Sheila Copps’ many admirers


For whatever reason, the Star puts together a list of the worst insults hurled in the House of Commons. “Traitor”—and various suggestions along those same lines—is missing from the list, but could be included in a catalogue of more recent slurs.


Sheila Copps’ many admirers

  1. Yes, several of the slurs were aimed at Sheila Copps, weren't they: I guess nothing raises the ire of (some) men in power than a woman with whom they are expected to share it.

    Wonder why they left off "taliban lover" or "terrorist lover?" Surely being called a "chubby little sucker" is not on the same level as loving terrorists?

  2. Seems like a fairly selective list. The only example the Star found from the last decade was Reynolds calling Volpe a "sleazebag" – and that happened in the corridors outside the House of Commons, in 2005 (after Volpe accused Tories of being anti-immigrant for voting down one of his bills).

    • Agreed CR. Also no mention of Volpe calling two members of the Conservatives part of the Klu Klux Klan for the "Libranos" poster. Surely that was worse than "Quiet down, baby"? Oh wait, it was uttered by a Liberal…forget about that little rule.

  3. Calling a fellow member treasonous or a traitor must be the most vicious, cruel, downright dirtiest insult that can be thrown across the floor of Parliament. I wonder how many members have actually sunk to level of using it?
    I was thinking about James Shaver Woodsworth who as a member of Parliament did not support Canada's entrance into the Second World War. I suppose he was probably called that by somebody back then, but surely not MacKenzie King?
    I can't imagine there have been too many instances since then except for this Parliament of course.
    I know there are experts out there who know these things.

  4. "Little chubby little sucker," re: Charest, is quite good.

    • Yup. Darrell was just a prince.

      There's an older book ( 10-12 years ) by Brooke Jeffrey Called Hard Right Turn ( I think ).
      Great stories in it.

  5. And they are all Tories/ReformaTories who hurl the insults – enough said.

    (and no CPC loons I am not criticizing the star)