Serge Marcil found -

Serge Marcil found


CBC is reporting that the former Liberal MP is safe, accounted for and on his way to Miami. More from the Montreal Gazette.


Serge Marcil found

  1. excellent news! – it's just so sad and unfair that of all places that could least afford a disaster like this is Haiti – makes a person wonder!

  2. Well that gives hope to alot of people who still have not heard from loved ones.

  3. Radio news report this AM casting doubts that the rescued individual originally thought to be Mr. Marcil was indeed him. And from this AM: There is confusion around the fate of Serge Marcil, a former Liberal MP believed to have been located after being reported missing in Haiti. There were reports Marcil had been rescued and flown to Miami for medical treatment. It now appears those reports were premature, and it's not clear Marcil has been rescued at all.

    So keep hopes up, all.