Remembering Jeanne Cooper, aka Mrs. Chancellor

The soap world mourns loss of Genoa City mainstay


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Remembering Jeanne Cooper, aka Mrs. Chancellor

  1. Every day I look forward to my Y & R fix. And it will now be less fulfilling because Mrs. C. is missing. I kind of felt something was up in the last month, but didn’t know she was actually very ill. It’s funny because my mother used to talk about her daytime soap actors like they were actually her friends. One day she was crying and my Dad asked her what was wrong, and she talked about her As the World Turns actors like they were her neighbours. I now know how she felt.

    Take care Corbin. My life has never been the same since my mother passed, but there is a peace you finally get to.
    Thank you Jeanne for all you have done.
    Love from a fan.

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