The prologue -

The prologue


In spring 2007, the Globe’s Graeme Smith conducted 30 interviews with detainees and documented various allegations of abuse after they were transferred from Canadian to Afghan authorities. Paul Koring subsequently reported that the Harper government was warned of mistreatment. Months later, Smith reported that Canada had lost track of at least 50 detainees due to poor record-keeping. In November of that year, Canada temporarily halted transfers.

There are also the 2005 and 2008 U.S. State Department reports on human rights in Afghanistan.

A 2007 review of the situation from the CBC is here. And, from Wikipedia, a timeline of events between Dec. 2005 and Jan. 2008.


The prologue

  1. But according to Laurie Hawn and Cheryl Gallant et al, these detainees could easily have bruised themselves and then lied about it. So there!

  2. Thanks Aaron.
    Haprer's secret agenda ain't no secret anymore.
    The ONLY appropriate response to Colville from David Mulroney and others back then would have been – you are authorized to investigate more and ontain corroberative evidence.
    Telling him to deep six it – is clearly and absolutely – proposing a coverup – basically telling a source – turn your face the other way!
    I plan to pimp your blog!

  3. The Ahghanis should have invited Colvin: hey, we are going to be torturing 3 prisoners at 2 pm. Can you be there with your camcorder? And even then, our Con MPs will probably claim that videos don't tell the true story (sounds familiar)?

    Shouldn't the blame it on the previous Lib govt defence have come out by now?

  4. Harper, Hillier and other cabinet members should be investigated for war crimes. It is obvious that they knew what was happening and tried to cover up the truth in order to avoid public accountability for their failed war and occupation.