Sarah Palin discusses Russia & Canada


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Sarah Palin discusses Russia & Canada

  1. Alaska. Sandwiched between foreigners. Right there. To the left and the right.

    How could anyone doubt this woman is qualified to run the foreign policy of the mightiest nation in human history?

  2. Yep, that’s the first parallel that springs to mind when I think “Alaska”: Luxembourg.

    History alone can show what wily, Bismarkian schemes that woman has woven to keep Alaska safe upon the deadly Yukon-Aleutian-Siberian diplomatic battleground. She makes Kissinger look like a total chump.

  3. “Alaska. Sandwiched between foreigners. Right there. To the left and the right.

    How could anyone doubt this woman is qualified to run the foreign policy of the mightiest nation in human history?”

    Hey Dan, I know that as a leftist extremist, no-foreign-policy-presidential candidate Obama gets a pass from you, but for others not so blinded by ideology, Obama’s credentials in this regard are what again exactly?

  4. Jarrid, Obama is backed by a dozen professional experts on US foreign affairs. He has been speaking on Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and not least Iraq for two years more or less continuously. His statements have been parsed a million times over. Joe Biden has been Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee for ages & ages.

    Sarah Palin has given three interviews to the press, in two of which she showed less understanding of international relations than you.

  5. Dan Quayle,

    From the bottom of my heart, I apologize for everything I ever said and thought about you. Compared to this hunk of meat, you are a friggin’ philosopher king.

    Sorry again, dude.

  6. “He has been speaking on Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and not least Iraq for two years more or less continuously.”

    Dude, you are too funny. I, too, have been talking about those countries for even longer than two years but that doesn’t make me qualified for anything.

    When Obama suggested US unilateral military strikes on Pakistan, was that his own idea or did his “dozen professional experts” help out with that.

    Or when Obama suggested that UN Security Council take action against Russia, in response to the invasion of Georgia, did he not know about Russia’s veto or did the gang of 12 come up with that ‘plan’ as well.

    Biden is even ‘smarter’ though, if that’s possible. What did the Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee think would be a good idea to do right after 9/11. Why, he thought the US should “send, no strings attached, a check for $200 million to Iran”


    What they are trying to say is that Obama is ‘cooler’ and ‘smarter’ so who cares if he has ties to domestic terrorists, racists and other assorted riffraff.

    Sean S

    While you are giving us your thoughts on women as ‘hunks of meat’, what did you think of Edwards, the most unqualified nominee in years.

  7. Palin’s satire of SNL is brilliant!

  8. Hey, Jarrid. Save the outrage. This part of the interview shows Palin being relatively coherent. The segment in which Couric asks Palin about the far-left, über-socialist bail-out of Wall Street has to be seen to believed. She starts sputtering, sparking and smoking like a short-circuiting blender.


  9. “I, too, have been talking about those countries for even longer than two years but that doesn’t make me qualified for anything.”

    Ah, so you’ve been talking about them for two years longer than Sarah Palin! Congratulations, jwl, you too – assuming you belong to an apocalyptic sect – can be VP of the USA! In fact I would vote for you over Palin any day of the week.

    Obama’s idea of unilateral action inside Pakistan may have been a dumb idea, but you realise it is now Bush Administration policy. In other words, dumb or not-dumb, it’s a Real World ™ idea. As opposed to the relevance of Alaska to US-Russia relations, for example.

    Biden’s idea about Iran was an excellent one — that was when Khamenei was president and Iran was falling all over itself to try and be friends with the USA. Before Iraq, for example. Before Ahmadinejad. They were literally calling up Cheney and saying “How can we help? Please let us help!” and Cheney hung up on them, so to speak. Result? Needlessly antagonised Iran and major 10-year headache.

    But perhaps that would get in the way of the happy little war people like you are looking forward to, jwl. Sarah Palin can help you there, I think!

  10. Nice, Dot! That’s pretty funny.

  11. Who was it at the RNC that said: “The presidency is not supposed to be a jounrney of self discovery”?

    Oh, right.

  12. Ti-Guy: Palin on the economy is here.

  13. That was palinful to watch. He he aaaaaaaaaaah@#@$%!^!.

  14. jwl,

    I’m an equal opportunity mocker – “hunk of meat” had nothing to do with her being a woman.

    I can’t tolerate stupidity combined with arrogance. Edwards was unqualified, but he never impressed me as stupid.

    Palin is part of a trend to want politicians “just like me!” (I’d include a fair bit of Obama support in that camp too). I hate that trend. I hate how ‘stupid’ has become reassuring to people.

    I don’t actually want politicians who are just like me – they’d be lazy and disorganized, and would lack diplomacy.

    Very few people come to the job of national leadership with perfect qualifications and experience. I don’t mind that. But I do like to see an occasional whiff of smarts.

  15. “I’m an equal opportunity mocker – “hunk of meat” had nothing to do with her being a woman.”

    I know, my comment was unfair. Just trying to stir people up.

    She started out at pta and has climbed the greasy pole to almost being vp of usa, all without the help of familial and/or college connections. What makes you think she’s stupid?

    I have no idea what her iq is compared to Obama but people seem to believe he’s ‘smarter’ and thus qualified to be president. It seems to me that people who think Obama is ‘smarter’ should be arguing that presidential nominees should be limited to mensa members only.

  16. Ti-Guy: Palin on the economy is here.

    Isn’t that something else? Hoo boy…

  17. It’s not clear from that clip if she’s even versed in the basic points on a compass. When given a chance to address the “mocking” by the press, she essentially argues that proximity to Canada and Russia, and the air strips used by the USAF, is proof enough of her competence in foreign matters. Stupid.

    I agree that she’s politically saavy, and clearly knows how to get votes.

    No, I don’t think the smartest folks should run the country. (I’m not convinced that Obama will be a great president, though you have to admit that he’s run a consistent and intelligent campaign.) But surely we can ask for a wee bit grey matter. Can’t we?

  18. At least Palin, unlike Obama (who is from a border state as well) knows that Canada doesn’t have a president.

  19. jwl: You’re an apologist for an imbecile–not Palin–she’s just sad. I’m embarrassed for her. The imbecile is the person who convinced John McCain that choosing her as the Republican VP candidate would be a good idea.

    Whomever that person was surely harbours a deep contempt for the average U.S citizen to even have considered that woman qualified to be “a heartbeat away from the presidency.”

  20. Yikes, she’s a crappy speaker.

    She does sound a lot like Obama the way she pauses and reverses directions with her speech. But she seems to be worse.

  21. I don’t think it’s a question of whather Palin is smart or not. Everything I’ve heard of her tenure as govenor suggests she’s plenty sharp in her own right. And I was initially taken in by her inspiring life story and brilliant RNC speech.

    But she’s clearly not knowlegable on issues a president should know inside and out. Mr. McCain: please take your vitamins.

  22. Sean S

    I think the problem is that many people on the left think conservatives are stupid, no matter what their IQ is. Nothing Palin has done/said so far can be classified as stupid. You just disagree with her ideas and opinions.

    And while the left is piling on Palin, why isn’t there more discussion about Biden and his performance to date. Biden has contradicted Obama so many times, the two of them could have a debate about the issues tomorrow if McCain doesn’t show up.

    “though you have to admit that he’s run a consistent and intelligent campaign”

    I don’t have to admit that because it’s not true. If Obama is so smart, why did he accuse a significant portion of his base of being bitter and clinging to god and guns because they don’t know any better.

    And if he’s so “consistent’ why has he given four different answers about his opposition to the Born Alive Act, as just one example of Obama being entirely malleable.

  23. Here’s Palin on the bailout, in case you missed her shrewd reasoning. Some might say it goes a little beyond being a crappy speaker.

    COURIC: Why isn’t it better, Governor Palin, to spend $700 billion helping middle-class families who are struggling with health care, housing, gas and groceries? Allow them to spend more, and put more money into the economy, instead of helping these big financial institutions that played a role in creating this mess?

    PALIN: That’s why I say I, like every American I’m speaking with, we’re ill about this position that we have been put in. Where it is the taxpayers looking to bail out. But ultimately, what the bailout does is help those who are concerned about the health care reform that is needed to help shore up our economy. Um, helping, oh, it’s got to be about job creation, too. Shoring up our economy, and putting it back on the right track. So health care reform and reducing taxes and reining in spending has got to accompany tax reductions, and tax relief for Americans, and trade — we have got to see trade as opportunity, not as, uh, competitive, um, scary thing, but one in five jobs created in the trade sector today. We’ve got to look at that as more opportunity. All of those things under the umbrella of job creation.

  24. About that experience in international relations:

    Opportunities abound for Alaska governors to engage in Russian diplomacy, with the state host to several organizations focusing on Arctic issues. Anchorage is the seat of the Northern Forum, an 18-year-old organization that represents the leaders of regional governments in Russia, as well as Finland, Iceland and Canada, Japan, China and South Korea.

    Yet under Palin, the state government — without consultation — reduced its annual financial support to the Northern Forum to $15,000 from $75,000….

    Palin — unlike the previous administrations of Gov. Frank Murkowski and Gov. Tony Knowles — also stopped sending representatives to Northern Forum’s annual meetings, including one last year for regional governors held in the heart of Russia’s oil territory.

  25. Oh, so THAT’s why she fluffed off the “we have trade-missions back and forth” comment. I thought when I heard it she was trying to hide something (the way her eyes moved).

    I’m not sure the USA benefits from having a VP (or President!) with such an obvious tell as that.

  26. The one about the bailout . . . surely that was a previously unknown Monty Python skit??

  27. Oh. My. God. What the hell are they…? Agh. Republicans. Shoot. It’s like they are like.



  28. Obama has a brain – good start. Obama can separate church and state – excellent start.

    I don’t think Obama has been protected from witchcraft like Sarah….but I don’t think he needs it.

    And, Obama can speak English properly – she says nuclear (nuclior) just like Bush does.

  29. the worst part about that Couric question is that there IS a simple answer.

    “For better or worse, the US economy is dependent on the provision of credit through financial institutions such as the ones we’re helping. Because of the links between those institutions, the collapse of one has significant negative effects on the others. How can the consumers you ask about spend the extra money you propose when their credit and debit cards don’t work because the bank behind them has collapsed?”

  30. hahahaha omg. this debate is insane. ofcourse, this is all insane. its so effin crazy, that i’m no longer in shock that this is reality.

    It is plain to see at this point, that obama is not a moron. he understands many a concept, personal situation, and (HAHAHAHA this is a big one) scientific fact! He consults colleagues (to make the ETHICAL CHOICE) and learns about people. He also has a decent family.

    Palin is scary, ignorant, white trash. Her family is. Her family history is. Her past is. Her present is. HER FUTURE WILL BE. She is full of hate. She, with that tired ol republican NAM VET (of which my father is one) will destroy the world much like we destroyed Vietnam. I bet everyone millions of dollars that handicap children will soooo still lose funding even though she just had one. Hers, of course, will be well taken car of. I cant go on anymore. Its too sad. As a former direct military servant of the bush era executive branch during our murderous oil escapade, I can’t believe hate, intollerance, predjudice, anti-ethics, unmerciful death and destruction could actually expand and persist.

    Rodney King once said ” cant we all just get along?” which sadly the answer is no. There are racists to hate the qualified president and there are republicans to be voted into office again possibly to divide, belittle and create hardship though scary blind talking points.

  31. I don’t really care about her previous political experience. She makes it abundantly clear in her attempts at answering these questions that she is not very intelligent. I don’t mean developmentally delayed – just not someone to whom I would ever apply the label “intelligent”. One of the signs of intelligence, at least in an adult, is being able to draw on one’s knowledge and judgement to formulate a response, in context. She shows no ability to do that whatsoever. Its not like these are difficult questions!!!

    Someone mentioned the supposedly “brilliant” RNC speech. I hope you don’t believe that she actually wrote it! She also had a teleprompter, which is 100% unnecessary for anyone that has any real ability to think on their feet in a pressure situation. I hope to god you would all agree that’s a pretty importnant quality in a potential President.

    Most people taking the time to read this article and/or watch the video could come up with a better reponse ON HER BEHALF without even knowing any more about her than what we’ve read. There is do reasonable defense for having someone like her in that position. But, it certainly doesn’t matter if McCain wins or Obama, its all pre-ordained anyway. Unless of course the Americans wake up and save their country from a condition far more oppressive and corrupt than it ever was under the British when Paine, Adams, Washington, Jefferson, etc., decided to launch the Revolutionary War.

  32. For Jim:When Sarah Palin spoke at the RNC convention,her teleprompter was NOT fonctionning,and she did her FIRST speech at said convention with only her notes.Pretty cool..Obama also thinks that we have 57 states! The big problem with him is that he does not relate to the vast majority of the Americans.They see him as an International Figure,more or less.This may be good for the rest of the world,if he is elected,but having been born in Hawaii as it became a state,and lived most of his early life in Indonesia with Muslin parents,father and step father,the people here do not believe that he will be FOR the country.Proof is that he has difficulty closing the deal at such a late date.The young people will vote for him in great number if they registered,and the black people at 95% I am told.If nothing cataclysmic happens between now and november,he may be in..Otherwise,McCain/Palin for the next four years…It will be a bumpy ride!

  33. Nice try Lise, but the broken teleprompter story was debunked by several journalists who were there… like this guy and this guy.

  34. I love how the stupid people who try to conflate Obama and Islam always misspell and accuse him of being ‘Muslin’. He lived in Indonesia for four years. He knows how many states are in the US, the 57 was misspeaking. As to not relating to the ‘vast majority’ of Americans, why are half of them planning on voting for him?
    I am willing to believe that you don’t relate to him Lisa, but you are not the ‘vast majority’ of anything.

  35. Amazing Sarah. Waiting for American Idol to kick in we have Sarah Palin to keep us in lipstick. See my campaign posters on my site. They’re a scream (under Text Works).

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