Some people are even trading in their 8-year-old JetSki wetsuits for them


The latest frenzy in the eyewear market: Kawasaki 704 glasses, courtesy of….her:


Some people are even trading in their 8-year-old JetSki wetsuits for them

  1. I’ve noticed down here in Chicago, the “In what respect, Charlie?” catch phrase is the new rage.

  2. And in almost every mid-size American city, there’s a really popular MeetUp group for people who don’t know what the Bush doctrine is.

  3. Man that Tina Fey is really popular huh…this bodes well for the 3rd season of 30 Rock

  4. I joined them. Learned it good.

  5. Excellent news about the glasses. Means the naughty librarian look is going to dominate for a while.

  6. Close up, she looks a bit cross…

    Men seldom vote in masses for girls who wear glasses.

  7. I’ve been trying to make my voice more whiny, too.

  8. Hey, don’t forget the Palin action figure dolls – GI Joe and Arnold – you’ve been beaten by a woman.

  9. Stock wears ’em too?

  10. Do I detect some smug in Palin’s photo above?

    I thought only Liberals were smug.

  11. Whenever the media act like smart-asses in an effort to discredit Palin (like this whole Bush doctrine smear job), Obama loses a few more votes.

  12. And then, sf, you wake up.

    Middle America may love her style, but a good number of them also think the Vice Presidency should be more than a popularity contest. Or perhaps, Charlie, you’re among those who think that awareness of the “Bush Doctrine” is quite superfluous?

  13. I am certain Palin will be a huge problem for McCain and will be remembered as a fantastically trivializing presence in American politics. The only question, hardly a trivial question, will be whether that revelation will be a key ingredient in a McCain defeat or an early crisis in a McCain presidency.

  14. sf

    Don’t you think it’s great to watch these people who think they are ‘tolerant’ and ‘sophisticated’ looking down their noses at a woman for no reason other than she is not like them? They can’t seem to help themselves, their aesthetic values are being challenged, and all they can do is ratchet up their condescension and snideness.

    And the msm wonders why they have little credibility with the general public.

  15. For those who really want to know what the Bush doctrine is, they should refer themselves to Krauthammer’s column “No ‘gotcha’ for Charles Gibson”, rather than Charlie’s arrogant smear interview.

    Jack: democracy is the ultimate popular contest, and that includes the vice-presidency.
    From webster, popularity:
    1: of or relating to the general public
    2: suitable to the majority

    PW: In an era when Gore and Quayle were vice presidents, I find it unlikely that Palin could do worse.

  16. Funny, I think Obama will be remembered as a fantastically trivializing presence in American politics.

    He’s a flake. He’s a carpetbagger. He’s too far to the left for the American electorate.

    As far as political experience goes, Palin also trumps Obama. It hardly matters. Neither Palin or Obama will be president anytime soon. Not Obama because he will lose the 2008 election. Not Palin because McCain will, like his mother, still be alive and kicking at 96 years of age.

  17. jwl: I agree 100%.

  18. jwl, I’m not tolerant, but I am sophisticated – if you mean that in a nice way, not “gratuitously paradoxical” – but who thinks that of themselves, really? Anyway, I’m here to stomp, not to love and cherish. I just don’t want to do it to the innocent, that’s all.

    “They can’t seem to help themselves, their aesthetic values are being challenged, and all they can do is ratchet up their condescension and snideness.”

    “Challenged” is not the mot juste, Charlie. Palin is a direct assault on Chic. But you’ve seen Passchendaele? Where the 60 guys hold off the German battalion?

    “Snideness” is not a word, Charlie. You’re thinking of “snidery.”

  19. jwl, I guess it is different when you call Obama an empty suit. Also don’t some Conservative commentators mock Obama’s silly Harvard education? (not to mention “Professor” Dion)

    Also if Palin’s “Bush Docterine” goof isn’t damaging, would Krauthammer feel the need to come in defence of her?

  20. Blues Clair: Palin’s BD incident is not damaging, it is polarizing. It will cause Obama to lose independent votes to McCain, and it will cause Dem voters to become even more hysterical than before.
    I don’t think I’ve heard any conservative commentator mock Obama’s Harvard education, although I have read a story or two about his indistinguished presidency of the Harvard Law Review.
    Krauthammer is writing about it for many reasons, among them:
    a)self-interest, since he invented the term
    b)writers write columns, it’s their job

  21. ““Snideness” is not a word, Charlie.”

    Jack M

    See, you just can’t help yourself, like I wrote. Snideness is a word, look it up some time.

    Blues Clair

    “you call Obama an empty suit”

    I think it’s ok when I write that because it’s a statement of fact :)

    I enjoy the name calling and the hurly burly of election campaigns. It’s all great fun to watch.

    What really bothers me though is that the exact same people who are looking down at Palin are those who are trying to impose politically correct, multi-culti, ideas on us.

    Palin should be a natural Democrat, she’s about as working class as they come, but all they can do is sneer at her because she didn’t abort her baby and has a pregnant teenage daughter. I would have less problems with the condescension if those same people didn’t pretend they believed in kumbaya values as well.

  22. For the life of me, I don’t see why they didn’t just nominate a dog.

  23. Have people forgotten Spiro Agnew?

    There are two lessons here. First, he wasn’t exactly a foreign policy heavyweight. Second, when the powers that be realized that he might actually become president they found a way to dump him.

  24. My new favourite, quoted by Matt Yglesias:

    NBC MAINE: What experience does she have in the field of national security?

    MCCAIN: Energy. She knows more about energy than probably anyone else in the United States of America.

  25. @Jack Mitchell – that one’s a cracker.

    All jokes about “I can see Russia from my house!” aside, Alaska is home to bases that launch against Russian long range patrols (in fact, Canadian fighters from 425 Squadron were posted to Elmendorf AFB last November and performed intercepts to cover the mass grounding and repair of US F-15s).

    The thing that may drag down the Republican’s is not Palin’s lack of experience – pound for pound it’s not much less impressive than Obama’s, such as the cobwebs which adorned his chairmanship of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee’s Subcommittee on European Affairs.

    What hopefully will drag her down is pathetic Republican attempts to make her seem *more* qualified than Obama, which she most surely isn’t. It is a lie to claim she has more integrity than Obama, which her background (bringing party politics into local government, for earmarks before against them, cronys in government agencies, book banning attempts, no choice for rape/incest victims who wish to abort) makes it clear she hasn’t.

  26. @ Mark Dowling,

    It’s clear that neither Obama nor Palin have experience at being President, but then the only new presidents in living memory who did would be George H. W. Bush, Nixon, Truman and, though it’s stretching it since he was no Decider before assuming the mantle) Johnson. Eisenhower was certainly the most experienced at running a big complex bureaucracy.

    What reall counts for experience is whether the candidate is able to pull levers, grease palms, and generally work the system. In other words, are they able to take on Congress, the Party, the Pentegon, and the bureaucracy, leading their advisers instead of being led. Obama’s had 18 months of experience at that, whereas Palin was found walking down Main Street on a Sunday and handed a cue-card. She has literally no gravitas, which is essential for bludgeoning people into line. I hope Brian Smith’s right that the Powers that Be would shanghai her in case McCain was out of the picture, but it’s a scary chance to take.

  27. jwl, I think the basicproblem (and I know you are being tongue in cheek re the Obama/empty suit crack) is that here, we are not criticising Palin because of her personal characteristics. We are criticising her comprehensive lack of knowledge.

    So rather than defend her (by either claiming she has more knowledge than she is displaying or saying that knowledge about public policy is not a pre-requisite for being 2/ic of the Executive Branch) you go on the ffensive and try to put us “left wingers” on the defensive by attacking us personally.

    I take it from this that you cannot defend Palin and believe that while she may be a fine individual, she is singularly unqualified through education and experience to be the VP.

    Now please, rather than call me elitist (because I like my leaders smart) or snide (because I am occasionally) deal with the issue at hand, leaving the origin of the questioner out of it. Is Sarah Palin qualified to run the USA if John McCain dies and/or is she qualified to be the key adviser to the President of the USA? These are not left wing or elitist questions – they are the basic questions that should be asked of every prospective VP.

  28. Chris B

    I think this question about ‘qualified’ is a red-herring. What’s the proper training for the position of President?

    One minute you are hosting the winning team of the Stanley Cup and the next moment you are in the situation room planning invasion of Syria. I read somewhere that President is like being Queen of UK with nukes.

    I don’t believe there is any job that prepares you for the position, so I focus on a candidate’s philosophy, instincts.

    I like Palin because she’s got the right philosophy and that will carry her through any crisis that occurs. I don’t like Obama for the same reason, he’s a marxist rabble rouser and his left wing ideas will harm the U.S.

    If Obama is qualified to be President, than Palin is qualified to be VP, as far as I am concerned.

  29. jwl, speaking of philosophiness, what is it about Palin’s that appeals to you? The pro-lifeness? The kickassiness in foreign policy? The let’s-drillness? The factness that she belongs to an apocalyptic cult?

  30. I like Palin because she’s got the right philosophy and that will carry her through any crisis that occurs.

    Not to bash, JWL, but isn’t that very close to what conservatives were saying about Bush from about 2001 through, well, when Palin replaced Bush as the conservative cult figure?

    More importantly, even if it is true, I think it’s fair to say that nobody really knows what Palin’s “philosophy” is, because nobody knows what she thinks about most issues. Obama’s opinion on every issue has been scrutinized ad nauseam, as it should be, so you know enough about his philosophy to know he’s a fairly conventional Democrat, albeit well to the right of the Democratic party of 40 years ago (aka a “Marxist rabble-rouser”).

    Or has the Stephen Colbert ideal — gut feelings are more important than anything else — become reality.

  31. “The factness that she belongs to an apocalyptic cult?”

    What a load of crap. Do you get your info from DailyKos? It sure seems that way.

    I think the Dems are falling into the trap that McCain has set for them. Every time they bitch and moan about Palin’s lack of experience, people can’t help but take a look at Obama’s. He’s got ZERO experience leading ANYTHING of any significance. ZERO. At least Palin’s been a Mayor and a Governor. Obama’s been NOTHING.

    Plus, it’s pretty obvious that Obama cannot handle pressure. A 44-year-old hockey mom has thrown his entire campaign into disarray for an entire week. Sorry, but if you can’t take a hit from a girl, you don’t belong anywhere near the presidency.

  32. Jaime

    No, I don’t think that was what all conservatives were saying about Bush. Many of us/them find him way too liberal, like the Macleans cover suggested the other week. The only people satisfied with Bush regime are evangelicals, as far as I can tell.

    I don’t care how Obama appears now, he is a chameleon, but his instincts told him to be a community organizer(aka “Marxist rabble-rouser) and I don’t believe he’s shed them.

    What I have a problem with is the argument that Obama is clearly qualified while Palin isn’t because there is little difference between the two, as far as ‘experience’ goes.

    And I don’t believe Obama has been scrutinized in the way you describe. There is lots we don’t know about him and when people try to look into Obama’s past, his campaign tries to shut down further inquiry (when people started to look into Obama’s ties with domestic terrorist William Ayer, Barry’s first instinct was to get Dept of Justice involved).

    Anyways, time for dinner.

  33. Jack Kerouac, you have obviously not been briefed on the Rapture.

    Unless you mend your ways, my friend, the Great Snatch (technical term) will result in your being left out of the Elect & denied heavenly bliss for the eon in which the Devil reigns.

    For details, please visit http://ag.org/top/ . Sarah Palin’s Church until 6 years ago.

    I’m not saying this isn’t your last warning, but you might want to think about what God has in store for you.

  34. “domestic terrorist William Ayers”

    LOL, I love how jwl parrots even the stupidest Republican talking points.

    Was Joschka Fischer similarly a “domestic terrorist” even when he was the foreign minister of Germany?

  35. Measure of a leader is how efficiently you allocate resources to promote quality-of-living. With America they also have to consider South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, maybe Eastern Europe, Israel, Iceland, Saudi Arabia (ironically), Mexico…America needs good economics and healthcare policy right now…not the strength of any prospective VPs or Ps. If they’re going for sex appeal I’d suggest an olympic gymnast. With McCain in power, Cuban Missile Crisis ends in WWIII. If USA gets nuked, McCain threatens WWIII. In both cases Obama is better because of no neocon experience.

    Harper’s ignorance of climate change and planned cuts (pre-listeria) to CFIA is telling that he can’t handle future societal risks. If children have to deal with preventable AGW, it would be fair for children to bring their future threats into the present for boomers to endure (or not), say, a pandemic.

  36. Interesting. I do not share the same certainty as you Paul on the coming catastrophe that is Palin.

    I guess that argument would extend to Barack Obama – do we face that music in terms of his defeat or do we wait for an early presidency meltdown?

  37. jwl – I think this is where one has to be guided y their own instincts. I do not have any faith in Palin’s philosophy, as evidenced by what I have seen so far:

    Constant lying (ex the Bridge to Nowhere, the “trip” to Ireland and Iraq, this whole book banning business)
    and, most importantly, a staggeringly naive view of foreign policy, such as blithely saying that the us would go to war with Russia over the Ukraine or Georgia.

    And I say stageringly naive because somehow during the cold war, they managed to avoid this, yet she would casually toss off such a suggestion as if it was nothing.

  38. So sad to see the media’s hatchet job having an effect on folks up here.

    Palin is one of the most popular politicians in the country (her approval ratings in Alaska are an astonishing 85%) yet the NYT’s cover story just run (one of many examples) contains account after account from her political enemies that had nothing good to say about her.

    It’s content and style looks like it could have been written by the Democratic Party.

    Funny, with an 85% approval rating, the Times manages to find only people who have contempt for Palin.

    They’re not about to let their chosen candidate go down without a fight.

    We’ll see what’s left of the media industry after this one.

    Rather than learning from Rathergate, it looks like the media’s doubling down.

  39. So kody, is it a hatchet job because:

    A) it is false (and if so, please point out how)
    B) They are saying bad things about someone you like and you are to able to handle that sort of cognitive dissonance

  40. Chris B,

    it’s not that they are “saying bad things”,

    they’re ONLY saying bad things, because they’re choosing to only cover her enemies’ view of her. In the ordinary course this would be horrible journalism, but in the context of her being at an astonishing 85% approval, this is simply an attempt to re-create her wildly positive appeal into a negative one.

    As John from Powerline stated, if you only interviewed copperhead democrats, the portrait of Abe Lincoln would present him negatively too.

    I’m sure you’re fine with this one-sided attack, masquerading as news, but in the end the media will suffer for it.

  41. kody, the media hasn’t been reporting McCain’s lies “misstatements” either. I think they just tend to get on a bandwagon, and “VP nominee is a dimwit” has been the latest bandwagon. Of course, the Republicans could try and counteract that if they let her give interviews to the press, but for some reason they seem reluctant to do that.

  42. Chris,

    I’ll make it simpler.

    If you spent your day assisting old folks at a seniors home,

    taking an impoverished child to his first ball game,

    and donating the rest of your time to the local soup kitchen,

    and the press did a story on your day, and all they mentioned was the fact that you cut somebody off on the road (on your way to the soup kitchen – which wasn’t mentioned),

    getting all their facts from an in depth interview with the guy you cut off as he described how rude you were,

    and the story was entitled, “Chris – Not a Nice Guy”,

    you’d be in Sara Palin’s shoes.

    But don’t worry Chris, you’re in no danger of taking the presidency away from someone they’ve ordained to win months ago.

  43. So pray tell what has Sarah Palin done in her two years?

    I know she fought corrupt Republicans, but Obama does that every day, so that cannot be her prime accomplishment.

  44. Yeah, liberal media. Stop being unbalanced. Every issue always, always always has two and only two sides. If I can’t count two, it’s teh bias!

  45. “In what respect Charlie?” – Blues Clair

    This catchword is plain proof that Palin has more understanding of the Bush doctrine than Charlie Gibson. It seems he meant the validity of preemptive strikes in rooting out state platforms for terrorist attacks. Yet Bush’s doctrine also includes democratizing the middle east so that the frustrations of the people in those countries can be expressed through democratic choice on how to run the country instead of being channeled at the west by charlatans seeking to maximize their power.

    “In what respect, Charlie?” suggests Palin understood this – possibly that she could not choose one of these for Gibson and answer to that one, but nevertheless a better understanding of it on the spot than Gibson has. Interestingly, a comparison by The Anchoress blog suggests that Obama got nothing like these questions from Gibson in his interview.

    I regretfully suggest that between Obama, Palin, and Charlie Gibson et al, Palin is the [i]least[/i] trivializing to American politics.

  46. Chris B on Sunday, September 14, 2008 at 9:11 pm wrote:

    “I know she fought corrupt Republicans, but Obama does that every day, so that cannot be her prime accomplishment.”

    The difference would appear to be that Palin has obtained actual, um, what’s that word called again?

    Oh yeah, results.  Beats tilting at windmills any day.  And the real comparison would be if Obama had fought corrupt Democrats.  He’s too busy enjoying the spoils of his Chicago connections to do that.


  47. Care to specify the results, Charlie Garth?

  48. But Garth, it is so much easier to find a corrupt Republican.

    All I was doing was having a little joke that I stole from Jay Leno:

    “I mean, out on the campaign trail, John McCain and Sarah Palin are talking about how they stood up to the Republican party. They fought the Republican establishment. And they battled Republicans. Their message: vote Republican”

  49. That indeed seems to be the McCain/Palin message: “Only Republicans can save America from the damage the Republicans caused.”

    Isn’t that beautiful in its own special way?

  50. What with The New York Times being so blantantly biased against the Republican Party, and particularly Sarah Palin, it strikes me as quite a shame that The New York Times is the one and only news outlet available to all Americans. It’s criminal there isn’t a plethora of other media news outlets providing our fine neighbours to the south with a spectrum of opinions.

  51. The only question, hardly a trivial question, will be whether that revelation will be a key ingredient in a McCain defeat or an early crisis in a McCain presidency.

    How could Palin cause a crisis in a McCain White House if she isn’t given anything to do? The Vice President is only as busy as the President wants him or her to be. In the case of Cheney and Gore, the answer was “quite busy”. In both the Clinton and Bush 43 Administrations, the Vice Presidents were a key part of the team, and managed to amass a fair amount of power in their office. It’s worth noting, though, that in both the Bush 41 and Reagan Administrations, the Vice Presidents were decidedly less influential, to put it politely. Both Bush Sr. and Dan Quayle were figureheads in their respective Administrations. No doubt McCain would keep her busy with some domestic agenda issues, and she would fly the flag for the Administration on the Sunday morning talk show circuit, but there is zero chance that Palin will have any influence over the national security and foreign policy issues that dominate the Presidency.

  52. I cannot believe that people are making the argument that Palin is as experienced as Obama.

    He has been an elected official for 12 years at the state or national level.

    The population of his district in Illinois as state senator (13th) is almost 800,000, vs 700,000 for Palin’s entire state.

    It is ridiculous to suggest she is as experienced as Obama, it is not even close.

  53. The difference is that Obama is running for President, while Palin is running for Vice President. If experience is the issue, the Republicans got the order of their ticket right, while the Democratic ticket is upside down.

    This also frames the reason why the Obama campaign has been horribly off balance for the last two weeks. Every time they compare Obama’s experience to Palin’s, they diminish Obama, allowing John McCain to rise above the fray and look Presidential without even trying.

    There is some evidence that the Democrats are finally figuring out that their best strategy is to ignore Palin, and focus on McCain. For two weeks, though, all the Democrats have succeeded in doing is make Palin into a national superstar, and marginalize Joe Biden completely.

  54. Dennis

    On your point about experience:

    “Sixty-three percent (63%) of voters say John McCain is prepared right now to be president, and 50% say the same thing about Democratic vice presidential candidate Joseph Biden. Forty-four percent (44%) say the man at the top of Biden’s ticket, Barack Obama, is ready, but 45% say he isn’t.” Rasmussen, Sept 15th

    I think the McCain campaign has used a few jujutsu techniques on the media to garner sympathy for Palin. I don’t think Obama’s campaign team wanted the last two weeks to go as it has but the media decided over the top coverage of Palin was appropriate and Dems had to respond. Obama said leave families alone but the media went to town on Palin instead and now they are reaping what they sowed. The media have little credibility with the public and all they managed to do was pump up enthusiasm for the campaign they loathe.

    “Seven out of 10 voters (69%) remain convinced that reporters try to help the candidate they want to win, and this year by a nearly five-to-one margin voters believe they are trying to help Barack Obama.” Rasmussen, Sept 10.

  55. I still say Governor (even of a small state) trumps U.S. Senator, and mayor (even of a small town) trumps State Senator as far as actually affecting people’s everyday lives and having to make tough decisions (Similarly, I think experience as a premier would trump being an MP as qualification for prime minister). Now by how much, I don’t know. Is a year as Governor worth 2 years in the U.S. Senate? 3 years? 1.5 years?

    But I’ll second Dennis in pointing out that Palin is only running for VP and therefore the bar for her is not as high as for Obama.

  56. “Similarly, I think experience as a premier would trump being an MP as qualification for prime minister”

    Well, given that a trained seal could be an MP (Clap your fins twice to vote yes and three times to vote no), I should say a Premier would have more experience than an MP.

    In the US a Senator actually has to make up his/her mind, can sponsor legislation, has real power etc etc. They don’t get whipped like an MP – there is no comparison

  57. “In the US a Senator actually has to make up his/her mind”

    Unless he/she can vote “present”.

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