Reviewing Stephen Harper's stand-up act -

Reviewing Stephen Harper’s stand-up act

Tweeps review ‘leaked’ tape of PM


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Reviewing Stephen Harper’s stand-up act

  1. This has been my impression all along. As a Prime Minister he makes a great comedian

  2. How convenient that it has been ‘leaked’ now…. trying to deflect, are we?

    • You don’t have to watch it. We live in a free country. You have a choice.

  3. Like me, like me please! Pay no attention to the fraudulent activities I have sanctioned, I’m funny, so like me. Wanna hear me sing? Look, I have a chinchilla. And a kitty cat. Like me, like me!

    • I’ve heard through the grapevine that Harb is planning to bomb the media with a flurry of cute pictures of his dog, his old car and the crummy roads he has to travel on when driving 140 km every few days while getting paid handsomely.

      Mmmmm……………….up to $231,000, eh, Mac.

      To be paid back within the month. Time to open up those Liberal secret funds, eh!

  4. So staged,

    So timely released – a week after the media stories describing his lack of personality and mean control freak demeanor.

    So manipulative, as usual.

    Anything to stay in power, make another Chinese deal, sell one more NATIONAL resource, borrow for Canadians one more billion to hand over to big-oil …

    All those cushy $1000 per hour board of directors seats for favors rendered are awaiting ….

    • Are you bitter ?