While we’re waiting to see if we still have a government… Has anybody noticed that the Conservatives’ official website looks kind of like a Canadian version of the Drudge Report, or at the very least, the website for a Canadian revival of Hard Copy? Every time I go there, their top headline is something sensational or terrifying, inviting you to click on the link in search of dirty secrets and gossip (“The EFU was merely a trigger to execute a longstanding secret deal between the NDP and Quebec separatists”).

I actually kind of like it. If you look at the NDP site, it’s mostly policy-wonk stuff, and the Liberals’ site is so dull it could be the CBC website (to which it bears a certain resemblance). The conservatives have no policy substance on their site, but they’ve got lots of colour photography, attention-grabbing headlines, and slogans like “Freak out your roommate. Join the Conservatives.” If this government goes down, I hope we at least get a cool, sensation-mongering “Cool Coalition” website out of it, because we can all learn from the Conservatives’ pizazz.

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  1. Run! RUN IN FEAR! Those people… those people… are not… they’re not like us!

  2. Jaime, if the Drudge Report look does it for you, well, that’s where we disagree.

    I also find the Mr. Harper-cuddly-with-his-kids image in the banner kind of creepy. I know he needs it to soften and humanize him. But it’ still creeps me out, just a tad.

  3. The Great Endumbening continues…

  4. Did anyone else notice the dice at the end of the Misfits video?

    Not worth the risk. Hahahaha.

  5. I’m waiting for the CPC website to have a picture of a volcano erupting with a sinister face airbushed into the ash cloud, with the headline: “Separatist-led socialist coaltion releases Satan from Hell!”

  6. What a trashy website they have (NO CLASS).

    They should get Britney Spears as their leader, next year.

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