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Ring Out the Old Year, Ring In the New, Ring-a-Ding-Ding


Do you have favourite movie and/or TV scenes involving New Year’s Eve or Day? This is the one that always comes to mind, if only because of the line quoted above and because of the much-imitated moment where the bad guy joins in the “Auld Lang Syne” singing, only to turn back to where Shirley MacLaine was sitting and find her gone. Take that, charming but heartless boss!

Anyway, happy 2011 — or, as it’s more commonly known in TV blogging, the 50th anniversary of  the year Mad Men skipped over — and let’s hope the new year is better for us than it turned out to be for Fred MacMurray. We can’t console ourselves with our flubber-powered cars like he can.


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Ring Out the Old Year, Ring In the New, Ring-a-Ding-Ding

  1. Hard to think of shows doing a New Years Theme episode. The final episode of the year is almost always Christmas based. However, Friends did a couple. The S1 one was probably among the best known episodes it did.

    • There were a few New Year's episodes in 1999 largely because of the Y2K excitement. For obvious reasons they're not well-remembered today.

      • Including that of "King of the Hill."

        • Right. A few episodes later they actually had a callback where Dale sadly admits that Y2K didn't cause the breakdown of society he was hoping for. It's possibly the most dated moment in the whole series (that or the episode about MySpace).

      • Wasn't a New Years Episode persay, but Sports Night did a great Y2K Episode IIRC, with Jeremy causing the power to go out.

  2. Not only a great scene script-wise and acting-wise (and otherwise-wise), but the bit in the restaurant was beautifully shot by Joseph LaShelle. Amazsing to think that just a year or two earlier, he also shot I WAS A TEENAGE WEREWOLF (which, if you see it in a decent print, is also a good-looking film–just arrange to use the bathroom during the musical number)..