Rob Ford: Crack is Wack -

Rob Ford: Crack is Wack


The other day I compared Rob Ford to Snookie (inebriated, tawny), the Polkaroo (absent) and the Penguin (evil).  Today I am at a loss.

If we are to believe the mayor’s statement at City Hall this afternoon, he has been libelled from  the start by that pinko rag, the Toronto Star.

“I do not use crack cocaine,” Ford told a throng of reporters. “Nor am I an addict of crack.”

He continued: “It is most unfortunate, very unfortunate, that my colleagues and the great people of this city have been exposed to the fact that I have been judged by the media without any evidence.”

Very unfortunate, indeed. Maybe we’ll never see the nefarious iPhone video that allegedly shows Rob Ford smoking crack cocaine and slandering Justin Trudeau.

Gawker editor John Cooke says he’s lost contact with the owner of the video. Perhaps it no longer exists.

Some questions out of the news conference: Why did Ford deny the allegations so defiantly after a week of deafening silence? Why did he look so pleased — almost giddy with righteous indignation? And why was he so very cheeky? (As my colleague reports, Ford bid reporters farewell with a hearty “toodle-oo!”)

With no video to purchase, perhaps Gawker will have to donate its crackstarter contributions to a worthier cause. It, like all media on this story, will have to start from scratch. No video, no flighty Ford–ducking everyone and everything– no story.

As my girlfriend Ella said after watching the press conference—echoing, I suspect, the “great people” of Toronto, “He’s boring now.”

But tomorrow is another day. Until then, toodle-oo.

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Rob Ford: Crack is Wack

  1. Note the use of the present tense.

    • AND SO the left hand-washing begins. In 2 weeks the left will be in full denial that they ever jump to conclusions, certainly never convicted a man without evidence and this was all Harpers’ fault.

      Reporters in Canada should really hang their heads in shame and look at what they’ve become.

      IT IS NOT FORD who embarrassed Toronto, IT WAS THE LEFT WING MEDIA and unfortunately they will continue to do so for some time to come.

      • ?? I’m not left, and neither is this news report. Or the media for that matter.

        What kind of a nutbar are you that you willingly accept drunks, druggies and clods as leaders?

        Does a tax reduction mean that much to you?

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          • Poor snotty can’t tell the difference between an anonymous drug dealer claiming to have a video, and 3 journalists describing what they’ve seen in a video.

          • poor lenny, you believe that ford was hanging with his homey somalian bros, and making racist remarks about his football team. that’s rich – racist yet hanging out (and arms around) his two black friends. furthermore, its been reported (by our esteemed journalists … gag) that one of the somali dealers was (allegedly non other than) anthony smith, who was gunned down in march (and conveniently couldn’t be charged or contacted). how convenient (and fictitious). furthermore, within 90 seconds, he also manages to touch on several unrelated topics to disparage himself (bashing trudeau, an homophobic comment, and egotistically bragging about himself and associating all his vulgar comments with right wing, aka conservative, politics). and he does all this while his buds video tape it. a 350lb crack addict. as ford said, ridiculous. now don’t misunderstand me, i don’t care a lick about ford. it wouldn’t hurt my feelings if he wasn’t mayor and you guys taxed yourselves to hell (i don’t live in eastern canada). actually, i’d love it and have enjoyed watching your city, and provinces demise. keep up the good work.

          • I believe that 3 journalists from 2 organizations accurately described a video they viewed, which didn’t include describing Ford as a ” crack addict” or “racist” or describe where I live. Nor does the story require you to

            Try a little harder to separate your imagination from what you read.

          • You forgot to add: 3 journalists, with a hatred for Ford and who have written multiple hit-pieces for a very, very tabloid paper that continuously attacks conservative politicians and who have absolutely no proof whatsoever of their statements.

            There, now it is as credible as it is going to get.

          • I’ll await you providing evidence of their “hatred” and past histories of fabrication.

          • Once again a case where lefties demand evidence when it is something they don’t want to believe. However, when it comes to Ford you’ll believe anything negative written about him with no evidence.

            You are a hyprocrite!

          • Perhaps Justin should stop being a separatist…………

            “OTTAWA — The scandal-plagued Senate has a cheerleader in Justin Trudeau after the Liberal leader said he wouldn’t abolish the chamber because it’s to Quebec’s gain over other provinces to keep the lights on.

            “We have 24 senators from Quebec and there are just six from Alberta and British Columbia. It’s to our advantage,” he [Justin Trudeau] told a French newspaper.” on Saturday May 25, 2013

          • It is interesting how he avoids making these kind of comments in the english media- – wonder why that is?

            This twit would have us ensnared into another break-up crisis within 6 months of taking office and completely kill the economy within 12.

            Yet, the left can’t get enough of him…all due to his Daddy’s name but they just can’t admit that. Give him a chance they say, he’s got potential although absolutely nothing else in his background indicates that. They will grasp at this flimsy straw of the trudeau name as 100% evidence of a grand and glorious future.

            It is very handy that Ford has come along to distract them from their own stupidity and rather handy of the media to continue keeping them distracted. I mean, it is clear that the left draw conclusions out of nothing, they do so for trudeau and also for Ford – so at least in this sense they are consistent.

            The left are also hyprocrites as well, as the conlcusions the left draws are also fully based on which side of the spectrum their target comes from.

            So, in the end the left is consistently wrong and hypocritical.

          • Justin Trudeau does not yet understand fully that he is a leader of a FEDERAL party.

            But Canadians are catching on. Soon they will see who the real Justin is. bit by bit coming out of his own mouth.

        • Your statement is just plain wrong, the answer to your question is irrelevant as I never said that, and I don’t live anywhere near Toronto and couldn’t give a rats a#$ about tax breaks there.

          The left and LEFTIST MEDIA is already preparing to jump ship on this, no surprise really as this is standard practice.

          Throw sh#$, throw some more, if nothing sticks go to a new pile of sh$% and try again. The linkage to reality is usually very weak, if at all, but this doesn’t matter. Leftists are nothing if not hypocrites as for them the ends ALWAYS justifies the means.

          • The media isn’t ‘left’ and neither am I. In fact, you don’t appear to even know what ‘left’ is.

            Canadians always complain about our crappy politicians, but are happy to support crud, like Ford.

            You get what you vote for

          • If you truly believe the media isn’t left then you haven’t been actually bothering to read it. Not that I blame you, but even a simply statistical review of attack headlines on left or right wing parties in Canada would very quickly reveal their bias.

          • The media tends to support the party in power…..unless and until they really overdo it.

            You see what you want to see.

          • For sure, we certainly see the media supporting the conservatives when in power, I mean – look total control of the press by Harper!!!

          • The media has certainly been supporting the gov all this time….through outright lies about people, the trashing of Dion, the entire nonsense and anti-democracy of proroguing/coalition…..and suppressing of science ought to have produced flaming headlines all across the country…..but didn’t.

            Finally they are actually criticising…..over the senate, of all things. An irrelevancy if ever there was one. Maybe it’s because one of their own is involved. The media was certainly keen the other day to protect their own salaries…..askthe public to help.

            So leftist? Hah!

          • I stopped at “The media isn’t ‘left’…”, I mean if you can’t even see the sky is blue then …..

  2. “Why did Ford deny the allegations so defiantly after a week of deafening silence?”

    Could it be because he didn’t deny anything? “I do not use crack cocaine”. Did he say he didn’t? Did he say there’s no way there’s a video of him doing it? Did he deny a video could exist? That he never hung out with crack dealers? That such a video was preposterous and couldn’t exist? No.

    He stuck SO obviously in the present tense that I find it absolutely astonishing only the Gawker editor seems to have instantly picked up on it. While discussing it with a Canadian reporter and making that point you could hear the brief moments of silence by the Canadian report like he had trouble understanding the logic. The American press must be thinking our press is a bunch of rubes by this point. As it stands as of Friday night:

    Banally report Rob’s conference.

    Do NOT, under any circumstances, dissect the language used! If you dare, do it only i brief passing, like it might have only been a mistake to not be clear…again.

    Use headlines like “FORD VEHEMENTLY DENIES CRACK ALLEGATIONS” while ignoring he doesn’t deny doing crack nor deny a video could exist, hanging out with crack dealers, or anything of the sort. Finally, allow him to blame the story on The Star when an American site, Gawker, broke the story, and walk away without answering any questions.

    American politicians must be looking at this and thinking “If he gets away with this, wow, man, I wish I worked in Canada! Hey, did you hear how their Senate works?”

  3. Oh, Emma was given a kick at the can! How long had she have to wait for that? Until the other reporters lost interest now that the story seems to run out of steam?

    Or will Emma but put front and center again when Ford comes back to haunt the members of the media?

    Emma will be up for the job. She may have her best friend, cocaine, to help her out when the going gets tough, not?

    • I think I speak for everyone when I say… zuh?

      • Or zah?

        • Meh.

          • Harper babababababababad! :)

          • Perhaps Macleans should start covering Canadian news!

            “OTTAWA — The scandal-plagued Senate has a cheerleader in Justin Trudeau after the Liberal leader said he wouldn’t abolish the chamber because it’s to Quebec’s gain over other provinces to keep the lights on.

            “We have 24 senators from Quebec and there are just six from Alberta and British Columbia. It’s to our advantage,” he told a French newspaper.” Spoke on Saturday May 25, 2013.

    • I doubt they even care. TO is not that important as TO would have us believe

  4. I suppose somebody’s wearing cement shoes right now…

    • Entirely possible.

    • Probably not that extreme … but it’s entirely possible that
      Paulie Da Nose had a discreet word .. and a phone wound
      up in the lake ..

      • Ahh, the Canadian cultural influence….more polite

  5. Congrats to Rob Ford on quitting crack!

    • When are you going to quit crack, hell if Ford can do it then so can you!

  6. Little Robbie Ford,
    Is quite a funny fellow,
    He found that smoking crack,
    Made him feel real mellow.

  7. I guess he bought the video.

    Does anyone know where I can find that Rob Ford / Star Trek Into Darkness image? That was great.

  8. I am a very proud Canadian, but this issue is making me ashamed. Not at Rob Ford but at the media. In Canada, we are a free nation where everyone has the right of being innocent until proven guilty. Suddenly for the media, a drug dealer’s words are considered absolute truths and Ford, regardless of if he is guilty or not of these allegations, is judged and bullied by the media. I have always fought against bullying at schools but suddenly, the media is publicly bullying Ford and telling our kids that it is OK to judge and make fun of others. In his term at office, the media has made fun of his losing weight, accused him of countless unproven allegations, and try time and time again to portray him in a negative light. Please, media, stop this absurd bullying that is teaching our students to pick on others and to make fun of them.

    • So you you think reporters should trust a compulsive liar like Rob Ford instead of their, y’know, EYES?

      • or better yet, drug dealers??

        • No, obviously we shouldn’t trust Doug Ford.
          What 3 journalists have seen with their own eyes is obviously more credible.

          • There are ‘journalists’ out there that believe:
            -the queen is an alien
            -the twin towers were blown up by the CIA
            -the moon landings were faked
            -the Bushes control the world

            When you put your trust in such as these don’t be surprised when it turns out to be a scam, as it currently is!

            How many here won’t trust Ford because of his track record, but yet would gladly pass control of the gov’t to Justin Turdeau, a separatist twit with absolutely no leadership track record and a really, really flitty actual track record.

            It is clear to me that the left implicitly trusts anyone who spews what they want to believe.

          • None of whom write such stories for the Globe or The Star.
            You’ll have to try a little harder than that.

          • Excuse me, I didn’t reach into the bottom of the pit to include star reporter’s beliefs on that list, I thought I’d keep it more classy!

          • Actually two journalists who can’t stand Ford and the third is a gossip blogger. Not exactly a stellar lot. The Star has gone out of its way to try and slag the Ford brothers. That in itself has made the whole story suspect. I guess it realized it was getting a black eye and turned to the G&M to take up the slack only to have that story fizzle as well. We know who the MSM works for and it isn’t us.