Roy Orbison caption challenge -

Roy Orbison caption challenge

We have a winner!


WINNER DECLARED: For reasons I’m not sure I fully understand yet, gottabesaid made me laugh with “The gift shop was out of Colts Wine-Tipped.” And there were other fine entries from jchianello, Dot and especially madeyoulook, among others. But I’m awarding the prize to LaxAtlDfwYow because that entry made me imagine Harper and Oda singing a duet, and THAT is funny (as are the proposed lyrics).

Well done, all. LaxAtlDfwYow, flip me an email at and I’ll dispatch your prize via the astonishing power of the internets.


Have we had a caption challenge lately? We have not. Have we had a photograph this awesome lately?

We have not.

Kudos to Sean Kilpatrick of Canadian Press for capturing it. And kudos to whomever triumphs in the challenge for best caption, and walks away with the grand prize of $7,098,758 in CIDA funding, payable in four annual installments of jack all. (Real prize: an gift certificate.)

Winner announced Thursday morning. Commence captionizing!

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Roy Orbison caption challenge

  1. I (not) walk the line.

  2. Harper told me not to have a smoke. And I thought to myself, 'Eff him!

  3. I was alright for awhile, I could smile for awhile.

  4. I am (not) inhaling.

  5. "Just running scared… Feeling low…"

  6. "Bieber this? Bieber that? I really don't see how I'm like that kid at all…"

  7. Thank you for NOT smoking.

  8. Smoking minister, don't walk on by
    Smoking minister, you like to lie
    Smoking minister
    I don't believe you, you're "not" the truth
    No one could lie as good as you

  9. "Thou you wished me well
    You wouldn`t tell
    That I`ve been lying over you
    Lying over you
    And you said "so long"
    Left me standing all alone
    Alone and lying, lying, lying, lying "

    • Best one so far!

      • But you should insert "NOT" somewhere in there…

  10. Damn, why isn't Rona here to c*ck block for me like she is in the House.

  11. Security was about to tell her to put out the cigarette, but when they looked back again the sign said Thank You For ^NOT Not Smoking"

  12. "The gift shop was out of Colts Wine-Tipped."

  13. 'You've come a long way, baby'.

  14. "I am (NOT) cry-y-y-y-ing over you"

  15. "Lying" performed by PMSH & Bev

    PMSH: It was all right for a while
    It could be funded for a while

    Bev: but I saw you that night
    You held my pen so tight
    When you stopped you said "Hell No"

    PMSH: you wished me well
    You promised not to tell that
    You'd be lying for me and you,
    Lying and you'd say so long
    Leave Kairos standing all alone,
    Alone and crying, crying, crying, crying
    It's NOT hard to understand

    Bev: but the touch of your hand can start me lying

    PMSH: I thought that it was all over for you
    But it's true, so true
    I cover for you even more than I did before
    But CIDA, what can they do?
    For you cover for me

    Bev: and I'll always be
    Lying for you, Lying for you

    PMSH: yes then when you're gone

    Together: and from this moment on, we'll be Lying, Lying, Lying, Lying
    Yeah, Lying, Lying for you

    • "Bev: but I saw you that night
      You held my pen so tight
      When you stopped you said "Hell No""

      ROFL!!!!! Wonderful!!!!

    • Brilliant! And, naturally, Stevo would accompany on the ole' 88s.

  16. i bury those cockroaches

    • Maybe I picked the wrong Scareface quote…

      <iframe title="YouTube video player" width="480" height="390" src="; frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

  17. The future's so bright I gotta wear shades….

    • Can you caption a picture with a video?

      And then, for more fun, can you caption that video with another picture?

      • I put it forward because if someone can dub in Lax's lyrics… I think we have a hit on our hands.

    • What have you done to our dear k.d.??? Good stuff, lol!!!

  18. I'm just a gangsta I suppose…And I want my corners!

  19. Oooooooh, Oooooooh, (NOT) Pretty Woman!

  20. There's nothing as alluring as a good looking rebel that lives by their own rules

  21. "Nothing like a good smok – DAMN! I should have kept the receipt for these, I've got a pen right here. COuld have put them on my expense account.

  22. "So, I had the memo notarized. Big whoopdie-do!"

    • That deserves so much more than three lousy thumbs up.

  23. Mourner Bev Oda watches as CPC pallbearers carry her career and integrity by.

  24. " Back up to a pack a day,[ cough cough] thanks to those creeps in the pmo.' Just a little grammatical change Oda they said, nothing to worry bout Oda they said. Wont change a thing!'
    Know what i'd like to tie in nots, and it isn't their bleeding shoelaces neither!"

  25. "Only the lonely know the way I feel tonight."

  26. The big payoff for being the PMO's fallgal.

    A life times supply of craven A and a salubrious all weather spot to enjoy them

  27. Cigarette? What cigarette?

    Oh, this cigarette. This is bizarre, because I don't smoke, but I guess I received advice that I should light up, so I approved that advice… No, I have no idea who lit this cigarette.

    OK, so maybe I do smoke, and I suppose I did direct my advisors to light up the cigarette, But I still have no idea who lit this cigarette.

    OK, OK, so maybe I did light this cigarette all by myself, and I told my nanny health-nut advisors to go F themselves when they tut-tutted about the dangers of smoking. Mr. Speaker, if anybody paying any attention to my comments got confused by my remarks, I guess I have to apologize…

    • Ha! Isn't the most succinct, but I vote this for best parody of the situation.

      • You're only saying this because Oda's a woman! Shame the Libs can't show more respect!!!

        • Mike T. Either you are joking, or you are a feminist poof.

  28. Pretty woman, don't not walk on by
    Pretty woman, don't not make me cry
    Pretty woman
    Don't not walk away, hey, okay

    If that's the way it must not be, okay
    I guess I'll go on home, it's late
    There'll be tomorrow night, but wait

    What do I not see?
    Is she not walking back to me?
    Yeah, she's not walking back to me (takes a drag)
    Oh, oh, pretty woman

  29. Integrity? I can take it or leave it.
    A smoke? Some things are non negotiable

    • I'm curious, did you consciously choose not to go with "not negotiable"?

      • Yes I did. As we have seen, "not" can be used to flip something 180 degrees. But a cigarette? While I don't smoke myself, I have watched a neighbour undergoing cancer treatments huddling, out on his porch, hacking back another smoke. Apparently he would rather have a smoke more than anything else in the entire world; no 180 degree turn for him.

        • turning a cigarette 180 degrees is dangerous!

  30. I'm going to enter this caption contest.


  31. Roy Orbison? What did that sweet-voiced man do to incur such comparions?

    I thought it was a photo of one of the Beagle Boys.

  32. Sorry, not Roy Orbison, but The Kinks (what good ole "Stevie" must be thinking right now!):

    Girl, you really got me goin
    You got me so I don't know what Im doin
    Yeah, you really got me now
    You got me so I can't sleep at night


  33. That damned Rona, hogging my spotlight today! I've been practicing my icy stare and PMO approved lines all day! Baby's gotta sing, baby's gotta shine!

  34. dumb dum dumb dum dumb dum dumb dum petty woman

  35. Where the hell are Jeff Lynne. Tom Petty and Bob Dylan anyway? I knew this reunion would never work, – why did I bother getting $7M to sponsor the tour?

  36. Travelling Wilbury my ass, where's the damn bus!

  37. Where did I park that darn limousine, anyways?

  38. "He might be boss in there, but out here I'm Prime Minister of Flavour Country."

  39. Where's my limo?

  40. Last Role has Taken On a New Life, reports Dame Judy Dench.

  41. Stay classy, Feschuk!

    This time you have really gone too far!

    • this time?

  42. Let's make fun of the way people look?

    • your projecting Philathropist, comparisons to Roy Orbison = comparisons to Awesome. take a pill.

  43. Hey everybody, lets mock that 67 year old woman by saying she looks like a man!!!


    the "tolerant progressive left"

    • But kody, maybe Scott was mocking Orbison for looking like a woman!

    • You're right. let's mock Chet for an irrelevent comment.

  44. "I'm so tired of being lonely"

  45. A woman is a woman, but a good cigarette is a smoke

    (With apologies to Rudyard Kipling)

    Do you like Kipling?
    I don't know, I've never Kippeled.

    • A thumb up for Rudyard

  46. "Damnit… don't look like Steve's gonna give me a ride home tonight?"

  47. Only the lonely….
    Dumb, dumb, dumb, doobie-do-want….

  48. After all the lies, smoke gets in your eyes.

  49. "It's hard to understand
    That with a stroke of a pen
    I'm caught lying.
    Lying? Lying!"

  50. A poor woman ,I just want to say "she looked lonely,ugly and sadly"A 67 years old woman should enjoy a retirement lovely life,she still hang in there ,just so painful.

  51. All my clothes in a grey leather bag? Check! Ensconce my naked body in a stolen fuzzy black terry robe from Westin hotel? Check! Light up a cigarette? Check. Ahhhh. Laramie cigarettes take me away!

  52. Baby I'm-a Want You