Requests Welcome -

Requests Welcome



While I’m trying to come up with another post, I thought I’d use this as an Open Thread™ for suggestions about what kind of posts, or subjects/issues, you’d like to see in this space.

Of course most of my posts are, and probably will continue to be, short essays about TV-related subjects that are in the news. (You’ve probably noticed that a lot of the posts here start by linking to a news story or another blog post, followed by my own thoughts on the issue. But that’s pretty much the definition of a blog: “link n’ think.”) But I do longer pieces when I get the chance — I’ll hopefully have another writing-staff post in the near future.

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Requests Welcome

  1. What did you think of the Soap Opera Dallas. With its dramatic cliff hangers did it revolutionize the modern day soap. Is CBC trying to revive this type of show with their new show Oil – or whatever it is called?

  2. Children’s TV trends. What are they really watching? My son loves Heroes.

  3. Nothing even remotely political, because you have a tin ear for it.

    • Nothing even remotely political, because you have a tin ear for it.

      Undoubtedly true (though you can’t really write about TV without bringing political stuff into it; Chris Matthews, for God’s sake). But I’d suggest you request more of the stuff you like (if anything) rather than less of the stuff you don’t.

      • I like your political writing, that’s what I was going to vote for. Don’t often agree with it but you bring different perspective at least.

  4. Less Tashlin… more posts on animation. Seems like you haven’t done much of those in a while…

  5. All the stuff on show creation/production that you do; the behind-the-scenes stuff is fascinating.

    • Agreed. Kind of an Aaron Sorkin version of a tv blog only, you know, good. ;)

  6. You latest post made me think of something….houses used in sitcoms/dramas. They’re fascinating and weird. The house in Golden Girls didn’t follow any coherent floor plan, apparently. Trivia like that I find interesting when it comes to television.

  7. I know that shows frequently stick around for an extra season or two because the producers and/or the networks want to make some extra money off of the properties. I’m wondering if you can think of some good case studies where shows stuck around too long and ended up hurting the long-term viability for syndication. Lately I’ve been kind of fascinated by shows from the 80s and 90s that underwent remarkable drops in quality over the course of their runs. Some particular examples that pop into mind include Night Court, The Drew Carey Show, and Coach. I would consider them all to be decent, but not great, shows during their early seasons which degenerated into unwatchable messes.

  8. I enjoy your posts on classical music and opera in particular and would love to see more of them.

  9. i’d like to know what you think of various books about television you’ve read/are reading. if you’d recommend anything?

  10. How about a post on what’s going on on Smallville, given that two of the regulars left the cast this season. Maybe more generally about what shows do when some big stars leave.