Robin Hood, enemy of Fox News?

Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchett talk about rearming, and updating, a medieval legend


They must have had a deal worked out. In the absence of Robin Hood director Ridley Scott, who was a no show in Cannes because of knee surgery, Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchett were left holding the fort, explaining his movie for him at the press conference before the opening night premiere. The deal, by the sound of it, is that Crowe would do the explaining and Blanchett would play the movie star, looking dreamy (as always), and lightly flirting with her co-star. Crowe, a producer on the film, took charge, elaborating detail about the movie’s “version of history”—  how “indolent egotist,” King John, is pressured into signing the first draft of the Magna Carta “and that to me is the fertile ground where a resistance fighter and rebel hero could rise up and apply that pressure. . .”

“With the love of a good woman,” Blanchett chips in.

Then Crowe made a crack about what trees in the forest are good for.

There were inevitable questions about retro-fitting the Robin Hood legend with politically correct contemporary references, notably an impassioned speech by Robin to Richard the Lionheart decrying a massacre of innocent Muslims by the crusaders. That made Crowe bristle, accusing the questioner of “making a grand assumption that people then had no empathy.” Touché. He went on to say that “there’s an element of Robin Hood lying in the heart of all of us.”

Then, asked what Robin Hood would be doing today, he said: “I’ve been asked this question a lot. Would Robin Hood’s aim be political? Would it be economic? Would he be looking at Wall Street and the huge sums of money that people would be patting themselves on the back with, and the sub-prime mortgage collapse and all that? Or would he be looking what you guys are do for a living and realize that the truth wealth lies in the dissemination of information. My theory would be, if RH was alive today, that he would be looking at the monopolization of media as the greatest enemy.”

Well, doesn’t that sound like fun—firing flaming arrows at Fox News.

Crowe said the history was just a point of entry. “You have to do enough – just enough accurate history to pique people’s curiosity,” he says. “The main shift that we made, if you want a revolutionary shift, is Richard the Lionheart rides in and we kill him in the first scene. That signals to anyone who’s a fan of previous Robin Hoods that it’s a different game.”

And later, when pushed about the ratio of historical fact to fiction, Russell basically threw in the towel: “Apart from the year and a couple of names, we made it all up.”
As for the prospect of a franchise, and a long-term commitment by him and Blanchett—that was my question to both of them—Crowe said, “Obviously there’s a bigger story to be told. There’s no grand planning. But if we do get the opportunity to do it again, with Ridley and Cate. . . I think the cool thing about the relationship between Robin and Marian is that there’s a very adult moment there. They come to each other slowly. And we still haven’t seen the love scene in the forest, the dappled light coming through the trees. . .”

Blanchett’s retort was drowned out by laughter. When I asked her about how far she would like to this merry woodland romance, she played coy: “I haven’t been asked.”


Robin Hood, enemy of Fox News?

  1. Yeah, where does Fox News enter the equation? It is a relatively new upstart organization operating in a country which, compared to Canada, has a great deal of competition. In contrast, Canada has the highest media concentration in the entire world, with only a handful of companies dominating media such as Bell and Maclean's owners Roge<—————CARRIER DROPPED————————>

  2. Quiet Republican fools. Fox, the Republican backed smear service which is sad, what happened to real news? Sensationalism will eventually be replaced by real news once again. Can you see Cronkite and the boys playing these silly assed games? Beck, Limbaugh and the rest of the Fox Republican idiots, just like the fools running this country will eventually and hopefully be removed from their extremely tarnished plastic and tin towers. This next election I believe will show promise finally. Thieves and liars have to be removed from office and governmental control must be handed back to THE PEOPLE. at th rate we're going in this country will be another classic example of the fall of the Roman Empire. Look to the Gulf and the mess that's been caused there. Much like oil, big pharma, auto manufacturing,etc., there are no checks and balances. We are being killed and made sick by the food we eat and the drugs we are fed like guinea pigs and exorbitant prices. We are finally trying to make a decent car, but maybe too late. Oil drilling rigs should be totally redundant. Yhis country ios a total mess and it IS NOT A REPUBLICAN OR DEMOCRATIC PROBLEM, it is our corrupt politicians and offices, in a local state and federal level and it's time all this has been halted and let's get back to being America again not the laughing stock of the world being persecuted and ridiculed by our enemies.

    • Everybody is busy asking,what this has to do with Fiox News since we read the article,you clearly did not.Please read the article.Idiot.

  3. Is the entire Hollywood community as brain dead as this low life Australian. Isn't he the class act that trashed a hotel room? Personally, I've seen enough Robin Hood movies in my life. In the ad he looks miserable (or is that, tough?) A far, undesireable cry from Erroll Flynn. Dishonest poeple like this clown are gonna cause a race, or religious, war one of these days.

  4. I don't quite see how Fox is the poster child of monopolies. While there are many criticism one can make of the Murdoch empire the reality remains that much of it has been built from scratch. For good or ill it adds to the diversity of the media.

  5. I read a lot of drible here. I don't know if it is because I live in Canada or if it's because we don't mix politics with our movies (thanks Hollywood for your great movies) but if you were ever a man here is how it goes, protect your country, protect your family, and above all be a man. Seems simple so have someone represent the man factor like Russel Crow and by the way my old man was older and could kick anybody's butt at 70 (he told me so) so what's the deal. I still think Stallone kicks butt. The point is that it's not the age but what we feel is the appropriate role model of our generation. Russel Crowe fits the model well. Stop crying, come to Canada at 50 below with tights and a few arrows and see who's still merry.

  6. "monopolization of the media"…. sounds like he's talking about ALL media. not just whatever media group YOU happen to dislike. pretty small-minded of you to think, oh , he couldn't possible be talking about ME, could he? i'm part of the the GOOD media….

    • Good post, right to the point and; I would say absolutely correct as well.

  7. Based on my memories of the Robin Hood Prince of Thieves movie, Robin was the son of a wealthy nobleman.

    So unless the modern day state killed his father and confiscated the family fortune (possible but much less likely than in 13th century England) I imagine Robin would be a rich, spoiled playboy trying to hook up with Paris Hilton on Saturday nights.

  8. This article seems irrelevant from the title down. But I think it's important to place a couple of issues in perspective. The fight of Robin Hood, legend or not, is against the abuse of over-taxation. Robbing the rich, was not as much as to recovering what was so unfairly confiscated by the friends of abusive government.
    About your Fox News comment… well. so I guess I have to fill the blanks with my own interpretation of what you mind is full of, but as that would be too pestilent, let's say that you are trying to tell us that Fox has a monopoly because… they are presenting more news as opposed to just repeating what the government authorizes them to say, like the rest of the MSM with the exception perhaps of Wall Street Journal. Having Beck and Rivera in the same team, make them, Fox look more fairer than the other ones that are actually loosing readeship and viewers to the level of being accused of monopolizing the news. How absurd some editorials can really get!

  9. Fox is the ONLY news.The rest is commie propaganda.Wake up idiots and Learn something.Glenn Beck for Prez,I say.Maybe if Obama and his criminal crew should do a "step 4";we'd get a real leader.Beck has that one covered.Makes me wish he ran for the job.

  10. Just do enough accurate history,enjoins Prof.Crowe.Then ,inject all of your own ideological didstortions and prsent the final product as History with a capital H.This is what Hollywood and people like Crowe do best.

  11. This looks like it was written in five minutes before the deadline hit. Don't you guys do any proofreading?

  12. No kidding, this article has more mistakes than Johnson's mom.

  13. America and its serious news coverage a la Walter Cronkite days are dead.
    Whomever they have allowed monopolization of the airwaves to take place in exchange for $ the almighty, have seriously disserviced their future voting constituentsy. The news is neither relevant or informative. The views are rather narrow.

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