Sophie doesn’t look happy


This is excruciating. Keep watching at least until he polls the audience.



Sophie doesn’t look happy

  1. How the heck did he go home with 1500 Euros? Isn’t that a first-level question?

  2. Personally I’m a little more disturbed by the audience….

  3. Of course Sophie doesn’t look happy, it was just revealed on national tv that her dad/husband? is the dumbest guy in France.

    I also agree with d. andy jette, what’s up with the audience. Were they deliberately trying to sabotage him to let someone else have a go or are 56% of them colossally stupid?

  4. I’ve got to go with jwl’s suggestion that the audience was intentionally screwing with him in order to punish him for his shocking ignorance. Call me hopelessly optimistic, but while I’m willing to believe that a single person could be that stupid, I just can’t believe that more than half the people in that room could be.

    If the audience was honestly trying their best to give the correct answer, then I really have to question how these people manage to feed themselves.

    On an unrelated note, he “MIGHT” have ended up with the Sun and the Moon if he’d taken the 50/50??? I think anyone who’s watched this show more than once knows that it’s GUARANTEED he would have ended up with the Sun and the Moon left. There’s simply no question whatsoever.

  5. Forget the 56% who think the Sun revolves around the Earth…what about the 2% who think Mars does?

  6. I’d bet good money they’re from Marseille.

  7. You know, this explains so much about Sarko and the current state of France.

  8. In fairness, there seems to be a Youtube tradition of posting (largely anglo) dumbosity on WWTBAMillionaire.

  9. Well, many scientists consider the earth and moon a “binary planet”, which share the same intertwined orbit around the Sun. Perhaps he was trying to fit the options he had been given into this more advanced knowledge paradigm.

  10. I don’t give the audience much credit. We’re talking here about a country that routinely has more citizens disagreeing than agreeing with the statement that “the free enterprise system and free market economy is the best system on which to base the future of the world.”

  11. and don’t forget; this is a country that thinks Jerry Lewis is a comic genius.

  12. No point in being smug. This could just as easily happen in Canada or the U.S. Sadly, I am rarely surprised by the depths of ignorance out there regarding science topics. After all, most newspapers still publish astrology columns.

  13. This is a “science” topic like ‘what part of your body does your thinking for you’ is a science question. Surely, this is basic knowledge.

  14. Excruciating indeed. Copernicus must be turning over in his grave.

  15. Is Galileo turning clockwise or counter-clockwise in his grave?

  16. Also, the Jerry Lewis thing is an urban legend. Although Woody Allen hasn’t passed his best-before date over there yet.

  17. I think Ted’s question, if you are a male, is harder than he thinks.

  18. Perhaps he was thinking of the new arrangement the Large Hadron Collider will produce.

  19. It’s an easy shot, but having been on a TV knowledge-based game show as a contestant, I can tell you that there is an enormous difference btween sitting in comfort at home and sitting as the centre of attention in a TV studio with a live audience, as many as five cameras and enough lights to illuminate Prince Edward Island. It really is possible to have the stupidest or simplest things simply rush from your mind. I have no doubt this guy will forever recall a feeling like, “Oh c’mon… it can’t be that easy. Did he say ‘rotates’ around the Earth or ‘revolves’ around the Earth? The Earth ‘rotates’; but it also ‘revolves’… doesn’t it? Oh hell, what was the question again? And will Sophie come home with me for 1500 Euros? Damn, damn, damn…”

    He has my sympathy, but not my ridicule.

  20. I know my Conan Doyle well enough to recall that, in the first Sherlock Holmes story, it is revealed that Holmes does not know the earth revolves around the sun, as he excludes all knowledge which does not have a direct bearing on his work.

    Therefore, I give this gentleman the benefit of the doubt and assume that he is merely some Holmesian genius who, as part of trying to snag French Moriarty, found himself by accident on a general-knowledge quiz show.

  21. Since the question failed to define a frame of reference or physical paradigm, there is no single correct answer.

    Unfortunately, it appears that neither the questioner nor the respondent knew that.

    It’s possible that members of the audience who answered ‘Mars’ were demonstrating a nuanced understanding of physics. Of course it’s also possible that they were incredibly malicious, or simply off their nut.

  22. Exactly, Lord Bob! The “lumber-room” of his mind is too crammed with forensic, financial, or art-historical genius to make room for this sort of astronomical pedantry.

    But I wonder why you would, in this day and age, be unsure whether the sun rotates around the earth but absolutely 100% positive that neither Mars nor Venus do.

  23. Dear Lord. As a test, I just asked my 6-year-old daughter that question, and she answered — without even hesitating — the moon.

  24. Bon Dieu! Just a niggly point. “Graviter” would be “to revolve” not “to rotate”.

  25. The French are smarter than you think and Ross Trusler is correct.

    Everybody on the show, including the producers, and everyone on this blog is wrong.

    According Einstein’s theory of relativity, both the sun and the moon revolve around the earth, if you use the earth as your frame of reference. The sun and the earth are attracted to each other. If your frame of reference is the earth, the sun does indeed rotate around the earth. If you use the sun as your frame of reference, then the earth revolves around the sun. The theory of relativity states that all frames of reference are equally valid.

  26. It could be that the earth is actually flat in Europe.

  27. What are they teaching in the schools in France, (or the US or Canada) if not that?

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