Rick Perry’s Ron Paul problem


Watching now front-runner Texas governor Rick Perry campaign for the Republican presidential nomination in New Hampshire over the weekend, it was easy to see how he had managed to leap over Mitt Romney and Michele Bachmann in the polls. He has charisma and the kind of unapologetic swagger many conservatives are looking for and touts a record of job creation in Texas. Primary voters who came to see him speak found some of his more 0ver-the-top comments to be less evidence of un-electability than proof that  the guy sticks to his guns and “tells it like it is”. (Story in this week’s print magazine.)

But last night’s Republican debate threw up two red flags. First, calling Social Security a “Ponzi scheme” doesn’t play as well on national television as it does in a more intimate back and forth with voters when its couched in folksy, I’m-just-bein’-straight-with-ya rhetoric. Every time Perry repeated the phrase last night, it was hard not to imagine Democrats cutting an attack ad.

Second, having to share the stage with a fellow Texan familiar with the details of your record presents a problem — especially if he is a libertarian and you are trying to run against Romney from the right. It was Rep. Ron Paul who last night put the pressure on Perry over his executive order that Grade Six girls in Texas get vaccines against a sexually transmitted disease that causes cancer — portraying it as not only an assault on parental rights, but also as an abuse of an executive order to get around taking the matter to the state legislature. And in past years, it was Paul who has criss-crossed the country denouncing the toll-roads Perry tried to build in Texas, portraying them as part of a nefarious “Nafta Superhighway.”

It will be interesting to see what impact the debate has on Perry’s poll numbers — and how the Texan-on-Texan dynamic will unfold going forward.



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Rick Perry’s Ron Paul problem

  1. The top post this past day on r/politics at reddit was this, showing Rick Perry grabbing and confronting Ron Paul during a commercial break.

    There is definitely a very interesting dynamic there, heh.

    • Somebody (Frum?) said that Perry really doesn’t like anyone getting to the right of him.  This could get interesting.  Anybody know if this was televised in Canada – I couldn’t find it?

      • Looks like it is all up on youtube. I can’t bring myself to actually watch any of it, I’m pretty sure I’d find the whole thing depressing.

  2. It will be interesting to see how it plays out to say the least.  I think what made everything worse from how I interpreted it, is that he was fine with forcing the vaccinations.  Even ignoring the alleged financial gain or reasons behind the move that raises my eyebrow.  To even make that worse was insinuating he would use executive orders for the greater good of saving lives again.  That is too close to ends justify the means approach for me to ever consider Perry.

  3. Meanwhile Lincoln, Roosevelt and Eisenhower are pinwheeling in their graves at the disaster the Repubs have become.

  4. Ron Paul destroyed Gardisil Rick.

  5. rick perry is an anti-constitutionalist like the rest claiming to be grass roots conservative

    RON PAUL 2012 – Obey the Constitution – END THE FED

  6. God bless him but I don’t think Ron Paul will trouble anyone because he is a kook and people don’t take him seriously except his followers. 

    Perry was his own worst enemy last night, much more so than Paul was, and Paul will not bother rest of Repubs while he continues to talk about US Government building fence to keep Americans in. 

    Rasmussen Reports – September 2010:

    Wisconsin Republican Senate candidate Ron Johnson made waves with his recent description of the Social Security system as a Ponzi scheme, but new Rasmussen Reports polling finds that just 27% of Likely U.S. Voters agree with him.

    A nationwide telephone survey shows that 36% disagree and don’t believe Social Security is a Ponzi scheme.However, a plurality of 37% aren’t sure.

    It is likely that many are not sure what a Ponzi scheme is.

    • Many of the great intellectuals of their time were called Kooks and Crazy.  It was only years after their death that they became genius’.

      I think this is what is happening to Ron Paul.  He holds these “radical” views that shock people who have been accustomed to “more, more, more” from government.

      The reality is a good many people actually agree with Ron Paul and if given a chance to listen to his reasoning, most people do not find him kooky at all.  The ones calling him kooky have a vested interest against him or just don’t understand his positions.

      • Pretty much the entire planet has a vested interest against the likes of Paul & Perry running a large, powerful country.

  7. Ricky Perry is part of the Neocon Machine 
    Ricky Perry is part of the Neocon Monster

    heart of darkness

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