So What Happened With The Geminis and GAS? -

So What Happened With The Geminis and GAS?


buttWhy didn’t Corner Gas get nominated for any Gemini Awards at all (which you’ve got to admit is pretty weird, even in the unlikely event that all the shows nominated ahead of it were better)? It seemed so unexpected that I originally figured there must be some kind of eligibility issue or a mistake of some kind, but apparently it wasn’t; it just got left out of every category.

This is a bit different from the way such things usually happen at the Emmys. The Academy may be worried that not enough popular shows are nominated in the big categories, but there are usually plenty of nominations for popular shows, if not necessarily in the main categories, then in the smaller ones. Two and a Half Men is the most popular comedy in the U.S., and while it doesn’t deserve to win much of anything, it’s gotten lots of nominations over the years. Even Three’s Company got a well-deserved Emmy for John Ritter. It just seems implausible that a show could be that popular and important in the industry and not be among the five best at anything, even if it’s not listed among the five best shows of its type. It’s very subjective to say that not recognizing a particular show devalues the awards, and so I’d be very reluctant to make that argument. But it certainly does seem very strange.

– Star/creator Brent Butt is puzzled by the apparent snub, finding it “kinda goofy”:

“I understand not winning any awards. If we went to the Geminis and didn’t win any awards, you’d kind of roll with it and go, ‘Oh, all right, whatever.’ But to not even have a nomination, that is kind of goofy. I’m not angry or outraged, I’m too busy trying to wrap my head around it, you know? To kind of go, ‘Really? Not a nomination? In 99 categories, after 107 episodes? OK.”‘

Denis McGrath attributes it to the way the juries are set up, and in particular the demographics of the people doing the selecting:

It’s a juried award, which means that a volunteer group screens all the entries and decides on the nominees. That jury has a lot of power, and a lot of sway, and depending how it’s made up, you can favor certain things, favor your friends, or fulfill vendettas, say what you will.
I’ve been on at least a half a dozen Gemini juries over the years, and served as chairman of one. When I was chair, I tried to balance my jury with writers (it was a writing category) of different perspectives, ages, and experience levels, so that we really could give everything a more or less fair shake. I was aware of my own biases, and compensated accordingly.
Comedy is subjective. And Corner Gas comes from a particular school of gentle humor. And it’s not necessarily the kind of humor that, say, a lot of young comics might celebrate.
The original title for this post was “When Gemini meets Can-Con Corn,” but then I realized I’m the only one who remembers the song from the obscure musical I Can Get It For You Wholesale by Harold Rome. Besides, that song pronounces it “Gemin-ee,” not “Gemin-eye.”

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So What Happened With The Geminis and GAS?

  1. Canadians have never really backed the Geminis — it seems to me a move like this — deliberately overlooking a very popular show that has been awarded in the past and had a huge national send-off — well it seems to me it would just make the Geminis even less relevant to Canadians. Which should not be their goal.

  2. It is a quite a bit bizarre that Corner Gas should have received no nominations at all. I've never been a huge fan but always foudn the show at least mildly amusing and enough of a divertissement when I did watch it. So strange that at the endo of its run it shouldn't be nominated for anything.

    For my money to the two best comedies on Canadian television are Less than Kind and Billable Hours.

  3. It's all so subjective that more value should be placed the viewership rather than a bunch of people in the industry that have their own bias. Shows how much of a usless excercise the geminis are. Or Bret didn't "solicit$ " enough support? Oh well who gives a sh__ I enjoyed it with it's own sense of humour.

  4. The Gemini juries are made up of volunteers who are members of the Academy of Canadian Film and Television. When I was on juries years ago, the jurors had to be members in their own categories … producers, directors, writers, actors, etc… but not necessarily in their own areas of expertise. Many of the jurors voted for their friends; many new members were reluctant to speak up against the old timers. It seemed there were no established criteria.
    Jurors do screen 20+ shows, many of which they've never seen previously. I spoke up for shows with originality, excellence of execution on a small budget, and other principles I thought should be taken into consideration.
    The Gemini nominating process is certainly far from perfect. The American Academy Awards [and those of other countries around the world] suffer from the same problems.
    Corner Gas may not have been nominated just because it isn't continuing.

  5. Corner Gas should have been nominated. It was very clever in its gentle humor. Sad for them and for us that the panel didn't see this . We Canadians don't recognize the genius right under our own noses. keep entertain ing us Brent and all other cast members . It's always a belly laugh for me.

  6. The Geminis have always been just " Canadian Light"; now they have become even lighter. They are the domain of the twenty something sophisticates voting for their friends.