Romney’s rough week


On our CBC U.S. politics panel this week, Paul Brandus and I agreed that Mitt Romney’s shoot-from-the-hip reaction to the anti-American mobs in the Middle East had not helped him establish an image as a sober foreign policy hand.

A new poll out Monday shows just how bad the damage was. The killing of the U.S. ambassador in Libya was “by far the most closely followed foreign news story of the year,” finds the poll by the Pew Research Center for the People and the Press. Of those who followed the story, nearly half (45%) approved of Obama’s handling of the situation and 36% disapprove. In contrast, only about one quarter (26%) approve of Mitt Romney’s response, and nearly half (48%) disapprove.


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Romney’s rough week

  1. Gallup poll on September 11 (the day of Romney’s comments): Obama 50-43

    Gallup poll on September 18, the first poll that included every day since Romney’s comments: Obama 47-46.

    Yeah, for the math challenged reporters here, that’s a 7 point Obama lead turning into a 1 point lead after Romney’s “tough week”.

    But there’s more! NBC/WSJ poll on Obama’s foreign policy approval: Drop from 54 to 49 overall, 53 to 41 among independents. Disapproval increased from 40 to 46 overall. This was after the administration has been caught in lie after lie about what they knew and when they knew it about Libya, as well as what they had on the ground for security.

    But yeah…sure…Romney had the rough week when it comes to Libya

    You are beyond parody. You can’t go out of business soon enough.

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