if you're going to be spewing all that hot air anyway, it makes sense to float a few trial balloons with it.

  3. They should totally do budget spending like a giant Price is Right game. It'd give Bernier something to do that didn't involve screwing Jim Prentice. I can picture Max with the skinny mic and kissing all those old ladies already.

  4. Surely the only surprise here is that the buget wasn't unvailed live at the meddle awards ceremony…gold of course…but i guess they couldn't be absolutely certain the men's team would win.

  5. Look for a new character in Familiar Circus, a rival to "Not Me", and "Ida Know" – "A Naimed O'Fishal."