Somehow Randy Couture must be behind this -

Somehow Randy Couture must be behind this

Blaming Canada, for the ailment of UFC manbeast Brock Lesnar, is the perfect anti-Obama rallying cry, says our newest blogger Colby Cosh


It sounds as though Brock Lesnar’s chiropractor thinks that Canadian health care is somehow to blame for the mystery intestinal illness that is threatening the all-American manbeast’s Ultimate Fighting career. I’ve occasionally had occasion to point out in print that chiropractic is a pseudoscience cooked up by a weird Canadian grocer solely on the basis of bizarre “spiritual promptings,” received from “the other world,” about the biological basis of disease. The response from practitioners and loyal patients is always the same: that’s not us anymore. Chiropractic has left its grand, kooky theoretical and anatomical theories behind and embraced scientific method. Responsible chiropractors no longer claim plenary power to heal or comprehend the whole organism.

It’s funny, though, how often we still run across characters like Larry Novotny, who appears to regard himself as qualified to comment on a modern hospital’s handling of an intestinal infection. What’s important to understand is that evidence-based medicine is at the heart of the political struggles over health care now going on in the United States. Obama’s bright boys feel confident they can stem the growth in medical expenditures in the U.S. if practices with weak or nonexistent evidence of helpfulness can be suppressed on a national scale. Since the Canadian health care system is associated in the public mind with the Obama health program—even though Canada is actually pretty inept when it comes to using evidence to decide what treatments it will fund—chiropractors and other potentially endangered Medicare billers have a clear vested interest in spreading fear and uncertainty about Canadian medicine. (U.S. Medicare “only” pays chiropractors for “manual manipulation for subluxation of the spine.” But that is the essence of what chiropractors do; it is practically the definition of their art. And you don’t need to prove you actually have any sort of malformation of the spinal column in order to qualify for compensation.)

In short, there could be no better or more opportune anti-Obama narrative/rallying cry than “The Canadians messed up Brock Lesnar!” I hasten to add an important caveat: the Canadians may, in fact, have messed up Brock Lesnar!


Somehow Randy Couture must be behind this

  1. Welcome, Colby!

    • go home colby. sulk and whine in the corner.

  2. Second that.

    Was this new addition a surprise?

    • It is surprise to me, don't know about anyone else. Hopefully Cosh will be posting here regularly and writing for the mag as well. Nice of Macleans to give some ideological balance.

      I had no opinions about chiropractors until I saw one six months ago. Had a shoulder complaint after car accident and not one of my 'proper' doctors was able to relieve the pain. Went to chiropractor as last hope and she sorted out my problem in one, twenty minute appointment. So there might be kooks in the business but I am also believer in proof is in the pudding.

      • "Ideological balance"? We lose Kady; and we get this guy? Some balance.

        • You are so courteous, to be writing "this guy" on this guy's blog.

        • You poor dear. I guess you will just have to content yourself with Wells, Wherry, Geddes and Feschuk.

          • Poor Wells. Half the commenters are accusing him of being a Liberal hack, and the other half are accusing him of shilling for the Tories.

          • That just tells me that Wells must be doing something right.

          • I wish we could relegate that bit of folk wisdom to the dustbin where it belongs. As Jaime Wineman has asserted a few times at Blog Central, when you're pissing everyone off, you're doing nothing right

            No that I'm accusing Wells of anything. I don't think he's a shill at all. He's just overly impressed with the Right's tactics.

          • I don't agree that Wells is "pissing everyone off". I think it's mostly hardcore partisans who get upset when their party or their leader is the target of Wellsian scorn, and these individuals tend to be the most vocal on the comment boards.

          • I didn't accuse Wells of pissing everyone off, as the 2nd paragraph clearly states. I was simply remarking on that platitude. A lot of rather dull and uninsightful scribblers use that these days to minimize the negative consensus reaction their poor quality output rightfully elicits.

          • I think you're reading way too much into my one-line quip.

            I was just making a ploddingly simple point about Wells specifically. He tends to offend hyper-partisans on both sides, while satisfying the majority of his readers who appreciate his wit and analysis.

            I appreciate your haughty digression about how other, lesser writers use that platitude as an excuse, but that has nothing to do with my point about those who accuse Wells of bias.

          • "I appreciate your haughty digression about how other, lesser writers use that platitude as an excuse…"

            I wasn't a digression, it was my only point. That platitude is meaningless.

          • "accusing him of being a Liberal hack"

            I make no such accusation. I think Wells is one of the best political writers in Canada but he is liberal.

            And one of the reasons why I enjoy Wells is that he is equal opportunity with snark and criticism so he's clearly not a Liberal hack.

          • I just said Cash is a poor trade for Kady if you're progressive. I admire Wells as well and think he is usually quite fair. There is a big difference between progressive and card carrying Liberal or NDP or green. That's s distinction lost on many commentators. Just as the left leaning can fail to make a distinction between conservative and Harper/Conservative.

          • "Cash is a poor trade for Kady if you're progressive"

            Sincere question – What is difference between progressive and liberal? I am right leaning and think of them as basically the same ideologically. Is NDP progressive and Lib liberal?

            And I never thought of Kady as being an opinion blogger. Her live-blogging was fantastic and mostly fair/balanced but she did lean centre-left when writing about other things.

          • Who had "4 hours, 15 minutes" in the pool on "When will the first person who can't wrangle all four letters in 'Cosh' turn up"? I was way under.

          • I think four hours is pretty good. People have problems with where periods go here, never mind spelling.

          • I'm a country fan and guess what? it may come as a shock, but I ain't never heard of you.

          • So your point is, you can only spell famous names?

          • Also, Potter, I do believe, leans that way.

    • Why would anyone be surprised by the addition of another conservative pundit at Macleans.

      • It's a halfway house for those fleeing The National Post. With the Publications Assistance Program funding, think of it as part of the social safety net.

        We can't have these people living on the street now, can we?

    • I saw an announcement on here earlier this week that he's now employed by MacLeans and would start blogging soon.

      • Yup. And it was included as part of his last piece at the NattyPoo.

        And I guess that means the rumours about Heather Mallick making
        the cut weren't true. Shame.

  3. Good. Now get rid of Steyn..

    • Why? Steyn and Parisella cancel each other out quite nicely.

      Welcome Mr Cosh.

      • Not exactly. Parisella is gone. However, Steyn is not a blogger anyway.

        • No one here is blogging anymore since O'Malley left.

          Blogging entails interaction with one's readers and is a process by which a particular story unfolds. Apart from a few cursory interjections from Wells and Feschuk, you get the impression no one around here cares what the commenters say. And I don't blame them. But it's not blogging.

          • I hate to break it to you, but you are neither Webster nor Oxford. Blogging is short for web logging. And that is what all the bloggers do. Blogging does not have to be interactive. It just involves logging your thoughts on the web. That's it.
            Anyway, I think I've seen comments from most bloggers. Most of them are writers first and bloggers second. O'Malley's job was a bit different.

          • Blogging does not have to be interactive. It just involves logging your thoughts on the web.

            So why don't they just call them op/eds then?

            Web logging developed from the practice of private individuals using cyberspace to communicate their ideas for a variety of reasons but when the mainstream news media started engaging in the practice, it took on a different a role among the activities people engage in to inform themselves . The better mainstream media bloggers who understand the medium recognize its strength as precisely what I enumerated in my previous comment; it becomes a venue in which a story updated, clarified, corrected and expanded by a community of participants through interaction and dialogue.

            If there isn't much of that, all of this is simply posting an article online and having comments at the end of it by a group of people who are mostly talking past each other and/or shouting into the void. That's what every document posted online by the mainstream media is these days. In which case, that only means that everything is blogging and therefore nothing is.

          • The whole point is that you are not posting an article. A blog post can be a sentence, or a few words. It is not edited and not polished. And it is generally not scheduled, it is done when you are in the mood.

            Those are all differences from op/eds.

          • Uh huh.

          • Sure, some of these blogs (Parisella's old blog especially) are more like a series of mini-articles than a blog. And I agree that it's more fun if the bloggers are in the comments. So they do occasionally pop in, but clearly they don't get bogged down in the debates and the arguments in the comments. I agree that it's more fun that way. O'Malley was an exception, I agree.

  4. Mr. Cosh I presume. Welcome to the mud patch.

  5. Speaking of evidence…

    even though Canada is actually pretty inept when it comes to using evidence to decide what treatments it will fund?

    I'm curious to see what evidence this claim is based on?

  6. Why on earth would Canadians – who, by the way, responded remarkably positively to UFC events in Montreal – be complicit in the incapacitation of one of the greatest draws?

    Besides, it's not as if he was ever going to fight GSP…

  7. Before we can conclude Canadian medicine was at fault, it would be helpful to know what's wrong with Lesnar, and I don't think it's a chiropractic problem. Once we know that, it will be possible to tell if something was lacking in his treatment.

  8. Welcome Colby.

  9. My favourite, rational, libertarian writing for MaCleans!

    Oh happy day.

    They couldn't have picked anyone better IMHO.

    • There's never enough libertarians!

      • What we need are some libertarians that are easy on the eyes.


    • Agreed. Now they just need to bring Selley back and I can delete the awful Full Comment from my reader for good.

  10. Just a hillbilly our here in the boonies far from the sophisticated centres of sophistication and power with which you are so obviously familiar.
    But if I were Cosh, I would take it as a compliment.

  11. Take it as a compliment instead of taking a cheap shot., I mean't to say.

  12. Wow! now THAT is unbiased storytelling. My Doctor of Chiropractic is fantastic. My family MD just keeps giving me pain meds telling me "if that doesn't work, come back in two weeks and we'll try something else". Does that sound like science? Duh!…No…it's a guessing game. At least Chiropractors are specific and honest about what they do, regardless if someone doesn't get the subluxation or not.

    • It does sound as though your family MD could use a lesson from your Chiropractor on the correct dispensation of placebo.

  13. That guy is behind EVERYTHING!

  14. I am a Chiropractor ( CMCC- Tor.-1978) and I grow weary of terribly mis-informed Americans, mostly Republicans and insurance industry stakeholders, making ridiculous statements without a shred of verified fact regarding Canada's health care system. I am embarassed that a foreign colleage would have the temerity to suggest that our system contributed to or caused this wrestlers illness. I am quite confident that the attending physicians, nurses and hospital staff treated this individual with the finest medical care, respect and compassion found anywhere on this planet. I would suggest to my American chiropractic friend that he get his facts straight and be more concerned with the figure I heard on CNN of some 45,000 people dying in the U.S. because they were poor and had no access to health coverage. I would welcome comments from our American neighbours, how a country, that has the scientific ability to place extremely complex robots on a planet 45 million miles away (Mars) but doesn't have the, what, compassion or common sense to give a tonsillectomy to an indigent Hispanic or black man lying in a ditch somewhere.

  15. …instead of making this about a stupid person's ill conceived comments i.e. "Lesnar's chiropractor is an idiot", Cosh makes it about all chiropractic physicians and thereby insults all chiropractors and their patients and ignores the copious research on the subject. Typical silliness brought forth by someone with nothing real to say.