Sens and Habs brawl: ‘Are we all inside Don Cherry’s dream?’

236 penalty minutes in three periods of playoff play


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Sens and Habs brawl: ‘Are we all inside Don Cherry’s dream?’

  1. I guess most of the audience is too young to remember the bench clearing brawls of the late 60s and early 70s, and, yes on occasion one of the goalies would skate the length of the ice to start a fight with the other goalie.

    I do also seem to recall, even after the bench clearing brawls there were more players left on the bench after the penalties were handed out that this game had.

  2. That line brawl was hardly a staged fight. You didn’t have to be keen observer to notice that the Sens were finishing their checks and completely bullying the Canadiens all night long. If the Habs were able to keep their marbles, they could have still made a game of it. Instead, they lost it. They had enough of the bully, and did something about it. They traded the outcome of the game for a chance to even the physical score… and lost in that contest too. So, the Sens beat them 1) on the scoreboard, 2) when the gloves dropped, 3) physically, and 4) mentally. It was just one game, but the Sens could have won that series last night.

  3. What an awesome game that was. Playoff hockey at its best. The fights were just the cherry on top. By the end of the first period, the Canadiens were afraid – really afraid – to touch the puck. They were routinely bailing on hits.
    The message was sent by the Sens coach with his change to the starting lineup. Latendresse, who refused to retaliate to White’s repeated crosschecks at the end of game 2, was scratched in favour of Conacher. While no tough guy, it’s obvious Conacher knew exactly what was expected of him if he wanted keep his spot in the lineup. That’s why P.K. got a mouthful of lumber just 8 seconds into the game.
    I really hate stickwork, but occassionally it is just so deserved – just so right – that I make an exception.

    • CORRECTION: That was Erik Condra who fed Subban the wood. My earlier comment mistakenly referred to Conacher as the guy who did it.

  4. i have to admit I do not like fighting in hockey. Although hard body checking is part of the game it is allowed in the rules. The idea that if you’re a grown man and things don’t go your way you should start swinging fists is extremely upsetting to me, and I would like to see the phenomenon more than just winked at.

    that said, go Leafs.