Rehtaeh Parsons: a self-portrait -

Rehtaeh Parsons: a self-portrait


No one dies anymore without leaving a little of themselves behind—in this case, on Twitter. The picture Rehtaeh left of herself in the last few months of her life (which includes a snapshot of a report card) may not be the one her parents or her self-appointed postmortem defenders would make, and who knows how faithful it might be to the broad sweep of her life. Probably not very. But it is a picture she assembled for the consumption of others, piece by piece; and her desperate deflection of darkening spirits by means of gangsta bravado, humour, and idealism is heartbreaking. I will leave it to the reader to treat this as forensic data and imagine possible implications for some revenge project or other. Such a thing might or might not be warranted; she hasn’t left us any clues here.


Rehtaeh Parsons: a self-portrait

  1. Many of her twitter photos and tweets, certainly contrast the media reports and other published photos of her holding puppies.

  2. the dates reflect that these pictures are a documentation of her life AFTER the alleged rape and the reaction of her ‘friends’, school, police etc. As her Mom said……..she self medicated to numb her pain….and when she stopped that….the pain came back…..

    • She also wrote on her twitter account that – she’s been lied to 99% of her life, and that she’d just found out that her mom smokes more dope than she does.

      So far, the media coverage has been very one sided.

      I don’t think we’re seeing the full picture.

  3. So she was a normal teenager who smoked pot and posted a pretty racist meme that she probably didn’t understand was pretty racist. Just solidifies to me that she was a young girl who should have had a lot of life to live.