Senate leader calls House speaker a dictator -

Senate leader calls House speaker a dictator

Reid’s no stranger to the D-word


As he stood to speak this morning, U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid would have done well to remember this incident.

Reid expressed regret almost immediately for those January 2011 remarks about former Chinese president Hu Jintao. “I am going to go back to Washington tomorrow and meet with the President of China. He is a dictator,” Reid said at the time. “He can do a lot of things through the form of government they have. Maybe I shouldn’t have said dictator.” Emphasis mine.

If Reid had recalled that gaffe, he might not have said what he said this morning. But in the event, he said what he said.

Nevada’s senior senator lashed out at House Speaker John Boehner, the head Republican spokesman during the so-called “fiscal cliff” crisis currently confusing Washington D.C.’s leading lights. Reid castigated Boehner for not having called the House back into session to hammer out a deal—or at least make an attempt at doing so.

Only Boehner stood in the way of the House reconvening and getting to work, Reid said. Because its congressmen aren’t able to get back to work, Reid could only conclude the chamber is “being operated with a dictatorship of the speaker.” Emphasis mine.

Reid’s remarks caught CNN’s Dana Bash by surprise. “I’m a little bit surprised how personal Harry Reid just got,” she said, following his remarks. And remember, she’s talking about a city where things often get quite personal.

Of course, Reid’s not the only one in the Senate who’s thrown around the D-word from time to time. His current adversary in the Senate, Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, once said just about exactly the same thing.

“The way he’s been operating is he doesn’t let the minority have any amendments. He’s already kind of turned the Senate Majority Leader’s office into an office for a dictator and now he wants to get rid of, what we call, the motion to proceed,” McConnell said last July.

All these dictators and no one to lead.

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Senate leader calls House speaker a dictator

  1. I can’t see anything wrong with his description of the Chinese leader, it is a dictatorship and is run by a dictator. In fact the only positive thing that I have ever seen in Stephen Harper was his analysis of the Chinese government as evil and his refusal to meet with them. I thought this was a principled approach to the Chinese and applauded it. Obviously those principles were not to his corporate sponsors liking so he found he had other principles instead.
    As for the petty bickering in the Senate, the parallels with our own machinations are uncanny.

    • a) if we refused to trade with countries because of their human rights records…..we wouldn’t be trading with anyone at all

      b) not even with ourselves

      c) so tone down the moral self-righteousness, because we have no business telling anyone else how to live

      • Once more you seem to be insisting that unless we are faultless we cannot ask others to desist from truly despicable behaviour.
        So are you faultless? If not why are you trying to correct me, shouldn’t you tone down you self righteousness because you have no business telling anyone else what to do as well?

        • Don’t get carried away with the flights of fantasy.

          Canada has no business….and no moral leg to stand on….telling China what to do.

          That’s how wars start.

          • When it comes to allowing them unfettered access to Canadian resources and immunity from Canadian laws Canada has both legs to stand on and should be doing so.

            What deeply dark and nefarious deeds has Canada carried out that equates them in any way to invading Tibet, propping up N Korea, the imposition of inhumane policies on its citizens, corruption on an industrial scale.. I could go on but if you can find anything comparable with that scale of devastation have at it.

          • Well since we’re not doing that, don’t worry about it.

            China m’dear has never invaded anybody….but lots of countries have invaded China.

            And if you were paying attention you’d know what we’ve done to FN for a couple of centuries.

          • I’m sure the Tibetans would be very interested to hear that they haven’t been invaded and in fact are free to run their own affairs dearest. The occupation in 49/50 never happened, the repression in 59 never caused the Dalai Lama to flee, nah it’s all a conspiracy. I suppose they never invaded Vietnam in 79 either, or Korea earlier either.

            Indeed our actions with respect to the FNs are less than admirable, but any comparison of these real issues to the suffering inflicted on the Chinese people, Koreans and Tibetans by the Chinese government takes a degree of myopia that is worthy of referral to a professional.

          • Tibet has been part of China since the 1200s

            Invading Vietnam and Korea? Americans I believe. If China invaded either small country, they’d be overrun

          • Then how was Tibet an independent that needed (re)invading in 49? If we are going back to the 1200s for incidents of Chinese invasion that would open them up to complicity in the Mongol invasions and the acts of Ghengis and Kublai Khan. The latter of whom did invade Korea, Vietnam and other SE Asian states; the former I believe needs no introductions.

            China really did invade Vietnam after Vietnam began fighting with Cambodia in 79 no matter how much you insist they didn’t and they were repulsed. As for Korea, the Chinese invasion led to the formation of North and South Korea. Yet another historical fact that has missed your attention.

            Your apologetics for one of the most destructive and abusive regimes in world history is truly disturbing.

          • LOL I have no intentions of discussing the long sweep of Chinese history with you. China and Tibet have been together for centuries….and no, China hasn’t invaded anyone in it’s 5000 years. Others have invaded China however and tried to shave off sections. China is now regaining those sections.

            I was around during the Korean and Vietnamese wars, so it’s not ancient history to me, and I know who did what to whom.

            Please stop this moaning about apologies and things that ‘disturb’ you….it’s silly melodrama. China is the longest surviving civilization on the planet….they had inventions, philosophy and a civil service when your ancestors were still running around in bearskins.

            See…. the world has been around longer than your lifetime. History did not begin a week ago last Tuesday.

          • Lots of handwaving and anecdotes but nothing really factual. You may have been around, but clearly the facts passed you by.

            If having once owned something makes you the rightful owner today, I take it you’re ok with the idea of re-establishing the Caliphate? The USSR? The British Empire? The Roman Empire? The Mongol Empire? The Persian Empire? Or are past independence wars and their outcomes are null and void if they include the much favoured Chinese?

            As for History apparently I’m only aware of my lifetime, yet you have no interest in discussing 5000 years of Chinese history with me. How could I even be thought capable of discussing that with you if I thought history started in my lifetime?

          • No, I wasn’t ‘around’, I was involved.

            You AREN’T capable of discussing history with me….that’s why I’m not about to try.

          • Before you get all snotty, here is what you wrote.

            “I was around during the Korean and Vietnamese wars, so it’s not ancient history to me, and I know who did what to whom”

            As for the other, given I was quoting dates and facts I’ll concede I’m not capable of what you think passes for history with you. Reality is a foreign concept for you isn’t it?

          • Does everything have to be written out in detail for you? I don’t have time for a diary on here ya know.

            60 seconds on the web would give you all the info you need on China and Tibet. It’s not some hippy bumper sticker slogan from the last few years.

            As to ‘reality’, you think Ontario is ripping up your province for the oil fergawdsake… I’ll be delicate, and just leave it there.

          • Ah taking stuff out of context to make a point no-one but you thought existed. We will leave it there, because once it reaches this stage it’s pointless going on, anything else you want to conflate or interpret wrongly will have to go unanswered.
            Your unfettered worship of the Chinese government is strange but again that probably speaks volumes about your integrity overall.

          • Yeah, funny thing about me.

            I stand up for the Chinese, for the FN, for gays, for women, for the starving children of the world….for the ‘other’ in Life.

            For all humans….not just the comfy white western ones.

            My integrity is just fine, thanks.


          • But you are not standing up for the Chinese you are defending their government’s actions and behaviour. The Chinese are not their government, just like Canadians are not the Harper government.

            Grow up and stop conflating the Chinese with the Communist Party, you’re as bad as those who insist any criticism of the Israeli government is anti-Semetic.

          • Actually I said that it’s up to the Chinese to run their own country….and I’m sure they’ll run it according to their values, not ours.

            The Chinese aren’t communist, and haven’t been for years.

          • So the Politburo Standing Committee of the Communist Party of China doesn’t still control most of the functions of state and the Leader still isn’t General Secretary of the Communist Party?

          • The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea….is run by Kim Jong-Un

          • The sky is blue and the dirt is brown.
            Apples are not oranges, so a comparison ought to contrast similar types.

          • If you can’t understand the point….that words have nothing to do with reality….it just shows you are not able to hold a serious discussion.

          • Coming from the Monarch of dissembling, inventing strawmen and a total refusal to actually face historical facts in the face, please forgive me if I fail to be heartbroken at your opprobrium.

            I agree that sometimes words have nothing to do with it, but your insistence that claiming a democratic pedigree is similar to claiming a communist one is laughable. People usually claim to be better than they are, they claim to be more worthy if you like. Claiming to be democratic when you are anything but is like gilding a turd. Claiming to be communist is similar to admitting a proclivity for bestiality in the eyes of most people; you don’t do it unless you really are a communist.

          • Do you have ANY idea what you’re talking about?
            I thought not.

            Neither does anyone else.

          • Please don’t assume your inability to comprehend what I wrote extends to anyone else.
            That’s one of the arguments one frequently encounters in the playground.

          • A playground is your usual habitat. Your ‘arguments’ show that.

          • okay if you say so

          • Ah yes, on the one hand we have “Emily,” the Great Culmination; Evolution’s Finest is obviously how he thinks of himself.

            And on the other hand we have those that Emily claims to stand up for……, the Chinese, the FN, the gays, the women, the starving children,
            the “others” he calls them!

            Isn’t that how The Grand Dragon Imperial Wizard of the Klan always
            looked at the world? There was him, the perfect shining being, on the one hand and everyone else on the other. Stalin as well, and Mao, they too were like that; along with a few disturbed others.

            So Emily, you can call it “funny” if you like but “funny” doesn’t quite capture it.

          • Yeah, yeah, not invading anywhere but causing the death of many Canadians and Americans by supplying and supporting both North Korea and North Vietnam for starters.

            Those Chinese Communist Butholes are the sneakiest cowardly suckers around. They remind me of Obama, he has the same drip mentality.

            Pull your head out and learn some history before spraying horse pucky.

  2. Good old Harry “The Weasel” Reid trying to pretend he hasn’t spent the whole of his political life trying to figure out how to be a vicious Chinese dictator without getting caught.

    All leftoid politicians are scum.