Dear Senate, sign here and don’t worry -

Dear Senate, sign here and don’t worry

Is it any wonder Mike Duffy and Pamela Wallin are in trouble? Just look at the paperwork.

Sign here and don’t worry about a thing

Photo illustration by Sarah MacKinnon

To hear it from the senators currently caught up in various forms of investigation, audit or scandal, much of the fault lies with the Senate’s paperwork. THAT’S the reason they’re in so much trouble. Is there any merit to this? Let’s take a closer look:



Dear Senate, sign here and don’t worry

  1. I love the “unladen swallow” question.

    • I had to re-read that phrase after reading your comment. Cheeky little devil, aren’t you.

  2. The ‘average air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow’ question is patently confusing and unfair. The form fails to specify whether the swallow is African or European. No wonder Duffy said the form was ambiguous in certain areas.

    • Ever seen Duffy swallow a mouthful of PEI mussels?

      Now, imagine him salivating beforehand, then swallowing. Mach 2, I figure.

  3. “I am here on Senate business!” is classic.

  4. That’s how I post my expenses.

  5. What a great idea! Now why don’t you publish the actual expense policy from the past few years so Canadians can judge for themselves how confusing the policy is.

  6. The “unladen swallow” is way too Monty Python for a serious Con going about the serious business of governing a serious country like Canada.

  7. This is a simple form.
    Every person in the military fills out their expense claims for travel and submits them WITH RECEIPTS. If they make a mistake they pay it back immediately. In fact the clerks will arrange to have it come directly off their next pay cheque.
    I wonder why the esteemed senators cannot seem to do this?
    The senators are soooo entitled!
    Tired of them.
    I bet Mac Harb is glad that the Duff has taken the heat off of him. LOL!

  8. True story: back when I was honorary consul, I accidentally claimed for a can of evaporated milk in my monthly expense report. Not only was I caught, I was severely reprimanded.

    • Crying over spilt milk is one thing. But buying an empty can of evaporated milk does seem reprimandable.

  9. That was hilarious, but I WOULD like to see if there is any merit in that claim, so I’d like to see their REAL paperwork

  10. by the way, creatively padding expense claims is one of the oldest tricks in the book. they should be kicked out of senate on the grouds of lack of originality, alone.