Royal baby infographic -

Royal baby infographic

Key numbers on the future king



Royal baby infographic

  1. Wow! The whole Commonwealth has a total population that is only about 40% that of the United States!

    • That’s not the whole Commonwealth, just the Commonwealth Realms (those states of which the Queen is Head of State).

      The whole Commonwealth comprises 53 states and approximately 2.245 billion people, or about 1/3 of the planet’s population.

  2. For the geographically challenged, it should be noted that Belize is not an island, Papua-New guinea is only part of an (extremely large) island, and both Papua-New Guinea and the Solomons are most of a world away from the circle.

    • Good catch! Thanks for pointing out that ridiculous error of mine. I shall fix it.

  3. this just isn’t god