Slumdog Prime Minister -

Slumdog Prime Minister


Rick Mercer foresaw this day.


Slumdog Prime Minister

  1. "…little Stephen Harper, you are the only white boy in India wearing a suit…" and it happened.

  2. Yes, but nobody could foresee that he'd throw in a visit at the site of a massacre in the morning, and then boogie-woogie that same evening.

  3. You have to admit, Mr Wherry, Tories are cool!

    • I agree loyal who would have thought – in the past it was always the LPT that tried for the coolness factor but between tickling the ivory with a beatles tune and now boppin in Mumbai –

      • “Boppin’ in Mumbai…oh god!!

        I particularly liked the part where he almost tripped…it was the only actual move he made. It’s sad really,being starved of cool for so long. Bush’s chest bump was cool in a uncool kind of way. Let’s see Stevie boy pull that off. On second thought the image of him and Baird doing the chest bump’s given me indigestion.

        • 'almost' tripped,
          in true Harper fashion, he recovered brilliantly….story of his political life, eh

  4. "Look, I made a sweater vest from my own hair."

    • Which explains why it turned out blue, anyway.

  5. Don’t blame the market, it’s your culture of defeat.

  6. "Don't blame the market, it's our culture of failure" LOL

  7. That kid was amazing! Although he dances way better than Harper ever could. Harper's hips were riveted shortly after he was manufactured, to stabilize the platform and ward off teh gayness.

  8. Good to see that we are talkking about Formal Clothes