ROOKIE BLUE Moves To Toronto... From Toronto -

ROOKIE BLUE Moves To Toronto… From Toronto


ABC has given a second-season renewal to Rookie Blue (further proof that changing the title from “Copper” was a good idea). Unfortunately, the Hollywood Reporter has revised its original item, depriving me of an opportunity to make mild fun of it: when the news first went up, THR said that “production will be moving to Toronto.” They revised it to indicate that the show is filmed in Toronto, and — though restrained about dropping the name of the city — takes place there too.

Someone pointed out that “Rookie Blue” may be less appropriate in a second season, but just because you’re in your second year doesn’t mean you’re no longer a rookie, I think. Cops aren’t athletes. And if it runs longer, they can always introduce new, young and pretty rookies to make the title make sense.

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ROOKIE BLUE Moves To Toronto… From Toronto

  1. I haven't followed the show, but just on the appropriateness of the "Rookie" title, I'd say it's certainly true that just because you're in your second year doesn't mean you're no longer a rookie. However, not having been following the show I also wonder, is it made clear at some point in the first season (presumably towards the end) that the officers have completed their first year on the job? After all, just because a show is in it's second season doesn't mean that the characters are in their second year.

    • Example: The Simpsons, who after 20 years on the air, still haven't aged a day in their lives.

      Either that, or Lisa Simpson is much more stupid than we're all led to believe.

      • I thought of 24 as well. I mean, they ended up doing the whole "it's several years later now, and don't you wish you'd have seen some of the stuff that went down between last season and now" to begin the second season, which I thought was way better, but they could have started season 2 with "…and then the next day…".

    • Very true. In the real policing world you are considered a "piss-kid" (rookie) for at least 3 years of your career until you make it to 1st class (Canadian Cops). On top of thet you don't really become an effective cop until you hit the 7 year mark. You never stop learning on the job. I served for 31 years and was still learning things on my last day on the job. In fact I'm still learning and have been retired 5 years now. So Rookie Blue is still an appropriate title in the second and even third season. There's nothing saying that they can add some new rookies and continue to follow the careers of the original 5.

  2. Also, they didn't change Prison Break to Prison Broke.

  3. Love it! Best Canadian series ever! :)

    • You're talking regular broadcast t.v. right? 'Cause while I haven't followed the show closely, I just can't imagine that it's better than, say, "The Line" or "Durham County".

      And while it may not be fair to compare a drama to a comedy, don't even try to tell me that Rookie Blue is better than Kids in the Hall.