Smooth operator


Michael Ignatieff charms Peterborough.

In his youth, Michael Ignatieff visited Robertson Davies’ house while he was the editor of The Peterborough Examiner, he said. “So, when you say The Peterborough Examiner, it means something to me.”

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Smooth operator

  1. He also understands rural Canadians, because he once spent some time on an uncle's farm. He's a smooth operator, all right.

  2. And don't forget Orillia/Leacock and how that meant something to him as well.

  3. I can imagine Andrew Coyne, Paul Wells and Ken Whyte saying very similar things. What's the point to all this?

    • I once spent a day posting increasingly grumpy anonymous comments on a blog site. So when you say "Anon," it means something to me.

  4. For the record, the Peterborough Farmer's Market is pretty awesome.

  5. Hey that's my home town! … Ah yes many fond memories – but moving out here to the west coast was the best thing I ever did. In many ways I find some parts of Victoria and peterborough to have a familiar feel to them at certain times of the year – kinda weird but true.

    • I think the fine citizens of Peterborough also feel it was the best thing you did…

  6. A very good friend was originally from Peterborough.

    He now lives in North Grant, N.S., beside a tombstone engraver.

    He tells me it's a big improvement.

  7. Well, yes, all good, funny comments.

    But I spent a weekend in Kingston and have very fond memories. Kingston means something to me now. My mother was a volunteer for Leacock in his later years, so the Leacock Home means something to me now. My cousin lives in Victoria, as does a friend, so Victoria means something to me now. I got chased by a bull on a farm in PEI, so PEI means something to me now.

    Does it matter what the connection is? He feels some kind of connection to this place or that place, as I'm sure we all have experiences connecting us to various places. I'm sure if you were to go to that place and speak, you might mention what that connection is. The only difference, as far as I can see, is that Ignatieff seems to have more connections to more places in Canada than most anybody else.

  8. This same strategy worked exceptionally well for Hillary Clinton in her rise to the presidency.

  9. Too bad Peter Adams retired a few years back. Great MP for Peterborough. I went to University there and loved most of it. Sure there were some eccentric town folk, but now I live in downtown Ottawa. Am I really moving on up in the eccentric townfolk department?

    Also – the Canoe museum is also awesome.

    • "Am I really moving on up in the eccentric townfolk department?"

      If you spend an inordinate amount time on Dalhousie street or under the overpass by the Rideau Centre. :)

  10. Fickle bunch of ficklers… can't a man campaign in peace?

    • He should be grateful for the media attention. He hasn't experienced too much of it during his "summer of invisibility".

  11. In my teens I enjoyed a week-long canoe trip through Algonquin Park, so when you say First Nations, it really means something to me…

    My parents dragged me up the CN Tower when I was a kid, so when you say intermodal freight transportation, it really says something to me…