Snow day in Ottawa rough on buses

Noted in the nation’s capital: Abandoned buses all over town


Snow day in Ottawa rough on OC Transpo

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How hard was the nation’s capital hit by Wednesday’s snowstorm? Let’s just say the OC Transpo buses had some delays—and people were tweeting pictures of it all day.
Look at that teamwork.. #Ottawa #OCTranspo #MTO @ottawacityÅYLOR SICAℝD
Aw how cute, even #octranspo can’t drive in this.
“@joliejessie: the bus that was #stuckbus #octranspo #lincolnfields”Paul Keating
Transitway buses are being held WB on JAM Pkwy at Lincoln Fields due to a report of a jack-knifed bus. #OCTranspoOC Transpo Alerts
@OCTranspo And again… I hate Ottawa at times
#octranspo #lendingahand Keating
Yikes. This served as a pretty effective roadblock. #OCTranspo #Ottawa #weather Willems
From #OCTranspo: "As of 4:30pm, approximately 60 buses required tow truck assistance and 13 buses were involved in minor collisions."Jon Willing
Well my #octranspo bus didn’t jackknife, but this is the scene at Cahill and Hunt Club Clairoux
OCTranspo buses stuck, sliding backward, touching on Riverside to Bronson N. Ramp #cbcott Mills
Bus stuck at Lebreton… So it begins, let’s see if I get home in one piece tonight #octranspo #ottcity Walls
Expect long wait/travel times on buses to continue into the evening as the Environment Canada snowfall warning remains in effect. #OCTranspoOC Transpo Alerts
Classic #OCTranspo — / I feel kinda bad, what a poor sweetie!Gen Larose
#OCTranspo classic! Boruslawski
This is what is holding up all the traffic. #OCTranspo #ottawa #ottnews Ciolfi
We’re not going anywhere now. #octranspo Shaun
the bus that fucked everyone over. #octranspo #ottawa #lincolnfieldsJess Martin
Packed. #octranspo #full #uncomfortable #bus #ottawa #storm #weatherStephanie Dorsch
@LesliHarker don’t you miss #Ottawa ? "#OCTranspo classic!"Victoria Amira
@octranspo buses in the ditch Everywhere G
accordion buses apparently not designed for ottawa blizzards #weather @BlacksWeather @OCTranspoAlerts Raby
The transit way is totally blocked at Greenbank station. #OCTranspo #ottnews
@CBCOttawa Octranspo offloading psngrs in middle of Heron rd Ray

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Snow day in Ottawa rough on buses

  1. As a Torontonian, all I can think when looking at all these pictures is that there are so many pictures of OC buses because there are so many OC buses – because Ottawa gets NCC money to help them maintain a public transit fleet that no other city in Canada could possibly afford on its own!

    • [citation needed]

  2. I think that’s BS actually; NCC doesn’t pay for OC Transpo buses. Ottawa is still small-town compared with Toronto which has a huge bus fleet, a subway system plus streetcars, not to mention Go-Trains!

  3. It has nothing to do with who pays for the buses. Were you even here? that was the sloppiest, heaviest snow I had to plow, using a loader. Those accordian buses weren’t meant to be driven in the snow, but with all the polution laws in this provience the is a fleet of regular buses parked until they meet the requirements. So maybe push the right people in the proper direction rather than blaming the wrong ones!