Redo the election


The Council of Canadians is challenging the election result in seven ridings.

The voter suppression tactics alleged in the litigation include “calls that misdirected electors to the wrong poll or calls of a harassing nature intended to discourage support for a particular candidate,” said Ottawa lawyer Steven Shrybman, who represents the council.

Shrybman said these cases test new ground by asking the court to weigh the effects of a pattern of voter suppression, not just specific acts that have characterized the few legal challenges of past election results. “We don’t know exactly what the standards will be,” he said. “How do you measure the effect of voter suppression techniques on the result?”

The seven ridings are Don Valley East, Winnipeg South Centre, Saskatoon-Rosetown-Biggar, Vancouver Island North, Yukon, Nipissing-Timiskaming and Elmwood-Transcona. Winnipeg South Centre, Nipissing-Timiskaming and Elmwood-Transcona are all included on my list of ridings where suspicious calls about polling stations were reported. Following media reports, Glen McGregor and Stephen Maher add Yukon and Vancouver Island North to that list.


Redo the election

  1. It’ll never happen, but it would be nice.  Especially after the budget.

  2. Good. 

     I’d like our next election to be a fair one and I don’t see how that will happen unless Canada critically examines its election laws with respect to the use of modern technology.  I think we need a Royal Commission for that and it could work along side the EC investigation.

  3. You know, the counsel of Canadians would have had a lot more credibility on the point had they made a point of challenging the results in all close ridings where robocalls were reported, not just the close ones where the Tories won- after all, if people were denied the right to vote and it might have affected the result, it’s a problem regardless of who won the seat.

    Their credibility would also have been enhanced if they’d waited until AFTER Elections Canada finished their investigation.  At this point, there just isn’t much evidence as to the scope of the “robocalls”.  Elections Canada has confirmed 700-odd substantive complaints, and there seems to be evidence of 6000-odd robocalls by Pierre Poutine, but 5000 of those were to phone numbers in Guelph.

    It won’t go anywhere, given the limited number of confirmed complaints. 

    • Was there a close riding where the Tory didn’t win?

      And if there is.. is there anything stopping a conservative/conservative group from challenging that on the same grounds?