Rockin' out against the man with Jason Kenney -

Rockin’ out against the man with Jason Kenney


I met Lindy at a party in Montreal once.  He was quite tall. And his girlfriend said she was an actor for medical school seminars. Like Kramer in that Seinfeld episode.

Anyway. Lindy now sings songs about Ezra Levant, apparently. He’s quite popular with libertarians. And, as you’ll see at the end of this video, Jason Kenney.


Rockin’ out against the man with Jason Kenney

  1. Maybe Lindy will write his next song about the value of extra-judicial executions.

    • Anon,

      Your comment is _exactly_ backwards. Lindy is singing about our "Human Rights" Commissions, which, like extra-judicial executions, operate in violation of the rule of law. That is, our Human Rights operate on the same principle as extra-judicial executions.

      Lindy is not a conservative (or a Conservative) — he's a libertarian — but he's singing about Ezra's plight because he cares about freedom of expression. You "liberals" are amazingly bigoted.

  2. For the last time, idiots, they didn't prosecute him. They investigated a complaint which went nowhere.

    • Oh Ezruh puah Ezruh they asked you yoah nayem
         Sayid, What you beeun doin' oer theyer?
      So you fixed up ay cross and you brushed back yoah teeahs
         Sayid, Think Ah'll play Jesus aygayn.

    • Oh Ezruh puah Ezruh they asked you yoah nayem
      Sayid, What you beeun doin' oer theyer?
      So you fixed up ay cross and you brushed back yoah teeahs
      Sayid, Think Ah'll play Jesus aygayn.

      • Making fun of Southerners. Thanks for indulging in popular bigotry Jack.

        • Mah pleazuh, suh. But I also make fun of Yankees and all such.

          • And thank you for extending your anti-Southern bigotry to general anti-American bigotry. Any other populist prejudices you wish to ride?

            BTW I'm Canadian, not American and Yankees don't like Southerners and vice versa.

          • Oh, sorry. So what do you care? Are you against mocking people on the basis of their regional accent? Are you that enlightened?

    • That's _very_ misleading, Mike.

      The only reason it didn't get to point of one of their show trials after which Ezra would be fined and censored officially is because of his big fight. Prior to Ezra, "Human Rights" Commissions in this country had a 100% conviction rate. There's no reason to think Ezra would have been any different.

      Moreover, please explain why government has the right to regulate the speech of those who do nothing more than offend. "Human Rights" Commissions do it all the time.

      • You know nothing of Human Rights commissions.

  3. If only Kenney was somehow connected to influential people, or had some kind of relationship to the folks governing our country. The ones who could possibly address potential problems with human rights commissions. Oh well, keep singing it loud from the outside JK – they might listen to ya someday.

    • Yeah, if only the Tories had good principles and if only they stuck to them. Too bad neither is the case…

  4. While this chap is writing tunes about government employees asking people simple questions maybe he can record how I was wronged by having to get a drivers license.

    • If you think freedom of expression matters as much as driving, then yes.

    • The implication of your comment is that if the government restricted speech to only those who met the government-determined qualifications, it would be equivalent to the government demanding drivers' licenses of motorists.

      I guess Freedom of Speech will always be under attack. Not just from above, but from the side as well.

  5. A song about government indoctrination and misinformation – Kenny's modus operandi

      • An adage about the hue of two types of kitchen crockery springs to mind, here.

  6. Wow, not this is a party i am sorely disappointed i missed….. it seems like such good times!!! who says libertarians don't know how to party?

  7. also commies aren't cool for anyone who was wondering.

    • hmmm, i am def over-thinking this, but i am curious when one makes the above comment and gets a thumbs down what is the most likely explanation:

      1) some dirty commie (me say) sees this and doesn't get the sarcasm

      2) kenney and his libertarian hommies are a sensitive touchy

      3) someone thinks i am sullying the joint with bad jokes and not sticking to the srs stuff like the intricacies of wafer-gate

      4) other

      • It's probably 4) other. Some people just mod comments down reflexively, presumably because they're jerks. Not that it matters, because the ratings system is a joke. A truly effective ratings system requires user-moderators. The Slashdot model is an excellent example of a ratings system that works.

        • yeah i don't care about the rating,,,mor just curious abut triggers… i figured making fun of the libertarians was only half as irritating/offensive/'wrong' as half the other stuff i post….

        • What is this Slashdot model you speak of?

    • It is Jason Kenney. I was there.

  8. He's like a talentless, fascist Billy Bragg.

    • Bob Roberts was a long time ago now.

    • If you think opposing the extra-judicial authority of those who flaunt the rule of law is fascist, then yes. (Granted, using extra-judicial authority and flaunting the rule of law is generally considered fascist, but who cares about established political theory when it's so fun to get your parochial bigotry on.)

      Maclean's opposes our "Human Rights" Commissions. I guess, Mike, that means you're reading a fascist magazine.

      • The HRT's are not extrajudicial, they're established in law by Parliament and the provincial legislatures, i.e. by the people.

        • True, they are not extra-judicial in the sense of operating without proper legal authority, but they are in the literal sense of being outside the judicial system — they are not an arm of the courts (as far as I know).

          More importantly, tyranny of the majority is still tyranny.