Republicans, Nexen, and Keystone XL


House Republicans are pointing to the bid by China’s state-owned oil company to buy Calgary-based oil-and-gas company, Nexen, as evidence that if the US doesn’t buy Canada’s oil, China will.

A Republican congressman from Nebraska, Lee Terry, has introduced yet more legislation in the US House to expedite the approval of the proposed Keystone XL pipeline from Alberta to refineries in Texas. (It would allow construction to begin on the northern leg of Keystone XL while the State Dept. reviews a new route proposed for the portion of the pipeline that would cross the state of Nebraska.)

“If we don’t use this, China will. Now this is even further evidence, unarguable, that China will use all of this if we let them,” Terry told reporters.

The US Senate, controlled by Democrats, has blocked other recent attempts by the Republican-controlled House to expedite the pipeline.

All along, the Republican conversation has seemed to assume that a West Coast pipeline will be built. So who will be the first to weigh in on Alberta v. BC?

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Republicans, Nexen, and Keystone XL

  1. “Yo, fellow Cornhuskers: Build it or they will come.”

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