Somebody might as well make a decision


So a B.C. judge has ruled that the Insite safe-insection site can keep operating, in defiance of any decision Tony Clement may or may not someday eventually make. (You want a decision from Clement? You are guaranteed a wait time.) This will come as a disappointment to many, including John Reynolds, who registered as a lobbyist for an “alternative” to Insite. After swearing he would never be a lobbyist. (Mind you, he wasn’t paid.) After co-chairing Stephen Harper’s 2006 campaign with that noted advocate of elected senators, Michael Fortier.


Somebody might as well make a decision

  1. OOH! Is that what happened? My bad, here I thought they’d guaranteed reduced wait times, not just wait times in general.

    Now it makes much more sense.

  2. Get ready for the denunciation of “activist judges”, in 3-2-1.

  3. Greg, I’m not usually in that camp but there’s something about ruling drug possession laws unconstitutional in one particular place that seems like the court was stretching as far as possible to come to the desired conclusion.

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