Sorry Canada, Caroline Kennedy to Japan? -

Sorry Canada, Caroline Kennedy to Japan?


Bloomberg reports that Caroline Kennedy will likely be the next U.S. ambassador to Japan.

All the speculation about her coming to Canada was based on little more than, well, speculation by a person who admits he was merely speculating and was dumbfounded that people took the idea so seriously.

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Sorry Canada, Caroline Kennedy to Japan?

  1. We have enough baggage here, without importing more from the States.

    This is a quiet out of the way posing, likely the kiss of death for a career. More appropriate for an aged diplomat, near the end of his or her public service, who deserves rewarding, needs to be close to home, doesn’t mind the winters and thinks the wine is OK. But can’t quite figure out Quebec.

    But then, neither can we.

  2. The author and
    editor of this article kindly neglected to mention the false credentials and
    tailcoat that Mrs. Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg and her family have been riding
    on for nearly a century now; Mrs. Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg is not the
    daughter of President John F. Kennedy and he is not related to Joe & Rose
    Kennedy. Mrs. Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg is not in the same league as those
    honorable gentlemen mentioned in the article. President John F. Kennedy’s
    actual daughter has held diplomatic credentials, including carteblanche, and is
    Stockholm honored. She has been unable to travel from the interior of the US
    for about a quarter of a century now. Through hard work done well, she is
    listed in Who’s Who in America and Who’s Who in the World and is a

    poet. She has the honor of being presented to the Imperial Family of Japan decades
    ago and the PM who attended the G8 meeting in Denver, Colorado (during President
    Clinton’s administration). As she was beginning to come out of coma-induced amnesia
    she wrote this poem remembering respect for elders, the scenery of Japan and
    China, the poetry of China, and the design she developed that was printed onto
    a garment worn by Princess Diana, the fabric to be made Japan, if she
    recollects correctly.

    Inconsolable Sorrow

    Born between heaven and earth

    Afloat on a river of stars

    Who knows whose child this is

    This dear ancestor of the gods

    She reaches the Isle of Immortals

    Beyond the expansive Celestial Sea

    She picks the mauve blossoms of the courtyard tree

    You are too far away for her to send them

    She devotes songs to her ancestors

    She sings the clean fragrance of their virtue

    The main melody shifts and varies

    With the lingering omnipresent sadness

    She sleeps alone on Empty Mountain

    Perfect Woman going after nothing

    Responding, but not storing, staying empty

    She sees their faces in her dreams

    They stay not long in her bedchamber

    Leaving dreams quickly

    The singer’s inconsolable sorrow

    Mourns how few truly comprehend.

    President John F. Kennedy’s actual daughter has little interest in an
    ambassador appointment for herself (though she has adult children who might be
    interested). She waits patiently these 3 to 4 decades to be able to communicate
    with her family and to be reunited permanently with her husband (a distant
    relative, British-born), their children, and grandchildren, she, like her
    parents has no aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, first cousins, or siblings.

    Appointed ambassadors have few responsibilities, the main one being paying for
    lavish parties. Disgraced former US Ambassador Joseph P. Kennedy, a supporter
    of itler and something about tech theft almost got the United States into a war with England.