Royal Galipeau Maverick Watch -

Royal Galipeau Maverick Watch


The Conservative backbencher admits the giant novelty cheques he handed out upset his stomach.

The design of the cheques provided to one area MP to highlight infrastructure spending left him feeling “a bit queasy,” he said. Royal Galipeau, MP for Ottawa-Orléans, said he insisted that the cheques provided to him didn’t have the Conservative party logo but said he still wasn’t happy with the design. “That didn’t look like a government cheque to me. I would preferred it looked like a government cheque.”

… Galipeau was photographed in March handing over a $21,339 cheque for a francophone seniors program in Ottawa with his name printed at the top and his signature below. He says he still thinks the large cheques are a good way to highlight government work and plans to continue handing them out, but using a design based on a real government cheque.


Royal Galipeau Maverick Watch

  1. For Liberals and Liberal sympathisers to get worked up about these photo ops of the Government delivering stimulus monies to Canadians is risible when you consider what the Liberals did during the sponsorship scandal: take Government of Canada monies and divert them back to the Liberal Party of Canada coffers.

    Needless to say, there was no photo ops of those odious and corrupt doings.

    • No, instead there was a full RCMP investigation at the request of one Liberal PM and then, when they didn't get the answers they wanted, they launched a full public inquiry at great political cost to them.

      After less than 4 years in government, Say Anything Steve is treating our taxpayer dollars as his own. And frankly, it doesn't matter a whit what any other prior government did.

    • ". . .what the Liberals did during the sponsorship scandal: take Government of Canada monies and divert them back to the Liberal Party of Canada coffers. '


      • You wont get any evidence from Jarrid. That would void his PMO warranty.

      • The only Liberal accused of a crime was Gomery Commission star witness Benoit Corbeil. He pleaded guilty to defrauding the Liberal Party of Canada.

        • Jarrid can layer on the partisan poetic wax all he wants, it isn't because liberals are up in arms over the current CON jumbo cheque stunts that has him in crisis control mode; its because Canadians across party lines are cheesed off that their money is being disguised as Stephen Harper's personal booty, reaching out to handpicked ridings and as reward chips for being silent, obedient soldiers. Needless to say how Royal et al are suddenly 'queasy' about the doctored and dummied cheques when no one had the guts to check back with the PMO and say that this won't due. But lets all hold our breath waiting for someone high up to take responsibility, eh?

  2. So, jarrid, that whole Gomery Commission was just an economic stimulus exercise intended to help the legal profession.

    Arrogance of power by the Harper Cons.

  3. Royal has been around long enough that he shouldn't just be 'uncomfortable'. He should know better.

    But even if we give the benefit of the doubt and say he was uncomfortable but not sure, it begs the question of why he didn't err on the side of caution – or even do some work and pull up the relevant treasury board guidelines – rather than just doing it anyways.

    Was he queesy about doing something he knew was wrong, or was he worried about getting called on it?

    • Good questions. Pity a journalist doesn't ask them? But then how long would it be before we heard screams of " gotcha journalism"! There are days [like this] when i wonder if the press isn't cowed in this country. Or mayb they're just satisfied with bloggers like us asking impotent questions after the fact? Sigh…i guess resources are scarce these days?

      • The 'Liberal defections' rumour that one journalist went with only to learn was completely false just might make the press a little less willing to go along to get along in future.

    • Give him credit. He's putting his name to someting. For a Harper party member, that's a step up.

    • Give him credit. He's putting his name to something. For a Harper party member, that's a step up.

    • Give him credit. He's putting his name to something other than a prop cheque signature line. For a Harper party member, that's a step up.

      • That's true. At least we have someone to ask the follow-up questions to, seemingly unlike his colleagues who still have the monkey's hands over their eyes.

  4. Pity the ten percenters that Galipeau has been flooding his own constituency with over the past 2 years have not churned his stomach. They should have as they were blatant electioneering and, I think, a misuse of taxpayers' $$$ as they were asking voters to select who was going to raise taxes, who was soft on crime, who was cutting taxes, etc.