sarah mclachlan: world’s laziest musician


Sarah McLachlan has a new CD out, entitled B-sides, Rarities and Other Stuff, Vol. 2.

This follows on her CD of Christmas cover songs, her live CD, her CD of remixes, her other CD of remixes, her other live CD and the first volume of B-sides, Rarities and Other Stuff. Singlehandedly, McLachlan has obliterated the decades-old music industry paradigm that required a performer to occasionally produce new material in order to shamelessly exploit it through repackaging and regurgitation. And to think Axl Rose has been working for 75 years on Chinese Democracy when he could have just released Sweet Child o’… Yours?

Alas, what with Sarah having already gone to the vault so many times in her career, it seems legitimate to wonder: what could the “other stuff” on her new CD possibly be?

  • really hilarious answering machine message she recorded with husband in 2003 (still in use – she’s been writing a new one since 2005).
  • drunken prank call to pizza parlour (remixed with laugh track, sousaphone and bird chirps, then re-remixed with hand claps and harps, then re-re-remixed with the sound of her producer shooting himself in the head).
  • her kid just going on endlessly about her day at school.
  • that one time she thought she had an idea for a new song but then, apparently, no.
  • cool tune by Arctic Monkeys she taped off the radio using a cassette recorder.
  • seventy-three minutes of awkward silence.


sarah mclachlan: world’s laziest musician

  1. While I cringe at Sarah being the butt of this post because I really enjoy her singing, I have to admit that re-releasing old stuff over and over tends to dilute the originals’ quality.

    My only guess is that she’s trying to get out of an X number of albums contract the same way that most artists end up with a Greatest Hits third album after the sophomore tanks (and The Man signed them to a 3 album deal).

  2. Yeah, I love Sarah McLachlan but this made me laugh AND nod. And still, sadly, I’ll get the album. It’s suckers like me who let her get away with the lazy-assedness.

  3. Mr. Feschuk used to be Paul Martin’s speechwriter. He should know something about constantly re-releasing old material.

  4. The fact that Sarah has build a music studio and know dedicates her time to training under privileged kids north of Vancouver may have to do with her in-activities in the studio. Maybe it could also be that until the Labels start to treat the artists more humanely she has decided to take a holiday and stop making the wrong people filthy rich. Fact is, she has written and released more great music than most people far beyond her years in the music business.

  5. Scott you just got burned by Activist, burned. You gunna take that from him. Come on you know you want to.

  6. Good point, Alexei. Let me just work up a little outrage here — why that comment by Activist was just… it was simply… why, in all my years i have never been confronted by a comment that was so… so… so factually accurate.

  7. He’s right but we love her anyway.And, yes, we will all buy it. We are more pathetic then she.

  8. I can understand the thirst for new material, I’m anxious for new music too. But being a mom of two small kids, and a major recording artist with continuous demands for charity appearances, I wonder how she manages to keep all the balls in the air.I suspect we can take her at her word. The family comes first.
    Sarah has always relied on isolation to write her music. Two kids and a husband will miss your absence in a New York minute. I would be very surprised to see any new music from Sarah anytime soon.
    However, she has some one-off appearances coming up soon, the perfect opportunity to introduce a new song. Everybody is waiting……..

  9. What is your point? So sarah has done some remixes. When you have produced alot of good music why not re-envent the wheel. I love and enjoy everything she has done. Who are we to say why she hasn’t done alot of new material.
    She has other priorities in her life now. One is
    advocating for animals which I admire her for.
    Can all of you sit and write music,have it produced,raise a family,donate your time to charities etc.? Why don’t you email her and ask her!!!!

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