Rob Ford is back in business, for now -

Rob Ford is back in business, for now

Emma Teitel on three tests and the stay


Chris Young/CP

It was like an ancient parable. Toronto mayor Rob Ford (yes, he’s still mayor) had to pass three tests to win a stay and remain in power— until a judgment is made on his Jan. 7 appeal.

In order to win the stay Ford’s legal team had to prove that:

1. The case involves a serious question to be tried at appeal.

2. Refusing to grant the stay would cause Ford “irreparable harm.”

3. It is in the public’s best interest to do so.

“We have an elected official and we want to maintain the status quo so that the democratic way is maintained,” said Ford’s lawyer, Alan Lenczner, who looks and sounds a lot like Ron Paul.

Paul Madger’s lawyer, Clayton Ruby–the man responsible for the “Rob Ford did this to Rob Ford” axiom–didn’t say much at all,  because he too was in favour of the stay. In a press release issued yesterday he is quoted saying that he and Madger “are agreeing to this stay to give the city of Toronto a measure of stability, something that has been wholly absent during Mr. Ford’s term in office.” In other words, the best antidote to Ford-induced instability is more Ford. Makes perfect sense…

Ruby said that the third test–the public interest one– is the “most important.” He’s right. By-elections are expensive, and really, who cares what’s in Rob Ford’s best interest (test number two) when Rob Ford doesn’t even care what’s in Rob Ford’s best interest. Lucky for him, somebody does. Not just Don Cherry, but the judge presiding over today’s case:

Superior Court Justice Gladys Pardu declared that Ford’s case passed all three tests–yes, even number two (Ford “would suffer irreparable harm” were the stay not granted, she said).

She broke the news after a 30-minute recess. “There are serious issues to be determined in the appeal,” she said. “This is an appropriate case for a stay.”

It wouldn’t be a Rob Ford hearing, however, without a cycling activist.

Bob Brent, a Toronto-based “cycling and public transportation advocate” was sitting on the same bench as me. “I came as an observer,” he said. “He’s [Ford’s] come out with bozo bike statements, he has a real simple view of the world…he’s plunged the city into dysfunction.” Brent believes the court granted the stay partially because it “doesn’t want to be perceived as activist.” He hopes that Toronto’s next mayor will be “a collaborative mayor, like a Mel Lastman.”

Ford wasn’t in court today. But he looked relieved talking to reporters outside City Hall. “I’m very pleased with today’s decision,” he said.  “And I can’t wait for the appeal, and I’m going to carry on doing what the people elected me to do.”

And invariably, what they didn’t.




Rob Ford is back in business, for now

  1. “And for the for the third question: What is the capital of Assyria?”

  2. I wish Rob Ford would just go away quietly.

  3. What a joke Toronto is. The mayors they’ve had in office are ridiculous. Ford is like a Frank Herbert character only less intelligent.
    Rules that should be set in place (or just basic standards):
    1: possible political candidates should never be guilty of drug offenses.
    2: possible political candidates should not have DUI records.
    3: possible political candidates should never be guilty and charged with domestic violence!
    4: possible political candidates should never weigh over 160lbs if female and 230 if male and under 5’11”

    • LOL

      Wow, that last one’s going to disqualify an awful lot of Canadians from ever running for political office.

  4. I thought the article was a little snarky, and not really in favour of Mayor Ford retaining his seat. This whole issue is a gross miscarriage of justice. Imagine one person allowed to negate the vote of tens of thousands and it almost came to pass. We are turning ourselves inside out with the rights of a few vs the majority. Time to stop the charade and give him back his full endorsed position. The place to change the venue is through the ballot box.

    • I’m pretty confident that Ford’s appeal is going to fail, so you might do well to start preparing yourself for the fact that what “almost came to pass” is still likely going to come to pass.

    • That one person was Rob Ford. Why should he have the “right” to violate rules and laws he doesn’t like? He should be a major disappointment to the people who voted for him. He violated their trust with his antics and lies.

  5. Another yahoo…..