Regrets, they’ve had a few -

Regrets, they’ve had a few


I have a few words for the two gentlemen a couple seats down who last night decided to leave Scotiabank Place after the Russians scored to take a 5-4 lead with under three minutes to play in the world junior hockey semi-final.

And those words are: Ha. Ha. Ha.

Hope the quick exit from the parking lot was worth missing the best minutes of one of the most exciting games of hockey this decade.

P.S. Haaa!

In other news, the last time I saw my nine-year-old son so excited, he was four and we’d just landed front-row seats to The Wiggles.

My father-in-law might have the best story. Bob and his wife Sherrill were flying home to Calgary from Ottawa during the game. He reports that when Canada scored to tie the game with 5.4 seconds to go, the cheer aboard the Westjet flight was so loud that it woke all the sleeping babies.

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Regrets, they’ve had a few

  1. That was AMAZING!
    Omigoodness. I was taping the game, and shall use it in the future for my (horribly, horribly maladjusted) friends who say they dislike hockey because it’s boring

  2. Hmmm. Most flights I’ve been on, it’s the babies who wake up the sleeping adults.

  3. I thought it was bad when a woman in our row left the Canada-US game when it was 5-4 with less than two minutes left.
    The way that game was going, how could you not expect a big finish?

  4. Nice. I hardly understand why people leave early for any sporting event (where else do you spend so much for entertainment?), but in close games? I’ll never understand that. I get that traffic is a hassle, but if it’s that big of a hassle, just stay home.

  5. Kind of a pointless post Scott – the two gentlemen who left early can’t read.

  6. While they deserve to be ridiculed, getting in and out of Scotiabank Place is such a gongshow that leaving early is *almost* defensible. I don’t care that they built the arena in Kanata. I care that there are only two ways in and out. During a transit strike, it’s even worse.

    I was at the Canada-US game, and managed to stay to the very end, clap a few times, and sprint to the exits while they were awarding the player of the game trophies. We missed the anthem, but we also made it home to south Ottawa in less than 14 hours. Win-win.

  7. I DO actually care that they built it in WaytheHellOutinKanata – some foresight and sacrifice would have resulted in huge gains down the road for the city – but the fact they took all that land and turned the parking lot into a freaking muppet movie of chaos is unforgivable. the only (and i do mean only) bright side is that ottawa residents have a surefire conversation starter – where do you park to ensure the swiftest possible exit from scotiabank place? almost inevitably, this results in maps being drawn on cocktail napkins.