Rob Ford Forever -

Rob Ford Forever


On the eve of the Ford ruling, Daniel Dale warned in the Toronto Star that a court decision ending Rob Ford’s “unlikely mayoralty” would launch Toronto into “unprecedented uncertainty.” Instead, today’s ruling launched Toronto’s government into something else: at least two more years of Rob Ford.

In the words of the law:

“In light of our conclusion that Decision CC 52.1 was a nullity because of the nature of the financial sanction it imposed, the appellant has not contravened s. 5(1) of the MCIA. Therefore, the appeal is allowed, the judgment of the application judge is set aside and the application under the MCIA is dismissed.”

In English: Victory, thy name is Rob Ford.

(Or as one of my online stalkers used to write me three times a day until HR blocked him from our email list: ALL HAIL KING FORD.)

Bikers beware (not the cool kind): From mayor to ex-mayor to temporary mayor to official mayor once more: Ford Nation lives on.

Mayor Ford appeared at a city hall press conference to thank his family and the supporters who stood by him in “restaurants and gas stations.” I sat at Ford’s feet-—at least a few feet away—as he spoke about his newfound humility:

“This has been a very, very humbling experience. I have an enormous respect for the judicial system and I’m very, very thankful for the decision it made today.”

“We have spent the last two years doing exactly what we said we will do. Over the next two years, we will focus on getting the rest of the job done.”

Translation: METRO BOWL CHAMPIONS 2014-15

A reporter asked Ford if he’d learned from the experience. He said something to the effect of, yes, I’ve learned how many supporters I have–some of whom didn’t even vote for me. Other questions were answered like this: “You know, gotta stay focused.” The eloquence of Roberto Luongo and the humility of Lance Armstrong. Who could ask for more from a mayor?

Of course, this is only the beginning. Ford ensured everyone he’d win his second term; he alluded to “the next six years.” I’m pulling for 60.  (I have a lot to thank him for.)

In the end, as in his favourite pastime, it could be said Ford got off on a technicality. The court ruled  City Council out of bounds in its request that the mayor reimburse his football donors. So not a vindication but a “nullity,” the judicial version of  “we can’t call you a cheater because the game you were playing didn’t count.” The mayor’s critics can take solace in the fact Ford wasn’t deemed virtuous. He can’t say definitively, no matter how deeply he may believe it, they were wrong and I was right. And now, he may never have to.

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Rob Ford Forever

  1. Everyone says Ford got off on a technicality. But wasn’t Ruby’s whole case based on another technicality in itself?

    • “Ruby’s whole case” is better thought of as a small transgression which is still illustrative of an important concept – you can’t vote on a matter when you have a financial interest – in this case, a clear and direct interest. There might be more sympathy had it not occurred to anyone that a conflict of interest arose, but it’s clear it was brought up and he just barrelled on through.

      Still others are baffled by his behaviour leading up to the vote. He clearly solicited funds in a manner which breached the code of conduct. he got a remedy that’s barely a slap on the wrist (pay back the money, dude), which he brazenly ignored even though everyone at the time thought it was a validly imposed penalty. In fact it was a good penalty, it just wasn’t on the list of penalties the commissioner could give. A sane person would have paid the 3K, figured lesson learned, and move on. Hopefully it isn’t to late for the commissioner to impose a penalty within their authority, and hopefully Ford learns his lesson.

      • The whole motion was to embarrass Ford politically, $3K was no amount that could hurt him financially. Ford didn’t speak up to save $3K out of financial interes, he spoke up to defend his honor. So I suppose the law requires him to sit in his seat as they slag him on the floor. The “spirit” of the law is to prevent politicians from making money of council decisions, liking voting to approve a request from a company they have stock in.
        Ruby’s case revolved around the letter of the law rather than the spirit of the law. The justices saw through it. And they made the right decision.

        That Toronto may have chosen poorly is another issue. Ousting him through the courts rather than the ballot box is far dirtier than what Ford has done. One day, someone from the right will respond in kind on a nefarious issue. Then me become a banana republic with electoral victors suing their predecessors in an endless vicious cycle. Great thinking Ruby.

        • Now I feel regret responding to yoru post honestly – you are a partisan intent on spewing bafflegab. Save your unwarranted conclusions and baseless assumptions fro people with as little honour as Ford, you contempible pile of garbage.

          • So in other words, you have no rebuttal. That’s what I thought.

        • Isn’t that funny. On one hand, you claim this court case shouldn’t have happened because Ford broke the letter of the law, but not the spirit of the law. On the other hand, when Ford is acquitted on a technicality (ie. the letter of the law), you claim that he’s vindicated.

          Also, yesterday Ford proclaimed his faith in the courts. Given fair courts and equally-good representation on both sides, it’s simply not possible to “oust” a politician from office in the absence of wrongdoing. This is perhaps the stupidest talking point in the history of municipal politics.

      • It was a stupid penalty designed to embarass Ford and it was outside of the law.

        All that those left-wing, juvenile brained jackasses needed to do was stop the 3500 bucks out of his pay. But oh no, that’s not good enough when you “hate’ the guy.

        And weren’t they in an NDP feeding frenzy. Even that newly crooked-mouthed Chow got herself lined up for the “kill”. What a joke!

        • So, docking his pay $3500 would have been fine, but asking him to write a cheque for $3500 is a juvenile joke?

          THERE’s a technicality, lol.

    • The whole case was a bloody joke from the beginning. That the Toronto left-wing loons would actually try to oust the mayor because of fund raising for under privileged children says a lot more about them than it does about the mayor. But those same people also probably believe that charities should be outlawed because the government should be doing their work. And these people wonder why Ford gets elected.

      • The whole “all he was doing was raising money for charity” bit is a total canard. Politicians soliciting money for their favourite charities from lobbyists and contractors who do business with their government is so obviously wrong that I don’t even know where to start. I’d argue that it’s even WORSE if the charity in question is not only not a registered charity, but is also named after the politician soliciting the donations (as is the case with the “Rob Ford Football Foundation”). Worse still if the fundraising letters are produced by workers who are on the taxpayer’s dime, using publicly purchased supplies.

        Imagine for a moment how you’d feel if Barak Obama were found to be soliciting donations to the ACLU, from Halliburton, in letters on “Office of the President United States” letterhead typed up by White House staff? Or if Dalton McGuinty used provincial employees to write letters soliciting donations to his favourite charity on “Office of the Premier” letterhead, mailed to a company lobbying to replace Ornge as the province’s air ambulance provider. I have a hard time believing that you wouldn’t go ballistic. Now imagine how you’d feel if the charity in question was the “Dalton McGuinty Performing Arts Fund”, and it wasn’t a registered charity. Now imagine how it would look in the context of Dalton McGunity having promised during the last election to stop volunteering with his performing arts charity if elected, in order to focus on his job as Premier, yet post-election he was still skipping out on Cabinet meetings to conduct rehearsals of his children’s choir. And what if he had just HAPPENED to hire a former conductor of the TSO to his office staff, and said conductor then started mysteriously appearing at rehearsals of his charity’s concert band? I highly doubt you’d be arguing that there was nothing wrong with McGunity’s laudable work on behalf of underprivileged children.

    • Rubys whole case was based on a progressive witchhunt

  2. I don’t understand how Toronto our largest city, home to an international film festival, and the finest university in the country, and being a place that wants to be considered world-class….keeps electing morons.

    • Just keep going Emily, you are getting close.

      • I have no idea what that means.

    • It’s easy to understand. You (Toronto collectively) are not willing to pay taxes (relative to the burbs) to cover your spending habits. So if you don’t want to default and you don’t want your taxes to be reasonable, your only acceptable option is to cut spending. Ford campaigned on that option when nobody else did. Voila!

      • Well, I live 4 hours away from Toronto….however their finances are fine.

        A municipality’s finances HAVE to be fine….by law.

        Any fool can cut…..that doesn’t mean things are run properly

        What such a ‘promise’ does, is pander to people who don’t want something….even though others do. For example if you don’t want a hockey rink…..nobody can have one. Morons

        • Thanks Emily, didn’t know they had this sort of stuff in there. Way to go!
          Ontario Municipal Act, 2001, s.o. 2001, c.25

          228(1) The Municipality shall appoint a Treasurer whose duty it is:
          (a) To ensure that the finances are fine.
          (b) To further ensure that no morons get a hockey rink.

    • Just for curiosity’s sake: exactly which university in Toronto is “the finest in the country”? And please, try to answer the question without using the word “morons” yet another time.

        • Give us a break. That bloody ranking is like the “Order of Canada.” Nothing but a pack of left wing wackos hanging gongs on themselves.

          You can receive a medical degree from that dump and you don’t even need to speak English.

          UofT is a joke, I’m surprised York didn’t come in 1st.

          • Now I’m curious. Your list of the best universities in Canada would include…?

          • Well you’re the historically famous “Butcher of Omdurman” let’s have a look at your list.

          • Yup. There’s the type of reasoned reply to a polite question that I’ve come to expect from ChuckyGotcha.

          • That’s got to be the first time that Preston Manning and Ralph Klein have been called left wing wackos.

          • Well I’ve not had any discussions with Parson Manning, son of “Social Credit” Premier Ernest Manning but I have had a few with a fully innebriated Ralph Kline over at the St. Louis Hotel and I can assure you that the fact of these characters being “social” and “progressive” speaks for itself.

            The only thing new in the world “kitchy” is the history you don’t know.

        • To be fair, McGill was 18th to U of T’s 19th in the QS University Rankings this year, and third behind McGill and UBC in the Macleans rankings, so perhaps “one of the” finest universities in the country would be more accurate, as it is at least a somewhat subjective analysis.

          • Or perhaps you could just go with the globally accepted list.

          • I’m pretty sure that there’s no such thing as a “globally accepted list” of anything.

            Of course, you’re free to argue that U of T and only U of T is THE finest university in the country, and that this is (or at least should be) universally and unambiguously acknowledged, rather than simply accept that it’s ONE OF the finest universities in the country, if you really think that said slight prevarication is just giving too much ground. Personally, I think that’s just being silly though.

          • You’re sure of a lot of things that just aren’t true.

          • :-)

            Always. Always I fall down this rabbit hole.

            Maybe I’ll learn to stop now that there are two rabbits.

          • No, that’s your ‘Drink Me’ bottle

            Either that or your’re dreaming again. LOL

            See, it’s not that I go off the rails….it’s that you don’t understand what is being said or done in the world

          • Maybe Chucky is Emily’s alter ego, that she brings out when no one will engage with her.

          • You’re the globalist Emily. Many many folks don’t give a sweet feck about any list conjured up by “globalists.”

      • It’s called the university of Toronto

    • You’re talking about all the Liberals they elect, right?

      • LOL if you think Ford’s a Liberal, I have this ocean-front property in Alberta……

        • WOOF. There’s a large difference between genuine “Classical Liberals” and communist dirt balls calling themselves liberals. Fine examples of this are Pearson and Trudeau and Chretien and Princess Ignatieff.

          You wouldn’t know about it because it’s not something Wikipedia likes to talk about.

          PS – I thought you gave all your ocean front property back to Chief Spence in the belief that “we” stole it from the FN Aborigs.

    • I also ask myself the same question as they keep voting for the Libs.

    • The entertainment value of it possibly. That or to help them get over not having an NHL caliber hockey team.
      Seriously though, in general too few follow the details and allow bombast campaigns to sway them.

      • Ford as a substitute for the Leafs? LOL Possibly.

        Yeah, ‘reduce taxes’ sounds wonderful….until everybody shows up to protest every cut. It’s just voting slogans, nobody thinks about it.

        I just wish they’d get some decent candidates to choose from.

        You can’t have a smart city with a stupid leader.

    • Last Sunday on his weekly radio show Mayor Ford had a lengthy discussion with Graham Henderson of Music Canada about the importance of the Arts and Arts Funding to Toronto. About the large number of good jobs the Arts bring to the City

      The week before he spoke similarly with Claire Hopkinson of the Toronto Arts Council.

      Until just last fall I, along with everyone else, was bombarded constantly by “morons” like you screaming “hate” about Rob Ford, a very decent fellow taking time out of his busy life to coach a football team made up of young men who don’t have the advantages he was given while growing up.

      So, when I heard about his Sunday program on Radio AM 1010 I decided to listen in and that’s when I got the real story about the guy and his vision of what he thinks Toronto should be, and can be, with the many resources it has available to it.

      I learned that he’s not a dumb bell, that he is articulate, that he’s knowledgeable and that he’s a damn good radio announcer.

      So go and listen. Run through the archives and learn for yourself what a load of garbage we’ve been given by the loony left about the best Mayor the City has ever had.

    • It sure takes one to know one and you qualify

      • Don’t you old coots have anything better to do than bore other commenters with your nonsense?

        • Maybe you would or could learn something by listening to others. Can’t expect you to do that as you are so sure you have all the answers.

          • I’m commenting on the topic…you are commenting on me. Stop it.

          • Noooooooooooo, LOL there’s no one commenting on you because no one would know YOU if they tripped over YOU.

            And no one would care to know YOU.

            People comment only on your stupid, uninformed, deflective statements.

          • Go talk to Kinsella….he’s looking for you

          • 2.55pm and Rob Ford on AM 1010 is hoping to close down sole-source contracting at the City

            Your comments on the Mayor leave you looking like an idiot.

        • At the moment it’s 2.00pm Sunday and Rob Ford at am1010 is having a telephone conversation with a large newstand operator about the Newstand contract for the subways.

          The contract recently came up for renewal and Byford wanted it put out for tender. Stintz over ruled Byford and sole sourced the existing contract without looking at alternatives. It’s a $50 million contract, the guy on the phone would have bid it 10% less.

          Ford is the best mayor the city has ever had and he’s not happy about the TTC walking away from 5 million bucks…

  3. As part of Rob Ford’s re-set perhaps he could (on a smaller scale of course) follow the example of Mayor Bloomberg of New York and donate generously to th world class University in his city. New York’s mayor has donated hundreds of millions to John Hopkins but if Toronto’s mayor followed suit with hundred’s of thousands (of his own money – not solicited from others using city resources) that would really convince people that he has decided to follow a new course.

  4. Havent that so much fun since the Rodney Dangerfield character put the snotty golf club members in their place in Caddyshack.-brm