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So September starts and we don’t even get a chance to catch our breath; new episodes are upon us already, including an episode where Bones goes to London. (This will be better than Family Ties Vacation, don’t worry.) Hart Hanson, creator/showrunner of Bones, discusses the latest entry in the venerable “on-location season opener” genre.

And so are new controversies, like the bizarre Gemini Awards nomination process by which Murdoch Mysteries got a nomination for everything except the star who carries the whole show — see John Doyle for more on this.

Flight of the Conchords, unsurprisingly, turns out to be a show that couldn’t sustain its gimmicky concept for very long; the stars used up most of their material in the first season. Coming up with all-new material for the second season is enough of a problem that they’ve already announced that the second season will be their last.
It’s a problem inherent in any show based on a pre-existing act: a stage act requires a relatively limited amount of material, whereas a TV series, even a series with short seasons, is a ravenous monster, always needing a supply of fresh material in order to stay alive.

And yes, I will be watching the 90210 pilot tonight at 8 (Global’s Got It!). I almost feel I shouldn’t, just to give the CW their comeuppance for their insane over-marketing of the show, but I can’t resist. Besides, I’ll rationalize it this way — if we don’t watch 90210 tonight, the CW might decide they haven’t marketed the show enough, and then they’ll start leaking even more news items to the press. Then we’ll have a situation where every single entertainment news story in the entire world is an item about some 90210 original cast member who might or might not be coming back for an episode. To prevent that from happening, I’ve got to watch the show.

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So What’s New?

  1. I dunno Jaime…sounds to me like you’re thinking waaaaaaaaay too much about ‘90210’ and will so be there with bells on.

  2. sounds to me like you’re thinking waaaaaaaaay too much about ‘90210′

    You can’t possibly believe that it is possible to think too much about 90210. Maybe — just maybe — it’s possible to think too much about 21 Jump Street, but 90210?

  3. ok…fair enough. 21 Jump Street trumps.

    And do agree with you that for all that the show has done to hurt its chances for success (no screeners, bringing back old hasbeens), it has received more ink than just about anything out there this fall. Shaking my head…’why?’

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