Speaking of crazy …


Iran is threatening to boycott the 2012 Olympic Games. Guess why.

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Speaking of crazy …

  1. That's just bizarre. Though if they had threatened a boycott because of the mascots I could have understood …

  2. Fits right in with the "earthquakes are caused by women exposing their breasts" ideology, lol!!

    Please don't ever let these nutbars have nuclear weapons.

    • Please don't ever let these nutbars have nuclear weapons.

      Why not. There are nutbars who see Islamic crescents everywhere living to the south of us and they have lots of nuclear weapons.

      • only thing more dangerous than one group of nutbars with nuclear weapons is two groups of nutbars with nuclear weapons.

        • Actually, one group of nut-bars with nuclear weapons could easily be more dangerous than two groups of nut-bars with nuclear weapons.

          • True. The only time nuclear weapons were ever used in war was when only one group of nutbars had them.

          • Also, even nutbars have a survival instinct. Kim Jong Il is about as batsh|t crazy as they come, but he seems to at least be rational enough (for now) to not want to end up atomized.

    • Great.

      Now that's all I'm ever going to see when I look at that.

      Thanks a lot.


  3. Well, that and the fact they can't compete.

  4. Y'know, the fact that Iran's boycott of the games is based on some batshot crazy perception of the logo in no way takes away from the fact that it is an awwwwwfulllll logo.

    • Had Iran boycott the Olympic due to the ugliness of the Logo, who knows they might have gathered widespread support?

  5. Bad news for any athletes wanting to defect.

  6. That was funny…but not as funny as some of the comments.

    Good read!

  7. Sour grape? If you can't win, the next best thing is getting everybody's attention? Seeing things that isn't there seems to be Iran's fast becoming past time. Paranoia is such a scary affliction. When wide spread hate brainwashing started since childhood, it causes so much mental and emotional disorders which will affect with one's interaction with others, critical thinking, and decision making.

  8. Oh great, now I can't NOT see it!

  9. I thought the 12th Imam is supposed to have shown himself by then, but I guess Achmedjihad is hedging his bets.

  10. They should drink plenty of boiled water (cooled, otherwise they may turn more batty). It is the only way to neutralize the side effects of neurotic/psychotic and psychedelic drugs they have been taking.

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