Sausage-factory revelation of the week -

Sausage-factory revelation of the week


Fraction of material on Andrew Sullivan’s “one-man blogactually generated by the person named Andrew Sullivan: maybe about half, when he’s not on vacation. Reasons presented by one of Andrew Sullivan’s stand-ins for concealing this fact: 1) don’t worry, we’re “marinated in Sullivan’s cerebral juices” (ew); 2) “Bylines would fracture the solitary voice of the blog,” i.e., give readers the wholly correct impression that the editorial enterprise known as “Andrew Sullivan” actually has many employees.


Sausage-factory revelation of the week

  1. Think of him as the Edison of the Information Age.

  2. I've always found Andrew Sullivan to be disingenuous and somewhat of an intellectual fraud. This comes as no surprise, no surprise at all.

  3. The reality is that they contribute the posts that involve no actual content, just aggregation from the rest of the blogosphere. A quote from some other blog, a nomination for one the various "awards" on his site, excerpts from reader e-mails, and links to videos on youtube. That does consist of about 50% of the blog posts (and is another issue entirely), but not a significant portion of the original content. I think you're being a bit disingenuous here.

    • Did you call yourself "Guest" because a real username would fracture the solitary voice of your comment?

      • Yeah, switch it to "Guessed".

  4. Didn't he learn this from Matt Drudge?

    He does get some interesting letters from his readers. I think that's the best part of his blog.

  5. Whatever happened to Sullivan? Way back when Daily Dish, Instapundit and Jane Galt were my introduction to blogs and Sullivan was considered a leading conservative in America. And now he's a kook bamboozling his readers. It's sad to see.

    • It seems his only reason to exist anymore is to brutally slander and personally insult Sarah Palin, which I think is disgusting. It's one thing to disagree with a public personality, but it's another thing to wage a war on that person based on personal and family matters. He's gone off his rocker.

      • It seems his only reason to exist anymore is to brutally slander and personally insult Sarah Palin


        Which is a higher purpose than most of humanity has for its guiding light. :)

  6. I don't think they've really been "concealing" the fact that he has assistants working on the blog; I've certainly been aware of it. But it's probably time they went to signed contributions, even if he retains tight control of the editorial orientation.

    • I think the staffers have been signing their posts with initials at the bottom for a long time already. I think Cosh just caught onto this now (Cosh is probably relieved to know that Sullivan wasn't posting ALL of that material himself).

  7. Brian Tobin and Art Hanger have been ghost-writing my blog since 2005.

    • Which is weird, because I've been ghostwriting Brian Tobin the person since 1998.

      • What's even more weird is that the "Paul Wells" comment says "less than 1 minute ago" whereas the Scott Feschuk reply says "3 minutes ago". Which leads me to believe Feschuk writes the punchline, and then Wells writes the comment.

        Hell, anyone can write a free standing punchline.

        • "It wasn't his dog at all – it was his wife!"

          (Your turn, Wells)

          • Art Hanger: "We just hung that guy's dog out to dry."

            Brian Tobin: "That dog was clinging for dear life with his fingernails to an ice flow off the Grand Banks"

          • How long did it take Tiger Woods to teach his incredibly hot Swedish dog to fetch a golf club?

    • Can you tell Mr. Hanger to stop writing about research funding?

  8. This sheds additional light on Sullivan's Iraq war flip-flop.

  9. All my comments are written in a third world sweatshop (labour's cheap in Scarborough these days).

    • I write all of my own comments, except for the boring ones, which were written by journalism students on internships.

  10. I don't think they've made any effort to hide the fact that there are staffers posting filler material on the blog. As I recall, the fillers were tagged with the staffers initials so as to identify the staffer. I'm also pretty sure I've known this for over a year, so this is hardly a "revelatation". I could be wrong, since I stopped reading Sullivan went he declared war on Sarah Palin and anybody who didn't want to kill her.

    But Sullivan does spend a lot of time on vacation.

    • I found the anti-Hillary Clinton crusade of last year pretty tiresome, but I don't really mind the anti-Palin stuff.