Scott Bakula, Thou Shouldst Be Living At This Hour!


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I was one of many people who thought that The Time Traveler’s Wife sounds like an episode of Quantum Leap, so I shouldn’t be surprised that a U.S. network is making the novel into a TV show, written and produced by one of the creators of Friends.

ABC’s interest in the adaptation substantially pre-dates the movie, however. The network has been talking to [Marta] Kauffman “for years” about bringing the project to the small screen, industry insiders said….

ABC executives believe the complex plot of the original novel will work well in series form, since Kauffman will be able to explore the romantic relationship at the core of the story over the course of several seasons.

Individual episodes will likely feature self-contained storylines as well.

Someone else commented that in addition to the Quantum Leap connection, this sounds a lot like another ABC/Warner Brothers co-production, Pushing Daisies. After all, they’re both about dudes who have mysterious powers that they can’t fully control and that make it tough for them to fulfil their relationships with the girl of their dreams. So it’s like Pushing Daisies if every week he tries to use his time-traveling to help somebody or learn something, instead of using his super death powers to solve mysteries.

Also, if you loved the endless, frustratingly unfulfilled on-and-off romantic tension between Ross and Rachel, think of what Kaufman can do with a relationship that is constantly interrupted by the forces of time itself. I expect the Time Traveler to say “we were on a break!” quite a lot.

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Scott Bakula, Thou Shouldst Be Living At This Hour!

  1. I wonder what they will do with his time travelling for the series, because in the book and movie it's mostly a total downer for him too (except he gets to fall in love with a 6 year old version of his wife. Um, maybe that's not such a TV friendly highlight either.) He doesn't help anyone, he doesn't learn much except how to survive naked and being chased. Seems like they'll have to find something more sustainable to drive the series other than man, does it suck to be in a relationship with someone you literally can't rely on to be there for you, but oh well, I love him anyway. (It completely worked for the book, by the way, and I might be doing it a bit of a disservice with that description.)

    • I met with Audrey Niffenegger when the book first came out, and the story didn't have that "Quantum Leap" feel at all.

      In the hands of the TV execs, thought, I'm sure that will change.

      Though the premise actually sounds a bit more like Journeyman, since in Quantum Leap, Sam never ended up in the same place twice, whereas in Journeyman, Dan always came back to his wife.